Future Islands - Like The Moon Lyrics

She looks like the moon
She says “It’s your eyes”
She sees everything
She knows me too well

And she looks like the day
She says “It’s the light”
Something in the way, she says “goodbye”

And she looks like the moon
So close and yet, so far
She says everything
She knows me too well

And I can call you, “friend”
And I can be the world
Silent chatter held

I won’t be around

And I can be a friend
But I won’t be around
Silent chatter, bound
Just don’t push me out

She looks like the moon
She says “It’s your eyes”
She says everything
She knows me too well

And I can call you “friend”
But I won’t be around
Silent chatter, bound
Just don’t push me out

We don’t have to speak tonight
Just don’t say “goodbye”

Making a home in my body
Letting it grow in my body
Taking these chains from my body
Letting it go from my body
Letting it go from my body
Taking these chains from my body
It’s harder than you know

She looks like the moon
She says “It’s your eyes”
She says everything
She knows me too well

And she looks like the day
She says “It’s the light”
Something in the way, she says “goodbye”

Just don’t say goodbye
I can be the world, tonight…

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Future Islands Like The Moon Comments
  1. lyssword

    Does this remind any1 of the Victor Tsoi type of sound?

  2. zoolook1000


  3. preto phile

    Early DDB music videos were the absolute best

  4. Cry Alone

    I'm making videos of the genre, if anyone wants to watch, it would be cool :)

  5. ファッション4Karhart

    so this is what stranger things is based off?

  6. Ewan Oates

    such a great song, but such a shite film

  7. Beth Piercy

    who is the girl in this

  8. robiT Spleen

    metronomy i'm aquarius

  9. Belén Quispe Mendoza

    Perfect song <3

  10. Luke Sonnenburg

    first time wtf omg every time after still amazuing

  11. ゴンサロ

    Alguien que hable español? No entiendo el video alguien me lo explica

  12. PixiePoo

    Yelena Metyolkina is mesmerizingly beautiful!

  13. Hot Buttered Popcorn!

    What a fantastic voice!

  14. Евгений Ан

    Это вам не Марвел и не DC
    Эт глубокая философия советского кино
    Но создавший клип американец что то понял
    И вот он шедевр!!!

  15. Issa Beganović

    This is so Manchester, I shaved my head, got 20 piercings, and beat up a Liverpool supporter.

  16. Kat Oh

    @dallonweekes would probably think this is a neat video.

  17. naniznaniz

    I wanna go to the moon. Are you coming with me?

  18. Rajneesh Mishra

    Irs kind of weired that i keep coming back to this song. I dont know why but i like it.

  19. Ekaterina Karabanova

    I never see something more amazing


    I need to see that movie ❤🌹


    @Вова Вова i looked for this movie today but couldn't find it :/

    Вова Вова


    Вова Вова

    I don't think this movie has an English translation

    Вова Вова

    I can send the plot of the film in English)

    Вова Вова


  21. Isabella fortunato

    This video introduced me to the band a couple of years ago and now I'm a huge fan, thanks to whoever made this, the movie scenes fit in so perfect with de song

  22. Lajos Winkler

    It's not "sci-fi". It's SF. "Sci-fi" is an American name for "cowboy space films". "Through the Thorns to the Stars" is an SF film, even thought it's not that good.

  23. Nathan Paul Prince

    it was in my mind, while i was typing, but gone

  24. Jason Da Silva

    Can't believe i'm soo late to the future islands party, saw there performance on Jools holland which I loved and then I came here and now I'm hooked on both songs, what's amazing I can let other songs play in the background but when these songs come on I have to watch the videos lol.

  25. Seagreentangerine

    Fabulous artistry, to put this beautiful film to the talent of Future Islands, it fits so perfectly.

  26. KieranMckean


  27. Ben Clark

    Love the slow fade transitions 🤘🏻

  28. Sleepy Ghost

    David Bowie?

  29. Daniel Elliott

    David,I'm gonna revert 15 years old and say you mad skillz bro...

  30. Trường Giang Nguyễn

    Like 11

  31. Eddie Ledesma

    This is love ❤️

  32. Julie Arvaniti

    The video is perfect for this song... And I fell inl ove with it <3

  33. Melissa Davis

    My Favorite

  34. Majo Farías

    Love it

  35. 1983alfi

    Tiene un toque total de David Bowie, es genial

  36. markus808808

    Does he have a song where he does not sing about "the body"?

  37. Jairo Perez

    ex machina

  38. Jack Jones

    Это лучшее что я слышал и видел

  39. joao abobra

    what a music!! dont know how only listening to it today

  40. xanfus

    I love her big ol' eyes!

  41. Skjaldmær W

    I have to see this 🎥

    Вова Вова


  42. Dan Gee

    Future Islands - Like The Moon
    Still Corners - The Trip
    Metronomy - Aquarius

    The holy trinity of weird spacey tracks

    Wons Phreely

    Im looking up those other 2 right now! Btw what d'you think of this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOCvS-Iect8&list=PLWehun4PmMf-tCdbTVDVsHcDqiWWM_MRM

  43. zen men

    Im a retired astronaut and can say space does look like this an sorry for the planet earth, its gonan be a rough ride from here on out it seems-

  44. Ernest Grouns

    Just discovered these guys, this song knocked me flat. Amazing..

