Furman, Ezra - Suck The Blood From My Wound Lyrics

I woke up bleeding in the crock of a tree
TV blaring on the wall above the coffee machine
Carwash waiting room outside Pasadena
I'm sitting waiting for my deus ex machina

And I'm forever changed by this chemical burn
Skin on my fingers peeling, making way for my new form
I grip the steering wheel and picture my angel
Climbing out the hospital window
Leaving tubes in a tangle

Blood on my angel's lips blends in with his make up
He's off the premises before his brain's had time to wake up
Peeling off bandages to unfold his wings
The doctors said they'd have to stay on for another three weeks
Fuck it baby, let 'em bruise, let 'em break
But bleed, let 'em bleed

And I'm doing ninety, got to get there and hold him
If we can make it 'cross the state line then baby, we're golden
Let the law pronounce its petty assertions
They've been outsmarted by a couple of urchins

And they hurt you bad, man
They hurt me too
But I'm not about to sit here and watch as they
Suck the blood from my wound
They suck the blood from my wound
Suck the blood from my wound
Suck the blood from my wound
Oh man

Wrap half the money in your hospital garment
We'll stash the rest inside the red Camaro's secret compartment
Even the deepest wounds will heal over time
I'll run my fingers over your scars and yours over mine

They'll never find us if we turn off our phones
We're off the grid, we're off our meds
We're finally out on our own
Now I see color coming back in your cheeks
Angel, don't fight it
To them, you know we'll always be freaks
To them, we'll always be freaks
We'll always

Park for the night northwest of Baton Rouge
Across the parking lot you're stretching the one wing you can move
I let you walk as long as fear will allow
I never loved you more than I love you now

And then we're back on the road before the sun's even up
We're making time, we're making progress
But progress towards what?
Your fallen feathers fill up two shopping bags
The future's breathing down the neck of the past

And the sun throws a shit-eating shine on the moon
And I'm not about to wait for them to come
Suck the blood from my wound
Suck the blood from my wound
Suck the blood from my wound
Suck the blood from my wound

A plague on both your houses
A plague on both your houses

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Furman, Ezra Suck The Blood From My Wound Comments
  1. LetMeBeDatGuy

    why is he so underrated?

  2. Stripe Roo

    Love Ezra’s music, also that dress looks fantastic

  3. James Grady

    Fucking class

  4. Michel Simon

    A Bruxelles le 20 novembre j'espère y être...

  5. ElectroCurmudgeon

    so f***ing amazing. im very much an out sider looking in but I am so f***ing blown away by this and a lot of Ezra's work

  6. Barely Fishing

    Mind. Blown. I was a fan back during the Harpoons, didn't know Ezra was still making music. This is so damn good!!

  7. Greg Conway

    This is the best song ever.

  8. Gemma Malone

    god, somehow this live version better is even better than the album track, which was already perfection

  9. Tobias Carvalho

    3:42 when sugar daddy gives me that look

  10. Tobias Carvalho

    is he gayer bradford cox

  11. Julius Spin

    That was perfect! : )

  12. Elisabeth Braham

    How awesome is this?I'm dying

  13. 968Porsche1993

    little springsteen + a little Squeeze on the side = whole lot of FUN!

  14. PogieJoe

    Might go down as one of the greatest artists of this era.

  15. Rutilene Martins

    <3 <3 <3

  16. Mike Page

    Blistering. Never liked Springsteen but I love this.

  17. Omni Centauri

    Go back and listen to Prince's "Glam Slam" - what do you hear?


    Steve Williamson not this. The chord progression is totally different. Are you deaf?...

  18. Omni Centauri

    Prince, Bruce Springsteen, & Bob Dylan had a baby.

    Mike Page

    And Lou Reed was the midwife.

  19. Lana Diamandis

    He wore that dress when I saw him 😍😍

  20. Nick Dudesville

    I'm kind of a stickler meeseeks, They can trace phones that are turned off, you gotta take the battery out or wrap it in aluminium or Faraday cage. I'm also a paranoid meeseeks, I do all.

  21. Danger of Death


  22. Kieran Dacey

    He's pretty cool isn't he :)

  23. Jelsig 67

    wow. love it

  24. SeeDVicious

    Everyone praising this guy and not realising he ripped off MGMT time to pretend. "brilliant" my ass. His other songs are good but this fucking song ticked me off so much because of the obvious rip off.

    Conor Patrick

    Ya must hate rap......All bands are hustlers......Ringo Star was told by his school music teacher to forget music....Two years later George Harrison was told the same by said teacher......


    Guess your brain must've had an accident or something. Your reply has nothing to do with what i said. NOTHING.

    Conor Patrick

    What part of "hustler" in responce to your "ripped of" do ya not get Sid......Or do we need the colour crayons!!...

    Greg Shapley

    One of the comments above also noted similarities to 'Hurricane' by Dylan ('This is the story of the hurricane'). Also Sweet Jane. But, you know, all pop is derivative.

  25. Michael Thomsen

    One of my favorite things on Youtube at the moment. Simply amazing. (yeah, and it's a rewrite of Dylan's "Hurricane", but who cares....)

  26. Tel Sutton

    A truly outstanding performance. Word of mouth's gonna make him a big star.

  27. Andy Slinn

    Grossly under valued by the mainstream this guy. An absolute talent.

    Conor Patrick

    Absolutely......I'm Lilly Alanon, i'm peaches and tampons. i'm Lilly Alanon........

  28. Alex Griffiths

    Ed Balls on Sax. Good to see he has found a career after Parliament.

  29. Drumgroov

    Absolutely pure, expressive art!
    Tight band.
    Best artist of 2018 is my vote.

  30. Catriona Yule

    Heard this on BBC6, they play it alot! Adore it...

  31. nathaniel Fisher

    The man is outstanding, fucking brilliant.

  32. DP McNulty

    “This is the story of The Hurricane...”

    Sir Barrington Womble MBE

    Yes, that occured to me immediately too. Also reminds me of 'Maid in Heaven' by Be Bop Deluxe, from about the same time as 'Desire' LP, 75/76.
    Still good, though. I'll go see him in Glasgow in May. Need to gen up on his work in the meantime, though .

    Greg Shapley

    ...or Sweet Jane

    Joshua Ross

    Yes! And the lyrics are really similar to Mountain Goats in some ways

    Jeremy Bean-Hodges

    I'll miss the playground and the animals and digging up worms...

    John Moseley

    I heard him for the first time today in a coffee shop and thought, who is this brilliant punk pioneer from CBGB's circa 1974 who somehow escaped my attention? Then I asked the barista and found out...

  33. Tim Brown

    Although I do like it,I can't help but feel it's rather derivative of the wonderful "Time To Pretend" by MGMT....

    Chris Leavenworth

    was my first thought too but i can't stop listening to it regardless

    Connies Curse

    eh, I gave it a quick listen, I don't really see it.


    That's funny you say that. I was inexorably drawn to that song, too.

  34. peterpringle01

    My favourite song of 2018 so far, and I can't imagine anything surpassing it. Amazing version.


    Have you no heard Wiggy Giggy?

    Brian Mac

    first song i've heard from Ezra Furman. Very Very Impressed


    the only thing better is track #9 off the same album ... "love you so bad"

  35. Lance Fisher

    Talented to say the least would be an understatement.

  36. DJ Fatdoctor

    The production is amazing. I follow Ezra Furman on SC

  37. Trigger xX

    Play "come on Eileen" by save ferris

  38. All Is


  39. antricio s

    Shit mate

    antricio s

    nathaniel Fisher, because it's shit, mate