Future Islands - Little Dreamer Lyrics

I caught you sleeping here, all wrapped in wool
I caught you sleeping here, almost broke my heart
I found you dreaming
I'm dreaming of you always

When I was just a child, a lonely boy
I held onto my dreams, like they could run from me
The hopes I harbored fled, as they often do
But I still dreamed of you
And now my dreams come true

And as we say goodnight, I hold you close and tight
No more raging suns, only waning ones
Like the waxing scar where my lonely heart
Once bloomed before I met you

My little dreamer, I'll always
Always dream of you

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Future Islands Little Dreamer Comments
  1. Nastase Carmen Nastase

    Beautiful song!
    Love from Pisa Italy!

  2. David Firth

    I hope he got his hat fixed

    A Happy Lil' Fella

    Mr. Firth, such a pleasure to see you here.

  3. goldenghostpro

    I hope this is the last song I hear before I die.

  4. takeover

    this song knows how I feel <3

  5. Doc McBungas

    This song fucks me up. But in a good way

  6. Rup23

    I want to find someone that I will love so deeply and purely that I could dedicate them this song. Till then, life, stay tuned.

  7. David Gonzalez

    The song is soo good I forget what an absolute utter shit the video is

  8. Ric Flair

    this video is ace

    A M

    i like the use of the word ace but i disagree

  9. TheEddieVedder

    My Little Dreamer. 28.10.2016

  10. Ric Flair


  11. smke weed

    rich hil sampled this

    smke weed

    I mean some one sampled this great song lol

  12. Luna Marice

    this song means so much to me. it makes me sad, happy and melancholic at the same time, it always gives me goosebumps.. this is the most beautiful love song of all time. when you hear the birds tweetin', you can feel the sweet sun on your skin, you can smell the flowers. it's like the sweetest dream you've ever had. when i discovered this song i had a romance with the guy i'm still in love with and it's almost 6 years ago. wish i could go back for a moment or two.. ♥

  13. Habitat76

    dreaming of u always

  14. Krystal Brown

    my little dreamer
    ill always
    dream of you

    i will sing this song to my future children

  15. PG 1҉8

    sometimes I forget this band but it's so nice to discover and sing to it again, it's timeless.

  16. Peppermint Tea

    Is good feeling alive and being safe n sound, but life throws you out big time every once in a while

  17. otman B

    takes u to another lvl
    <3 love this band...

    ellaoui nizar

    Better than having a gerwl frand

  18. Calvin Comia

    3000th like ! XD

  19. Clara Flemons

    So beautiful .....

  20. heliopolis29

    This is almost Boards of Canada and Joy Division. Wow!

    Luz Aguirre

    heliopolis29 You might also enjoy Tele/Visions / Current Joys if you haven't discovered Nick Rattigan's music already

  21. Clare Follmann

    this is a pretty one & always we're dreaming

  22. Dina Loudmer

    Dude, I love this video.. I don' t know what' s up with it, but I absolutely love it!!

  23. Dana Pie

    Every time I listen to this I wanna cry of happiness, it's so beautiful

  24. ilttcom


  25. Romain Jouve

    I've been my own dreamer , well good no choice but this part is going now , I loved this song even before anyway and will love it .

  26. Milo Zabál

    I caught you sleeping here, all wrapped in wool
    I caught you sleeping here, almost broke my heart
    I found you dreaming
    I'm dreaming of you always

    When I was just a child, a lonely boy
    I held onto my dreams, like they could run from me
    The hopes I harbored fled, as they often do
    But I still dreamed of you
    And now my dreams come true

    And as we say goodnight, I hold you close and tight
    No more raging suns, only waning ones
    Like the waxing scar where my lonely heart
    Once bloomed before I met you

    My little dreamer, I'll always
    Always dream of you

    Milo Zabál

    Where are you from Luz Aguirre? I would like to read what you write. Would you mind? I write too, but most poetry and just for myself. Cheers from here. Your name reminds me of someone pretty dear to me.

