Future Islands - One Day Lyrics

I'm done being brave
This bitter tongue won't save me now
Wet from the rain
Looking like you
Handled like a jewel
Searching some odd rule
To save me from the flames
What the candle says...
"Keep me by the bed
Pet my weary head"
Oh! If these walls could speak to me
Or sing these eyes to sleep
For what is broken is in the past
As this perfect pitch won't last
And so it goes
The bird sings low
The way I feel

And you don't have to say that it's real
And you don't have to stay, if it's not how you feel
And you will go your way
And it will never be the same
But we'll be stronger when we meet again, one day

One for me and one for you
One is white and one is blue
One for baby, one for truth
All alone, to feel brand new
And what we seek is what we choose
And how we weep is where we lose
All alone in baby's shoes
All alone to feel brand new

And you don't have to stay
And you don't have to say
And you don't have to brave this on your own
And you will go your way
And it will never be the same
But we'll be stronger when we meet again, one day

Let me help you make the bed
And help you tear it down again
Tell me something meaningful
Just tell me something that you mean
There's one for me and one for you
One is white and one is blue
All alone, in baby's shoes
All alone is what we choose

And no matter, what happens, to me and you
We'll emit light and burst into stars
And you will go your way
And it will never be the same
But we'll be stronger when we meet again one day
One day...

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Future Islands One Day Comments
  1. Alie Flowerchild

    Woah...The emotion that this song brings all of us, I know, is the same.

  2. kye gonzalez

    reharne <3 one day

  3. NJ Gardner

    so this album's not on spotify? Shame! Though perhaps they have their reasons... Amazing song!

  4. lostsoul 77

    A perfect Song ♡

  5. Ni Ne

    a mix from Daft Punk it will be amazing here :)

  6. Diletta Marcucci

    Vi amo.

  7. Ryan Bradford

    PRECCUSE! 💖🌌🐬

  8. Mr Dub Crazy

    Sick of fucking adverts ruining playlists.

  9. Amaru Robinson

    I missed you the last time you came to NM. Please come back. I'll donate my kidney.

  10. Kevin Lafrance

    I first heard them on a radio concert. That awkward occasional growl captivated me into listening to the whole show. Amazing

  11. art matters

    a fantastic song

  12. Kevin B

    Thank you for one of my favorite songs you beautiful bastards

  13. Maria Davenport

    love love love xoxoxox this song !

  14. casteldaccia

    We need this on Spotify!

  15. nicolas gomez

    Ya un a;o con Esta Gran banda Que Amoo tanto. Vuelvan a Argentina Que voy a disfrutarlos Como un Gran fanatic oooo.

  16. Hazydaze

    This band is just SO Bowie like...I love it!

  17. txmoney

    I saw Future Islands at Brooklyn Steel a couple years ago with a couple girls. We danced the entire concert. We danced on the street after the concert, still high from the performance. I have fond memories of that night.

  18. Melissa Caballero

    Why this isn't in Spotify? :(

  19. Darth Dimmadome

    Put this song on Apple Music please

  20. CalvinV7

    Good luck girl. I'll be rooting for you, wherever you are.

  21. Ivana Lued

    Temon 😘😘😘

  22. Calm Dust

    For some reason his voice takes me back to earlier time in my life even though I’m just hearing this now. His voice transcends time.

  23. Øu†is [NEMO][Nadie]

    ¡Wow! ¡Bárbaro!

  24. Афон Слепцовский

    So special voice so special style

  25. Mother Coconuts

    I always cry when I hear this song. It’s so special and beautiful. I love it

  26. Christopher O'Shaughnessy

    Their Coachella sets were absolutely amazing!

  27. blp productions

    Put this on Spotify. I beg

  28. The NewsRoom W/ Spidey

    *_MFr ! I love y’all’s sound_*

    ... & your poetic truths are sooooooo god-damn deep that I believe most haven’t ever had to LIVE hard enough to even comprehend their INTENSELY WISE AF meanings.

    May you always be blessed & May your troubles have turned into no more than songs, complex & perfected as they are.

    *_Thx u for truth_* 🤙

  29. Caroline Garcia

    Amazing song wish it was on spotify

  30. Lou Fuddrucker

    Please come to the DPAC in Durham NC or carolina theatre in Durham nc

  31. SwitcherooU

    Great track. I don't know why they didn't slot it into Far Field. The only place to find it now is on the "Seasons" 7" b-side. It deserves better than that.

  32. Mercia Siqueira

    Sinto algo tão forte quando escuto essa musica, parece que meu corpo não vai aguentar e irei morrer !

  33. Unlucky-san

    keyboard reminds me Avicii <3

  34. Cami Peterson

    I freaking love his voice.....what the hell....

  35. Viktor Sedlák

    This guy I believe every word !!!!

  36. Zlolte

    amazing song

  37. Larr 909

    Born in the 70s , teenager in the 80s, Future Islands reminds me of this time.

  38. Clayton Antone

    Tucson in September!

  39. Joshua Moynihan

    reminds me of my visual snow

  40. Onur İlgar

    justin bieber 600 m dinlenirken bu nasıl 2.5 m anlamıyorum abi yaa..

  41. thorin4510

    Was listening to arcade fire and not sure but future islands popped up and clicked on. Wow they are good :-)

  42. Mundos Alternos.

    Thank you...

  43. GM S

    I listen to this song at least twice a day.

