Future Islands - Aladdin Lyrics

Doubled the top knot
Flew out the lattice door
Do what he wouldn't
Do what he couldn't do
No lack of 'wouldn't' could be my undoing
No lack of trying
No lack of sighing 'loo'

Weave songs of loving late
Dream songs of dying
Recite the oakwood flame
Rings count my olden days
I've seen the beaches
Breached the peak of 'please' and 'thanks'
I've seen my features age
My fingers strange

From the dew
From the dew, of the fields
We grew

And I built a ship for two
It waits for me and you
In the dew of the fields

Is it real?
Is it real?

I'll show you the way
Just walk beside the low stream until it fades
Into a melon colored field
The wind will know your name
And you don't have to run
You don't have to change

Don't ever change…

We were the candles that lit up the snow on dusty roads

We were the animals breathing life into June just to see faith

Blessed by the cannibal moon and the spoon dipping deep to your nose

Stressed by the distance of shoes & the bridges too far to be named

Was it real?
When we held our hands close to flame
Just to feel

I'll show you the way
Just walk beside the low stream until it fades
Into a honey colored field
The wind will know your name
And you don't have to change
You don't have to change

Love is real
Our love was real
It's a hand
It's a hold
It's a shield

Our love was real
Our love was real
It's to hope
It's to dream
It's to heal

It's to heal

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Future Islands Aladdin Comments
  1. c k

    I listen to rap and r&b 99% of the time but Damm this band is the shit...come close to Omaha so I can see this live

  2. c k

    Wow the last 30 secs amazing

  3. Tricia Reese

    I appreciate your passion and energy!

  4. buttdumpling


  5. Marcia Salinas

    Es un sueño que vengan a Peru!!

  6. DM R

    Fkn love band but their soundsystem is way too quiet

  7. Evan Collins

    Dislikes on this video prove we still need internment camps

    Dwight Williams

    No. We don't need such things.

  8. Joe Reid

    best band in a long time!

  9. King Shrewd

    Cheers 6 music for introducing me to this band. Brilliant.

    Petula Tuohy

    King Shrewd Same here! So grateful 👌

  10. Goran Čanković

    Нови албум је одличан. нема промене у стилу али плени. СУПЕР.

  11. Lauren Crystal

    I wish I had seen this live. So incredible!

  12. gene parmasean

    gotta love it when Sam starts screaming

  13. Terence O'Kane

    even for a cell phone video, this gives me chills.. no surprise, coming from them. top 3 of the album

    Thomas Kessler

    Ha! It's not a cell phone video. Hang with me for a sec, because I have something fun to share at the bottom of this response.

    It was shot on this camera:

    With this microphone:

    Now, if you want see a neat comparison, check out this video below (and stay tuned for an easter egg). At this show in particular, my LUMIX crapped out (I was using an inadequate memory card and it kept freezing up AND, I think the battery tapped out as well because I didn't know how fast this camera ate power back in the early days) so I switched over to my phone, an LG G4 (before the manufacturing defect known as the "boot loop" sent it to an early grave):


    If you jump ahead to 2:25, watch as the video transitions from camera to phone at 2:33.

    Now for the easter egg: Between 2:25 and 2:34, see that grinning guy just to the right of the pillar (the guy in the dark shirt with the sideburns and NOT the guy in the cap with the white shirt)?

    That is Mr. Samuel T. Herring enjoying the hell out of this show.

  14. Powell Pressburger

    On album, sounds like he is talking another language on this song not English as his pronunciation is so garbled. Future Island lyrics are weak though. It is the weakest element of their songs, so clear enunciation of the words probably wouldnt make that much difference to their appeal.

    Jack Tainsh

    Are you kidding? Like, read the lyrics through to Singles and they all hold up even without music. I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about at all. What do you consider good lyricism?


    From the dew, of the fields
    We grew

    And I built a ship for two
    It waits for me and you
    In the dew of the fields

    If thats not fucking genius youre average af. Sorry for being late by the way.

    Puppet Yoda

    Jack Tainsh love is real, our love was real. It's a hand, it's a hold, it's a shield. Our love was real, our love is real. It's to hope, it's to dream, it's to heal. It's to heal.

    I'm sorry, man. But those are some gorgeous lyrics. No idea what you're talking about.


    You're weak, bitch. Sam is gonna be a legend

  15. waldo alex ramos benavente


    León Kohon

    Ojala vengan algun dia wn

  16. gene parmasean

    love these guys

  17. Marisa Dias


    Wagner Leal

    Bom demais e dançante...😉

  18. Bradley Reyes

    he's so real with his lyrical wording

  19. Marc D

    Love this tune, love this band

  20. Seth Silverbush

    chills. favorite song of the new album.

    Daniela Alegría

    Mine too!

  21. Kath Batt

    He's such a fkn legend!