    Luz Aguirre

    I'm from California and soon I will post one of my published poems for you to read.. I still have not been 'discovered' actually. I believe I am relatively talented & I have won every writing contest I've ever entered. I know I can self publish online but I want to do it the old-fashioned way, preferably hard-bound, gold foil paper 😅

    Milo Zabál

    That sounds great. I'll be waiting then. And thanks for considering me. Wish you the best.
    Pd: Maybe I'll share something too :)

    Luz Aguirre

    The Jaws of Life
    Have you ever heard of the flower that grew in the underworld?
    The wickedly beautiful thing always seemed to be grinning.
    Still, it's barbed-wire-circled petals didn't help a thing,
    trampled down,
    100 years ago, today
    The atmosphere still won't be rid of its aftertaste

    Frail and defeated, but forever un-perished
    The taunting of her beauty, still here
    is like a respirator, inserting in the hopeless, a yearning,
    pumping up and down in our chests, the want again, for what we had given and thought, forgotten.
    Exhausted, we choke on the perfumed air.
    Still with the will to gain something,
    something over there

  27. Krish Bud

    damn found this shit by accident beautiful

  28. Edgar Sandoval

    I wish I could dedicate songs like this to the girl I'm in love with but shes too much into yg and all that her mentality got fucked

    Philip Preston

    Edgar Sandoval i

  29. micah clark

    also man i love this song so many memorys


    Great Music! We love Future Islands! The 80s are back! They have inspired us so much!!! If you like, check out our video HERMETRIK - Trouble https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bG8DDCesYTg

  31. domnage420 Myers

    Can anyone recommend a similar band to this sort of song, i like future heads, but this is by far my favourite style.


    Parks, Squares & Alleys
    Tea Leigh & Luke Reeds
    Cigarettes After Sex

    ..there so much more, and (if i could mention some channels that upload songs w/ similar genre) check them out --> thelazylazyme, kegz, david dean burkhart

    John Beavers

    Try Tv on the Radio

    Catalina Crawford

    domnage420 Try Volano Choir!!

    Jarir Saadoun

    Nipis good recommendations

    Luz Aguirre


  32. marcmac

    I lost a friend this year and he sings to me now through this .thank you future islands


    marcmac I know you wrote this months ago but I'm listening tonight because it was a song my husband used to send me and next week is the 5th anniversary of his death. Everything they put out On the Water and before reminds me of him. I'm sorry you lost your friend. At least we have this music <3

    NeoTokyo48 Techno's the GAME!

    It never really gets easy I lost a parent when I was 20 I'm 32

    C M

    so sorry to hear man. I came to this song as i broke up with someone, can't begin to fathom the pain of your loss. Wishing you courage and self-compassion <3


    @NeoTokyo48 Techno's the GAME! I lost my stepfather when I was 20. I know it's not the same but it still hurts. I'm 27 now and life is good; but I feel like sometimes it's good to be sad about it

  33. MrPwe3

    Great video mate keep
    Up the good work

  34. Monkey Bum

    Love it.

  35. Jo Hung

    love it!

  36. FearHater

    i just love this...

  37. julio Pasillas

    Alice: How long is forever?
    Rabbit: sometimes, only one second...


    Hey, that quote sounds great, but I can't find it anywhere in Alice in Wonderland or in Through the Looking Glass. Are we all sure that it's really a quote from the book, and not misattributed?

    julio Pasillas

    +bebrasha you have reason that quote don't appertain to lewis carrol... although mistakenly is attributed to him. The sentence I taked from de movie of the Tim Burton wonderland Alicia.

  38. Federica Vismara

    a great video for a great song

  39. ADR

    I love the the echo and dramatization of the vocals. This song is intense.

  40. Paul Ortiz

    I think this is an unofficial video everyone so calm down y'all

  41. Adam Jacques

    "Almost broke my hat."

  42. goonluv

    Great song

  43. lissy schnucki

    is not bad

  44. Ellis Neel

    Ex gf made me a mix tape and this was my favorite song on it. Now i cant listen to it without goosbumps and butterflies.a

  45. Navar Maxted

    This is the soundtrack of my life right now.