  45. Sister Grimm

    She reminds me of UglyWorldWide on Instagram

  46. Spectrum Apple

    I heard this song for the first time about two years ago, I haven’t heard it in what seems like forever. I forgot the band’s name, the song and the lyrics.. I have been searching for it because I loved it so much and there was just something about it, but the only thing I could really remember was the female, how unique the guy’s voice is and something about a moon.. it’s 4am I’m trying to sleep but I really want to know this song and so I tried sing it in my head (to think of a beat or think of lyrics), what the song was called or the band’s name, I wanted something.. then I thought “what if I try she’s like the moon” that sounds about right... and I see it.. it’s her.. my heart stopped and I felt so happy and relieved.. I still love this song and I can’t believe I actually found it lol I thought I lost it forever, I’m glad I didn’t.

  47. Phil Uplin

    As a music producer and composer, I can say I appreciate this song.

    Is it possible to be in love with a song? I often wonder...

  48. Paulina Guerrero

    Anyone knows where can I find this movie?


    Though there are no subtitles there.

  49. Cosmo

    She is the moon. My moon.

  50. Hayden H

    Ziggy Stardust on Future Islands

    no shrooms necessary.

  51. ilya Gucci

    еду в одессу

  52. Sals Furniture

    I’ve been looking for the Borderline King Krule video with all the Dancing clips from old movies. Anyone know where it went?

  53. Angel Paz

    I love listening to future islands on 0.75 speed 💯😇

  54. nina 99

    Eargasm seriously

  55. mia ledesma

    Damn! Sounds like DAVID BOWIE!!!

    Wons Phreely

    Absolutely! Btw what d'you think of this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOCvS-Iect8&list=PLWehun4PmMf-tCdbTVDVsHcDqiWWM_MRM

  56. Rao

    David Bowie vibes

  57. G Arce

    Something about this song.
    It's so magical everytime
    I hear it's like listening for the first time..🌠

  58. Vladimir Nikolaevich

    "Per aspera ad astra". Russian movie name is a translation from the Latin verb.

  59. Riz

    Poor man's Angelina Jolie

  60. Petrus Delassio

    The watermelon drop gets me everytime.

  61. Javier Benitez

    I've been listening to this song for like 2 years straight now everyday

  62. Mai Mohamed

    D O P E.


    Such a strange features and wide open grey eyes like the moon she has!

  64. Mark Cheverie

    David Bowie approves of this

  65. alexey pechenyuk

    Russian movie «Через тернии к звёздам» (Per Aspera Ad Astra) 1981, directed by Richard Viktorov and Nikolai Viktorov

  66. Hazydaze

    David Bowie would approve of this.

  67. Quackin Panda

    Really should be official. Very well done editing.

  68. eu sou itachi uchiha

    Merda gosto dessa msc

  69. Francisco Riffo

    Que película es?

  70. N. Suthers

    Incredible right? But let us not overlook Sam's Hip-hop origin story: https://youtu.be/N8A2fGGqKRc?t=73

  71. Jüma Zhars

    Wow, this sounds really good actually.

    Wons Phreely

    Absolutely! btw what do you think of this one?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYLBP3B0uM0&list=PLWehun4PmMf_mLRX5hgPa8E1qo30q5hw1&index=2&t=0s

  72. Welsh steveee boyo

    Massive massive video definitely Bowie influenced

  73. Gabriel Mangold

    Seems like you found a clever way to make a quick buck off other people's work. How much youtube $$ do you make with these formulaic vids bro?


    You should look into US copyright law, fair use, and licensing. There's a reason he isn't banned.

    Gabriel Mangold

    ​@Justin Sure. I'll look into it. Sorry if i'm wrong. Just assumed with these view counts/ads, the dude's making money literally just cutting together other people's work.

    Gabriel Mangold

    Is he making $ or not is the simple question

  74. kmayam

    Wonderful music video!👍
    I watched this sci-fi "Per Aspera Ad Astra"/ "Сквозь Тернии к Звездам" (1981) in my childhood and remember that I was completely mesmerized by these big beautiful intelligent eyes of Neeya (actress Elena Metelkina). They were like dark infinite space itself...
    There is something in the film, which makes it still magnetic and "immortal" to me even after 30 years. Highly recommended!

  75. TORB117

    " Через тернии к звёздам " 1980 год .

  76. Рус Славящий Ярило

    Через тернии к звёздам (1980)

  77. i l s e

    What is the meaning of the videoclip?

    Daniel Drogin

    It just a some shots from soviet movie

    i l s e

    @Daniel Drogin ah okay :)

  78. Marium Magdy


  79. Dirk Van Loon

    Great no other words. Then GREAT

  80. Peppermint Patty

    This beat sounds so damn familiar I feel like an artist I like sampled it I cant put my finger on it

    Varun Mehta

    David Bowie :)

  81. Zach Bononcini

    Incredible combination of editing & music.

  82. Lauren Sulli

    This film looks beautiful

  83. jino h

    What video is this?

  84. herkimer frogg

    roxy music had a baby with bowie

  85. Luis Checa

    Recuerda mucho a David Bowie.

  86. Alan Komakino

    Recién me entero de esta maravilla!!! Ay ay me encantaaa

  87. Mrgreen

    What a beautifull song.

  88. Janita Shah

    Woah !!

  89. rodinian777

    The footage is from Per Aspera Ad Astra (Russian: Через тернии к звёздам, USA screen name - Through the Thorns to the Stars;[a] Humanoid Woman) is a 1981 Soviet science fiction film directed by Richard Viktorov and based on a novel by Kir Bulychov.

  90. Dandara Dias


  91. Patrick Cruz

    This voice remind me the brazilian singer Sidney Magal

  92. Asma Rabi


  93. mehmet nizamdere

    Tam bir virüs !

  94. Emanuel Oliveira

    Love this song.

  95. Juan Francisco Sánchez


  96. Aniket Kanse

    I thought she is eleven