  44. Silvana Karl

    Suenan fantásticos!!!!

  45. Cmonkey1980

    How can a song this beautiful exist and not be available for purchase? Would have fit extremely well with the rest of the material on The Far Field, and obviously would have been fantastic on Singles. Oh well, I'll just have to enjoy everything else they do and come to Youtube for this I guess...

  46. Lisbett Ariana Cueva Ramos

    Me fascinó. Los espero aquí en Lima, Perú. ☘

  47. Felipe Mujica

    Welcome to Lima this 5/7/2018.

  48. Jonas Estumano

    I need this music at the spotify! ahhhh

  49. Milda Grabauskaitė

    why this is not in spotify? so I can listen to it on repeat forever

  50. Yung Bitch


  51. frizzybob

    I need this track other than on YouTube why !!!😣😞😭

  52. elinyancat

    If i had to listen to one song and only one it would be this one, i cant express how it makes me feel and how much i love this song but it has helped me though bad times and i love it so much, thanks for creating something so wonderful

  53. Hugo Conceição

    this song is from what album??

  54. Diego Martínez

    Is it gonna be available from spotify someday?

  55. Menna Grace

    this is beautiful, this is beautiful.

  56. Rory McInnes-Gibbons

    What a voice and what a song! The unofficial soundtrack to my life. Thank you for the tunes Future Islands x

  57. Arturo Chávez

    This reminds me so much of a Miguel Bosé song called "Si tú no vuelves". Just the intro. Pretty 80s.

  58. Ian Robb

    What a band only started following these.....

  59. Alexandra Wimmer

    ugh! that singer guy gives me the creeps ..., and by no means in a good way...

  60. Ectra Lardge

    Wish i could sing like this

  61. Audra Carlson

    Can't wait to see you guys tuesday!!

  62. Hello Kitty

    Please please come to Mexico soon please I beg you! I've just discovered you and OH.MY.GOD. you are one of my favorite bands already <3

  63. Becky Reyes


  64. hattie diane

    Is this on any of their albums? I can't find it on ITunes.

  65. Charles Whitaker

    1:59 - Stronger and more still. Correct.

  66. Korn Lee

    2017 anyone still here?


    2019 and thriving rn 👯

  67. Taylor Bertrand

    "This perfect pitch wont last" it wont with the range sam uses but god damn master pieces 👏👏

  68. celivany figueiredo


  69. Bobby Hill


  70. John McCann


  71. Madalynn Mitchell

    Really like this band. Heard them on Austin city limits.. This music man makes me feel so good.....

  72. noddyneeds

    One of the best bands I have ever heard, every song they do is a joy to listen to

  73. cardigan3000

    How gay are some of the lyrics? and why is he singing in a posh english accent? baffling

    jon fitzmaurice

    Your comment is baffling


    i guess you must like stending in babys shews

    jon fitzmaurice

    And as if he sounds English, what planet you on?

    I'm English.


    so am i you fucking idiot

  74. vladimir krennt

    lovely <3<3<3<3<3

  75. jenn starr

    sam is everything

  76. Vicky Chen

    where can i buy this song?

  77. Anne Whelan

    Missed these when they performed at Leeds, England. Was gutted!! Amazing band.

  78. Ulrich W

    Greetings from Germany.

    Damn - what a great song from an outstanding band.

    True lyrics, true music. Unbelievable. It make me think of friends long gone ...

  79. Jorge F

    Thank you so much for making Great awesome music is almost like a movie or a booke we all live at some point best of the best for you future islands !

  80. Statik Shotz

    you will go your way, it will never be the same.

  81. Mziggy3771

    I can't quite pinpoint who you sound like...other than you of course!  I love your vibes. I first heard Balance and it perked my ears up. Love it.

  82. Rebeggca !

    This is literally my favorite song in the entire world... every word is crystal perfect and clear cut to how I feel in my life right now.

  83. Logan Drummond

    lol sounds like a funy pirate :P

  84. HesseBlanco

    "Let me help you make the bed, then help you tear it down again" <3

  85. Bid Bidnanakowski

    This tune popped "up next" in my YouTube feed, and the rest is history.

  86. John Pickering

    well I'm 60 next year and I agree but awesome and stunning doesn't cover it for me but because I just cannot find the words it will have to do........for now.

  87. Abdullah Turut

    What an oasis, in the wasteland of Youtube.

    douglas jardine

    videos made for youtube are mostly junk haha

  88. Boz Ajanovic

    They are all about music and not image or glamour, thank goodness there is still a band like this! They have not been tempted or spoiled by the spotlight, lets hope it stays that way.

  89. Magami

    Amazing band. Love from Chile! <3

  90. Jonathan Garcia

    my goodness. amazing.

  91. Martin Jewkes

    discovered FI last night on jools Holland. 71 years old love my music this has taken me to a new level . Unbelievable wow wow wow.

  92. Matthew Mann

    so unique and and amazing IV only just heard these guys on jewls Holland..I'm addicted man!!! love em.

  93. Duncan Macphail

    only heard of them last week Magical uplifting Fab. flying from Scotland to watch them in Paris. Elysee.

  94. Panamaniacs 2011

    reminds me of motorama

  95. Carol Oliveira

    Algum Br??

  96. elvmltr

    this band is just killing me right now. holy shit are they fucking awesome

  97. jon fitzmaurice

    Search some odd rule..............