  46. Olaf Waschke


  47. Doug Armfield

    Beautiful stuff-by the best band on the planet.


    Well... They're up there.

  48. Vertical Planet

    Nice one

  49. One Tech Genius

    I always dream of you my little dreamer

  50. shucksful

    Um, is this a cover? Vocals sound off.

    paul mayernick

    i don't think it is, sounds live or something

    paul mayernick

    @shucksful look below where?


    @paul mayernick Hey,,, sorry. I just realized my my reply to you was a mistake,, I was completely wrong.. This is SAM HERRING the lead singer,,,so it's NOT a cover... 

    paul mayernick

    @shucksful no worries

  51. WildGooseberry

    Absolutely beautiful

  52. M Glaston

    Ahhh! The ambiance of this song is simply great!

  53. *zECTER

    yleobaa tato shen dzmobas vpicavar 

  54. iraplikeyoubreathe

    Goodbye heather.

  55. Matthew Christopher

    Hey! This is Kenyon College.

  56. mkdowork

    Great tunes. No matter how you're day is going.


    good son

  58. David Gonzalez

    i know i love it

  59. David Gonzalez

    dammit future islands i want to go to bed

  60. David Gonzalez

    check out balance man

  61. S V

    Been playing this song for my son since he was a baby, he's 3 now & he sings it to me:')

    a g

    that sounds annoying

    S V

    a g go fuck yo self because clearly yo momma doesnt give a fuck about your pathetic ass, she never sang to you or what 😂 fucken loser get the fuck off my comment


    holy shit


    @S V Chill out, you went from looking normal to a total crackhead in one comment. His message wasn't anything to get angry about

  62. Devo Dunbar

    the goosebumps

  63. keepitrealinside

    brotha, the video was strange one indeed. some shots were pretty dull and repetitive, but at the same time i give you maaaaad respect for some of the creative effect work i saw. certain things you did completely blew me away.


    soo fucking amazingg

  65. Peter Pan

    Don't worry, I like it hun..

  66. lauracullen99

    This is just the most amazing song ... I could listen to it forever...hope my future husband likes it cos it's gonna be our wedding song. (hopefully casey affleck)

  67. anthony druelles

    i don't know Baltimore but I like this group

  68. Guliaska

    I love this song

  69. Josh Mehrtens

    Too true. Balance would be my favourite

  70. pakiplatypus


  71. Diffused Iris

    Seeing them for FyF fest in a week. Shall be intense. Really hope they play this song.

  72. Ramiro Quai

    is it just me or chewbacca is trying to say something? this song is a subliminal message for han solo

  73. PersianZyzz

    this sucks

  74. Artanis

    just saw these guys in Chapel Hill last friday. They were amazing.

  75. Jasonnapier100

    LOVE, love, love it!

  76. Monkstar1

    North Carolina

  77. MrJduzit

    A trillion views for this im lost in the music PEACEEEEEEEEEEEE is in this song

  78. Kev

    Victoria Legrand ♥

  79. Linka A Odom

    best album of 2011 by far....so obsessed with these guys....

  80. dom prod

    I left with you ..

  81. dementedpuppy

    I feel that they have a lot of similarities or influence from the group NO-MAN.

  82. usedfuzzbox

    After this and Tin Man, I really need to check out all their stuff.

  83. Schwartzhund

    Holy shit this is very nice.

  84. Manderson

    this needs more cowbell

  85. Matthew Davis

    love the clip nice job

  86. Snake Plissken

    Baltimore 4 life.

  87. scissorsinabox

    really well done

  88. nn9

    Great work. Love the song and the video! Do more!

  89. ltgood

    This is a great vid, i thought it was actually the official one at first. But what a song, i love it so much.

  90. Sermarfil

    good work guy

  91. Carl Kriss

    another amazing vid by the man, the myth, the legend...Nick Nazmi