Funds, Kojo - Ain't The Same Lyrics

[Kojo Funds:]
We ain't the same, you ain't one of us
I'm from a block when guns we'll buss
We ain't the same, you ain't man enough
I'm from a block when guns we trust
We ain't the same
We ain't the same
We ain't the same
We ain't the same
Yeah, yeah

Bitches come and wanna ride me like a speedboat
I got freaky-freaky bitch wanna give me d-trow
Slide on me baby
Slide like a Skee slope
I know you haven't fucked with no Weezo
Freaky bitches wanna slide on me like a speedboat
Slide on me, slide one me like a Skee slope
I know you want it
Baby, baby come and get more
Never been put under pressure
We squeeze the B out of the press up
Piling 'em slabs on the dress up
Rocky still like Slovakia
Still on my people some extras
Bring me 'em kitties with testers
Top Percil that's clean white
Score points from a brick like it's Tetris
From a boy, I've been the man
All I wanted was 100 grand
Write my paper room in rubber band
Probably got one wrapped 'round my hand
So they know I came to go get it
Alone go get some credit
You call I go to neck
With hold, you get the message

[Kojo Funds:]
We ain't the same, you ain't one of us
I'm from a block when guns we'll buss
We ain't the same, you ain't man enough
I'm from a block when guns we trust
We ain't the same
We ain't the saaaame
We ain't the saaaame
We ain't the same
Yeah, yeah

[Trix Sosa:]
Gripping on a nina, Serena look how I serve
I was talking to the piggers, they hate that I fly the birds
Put on a mission, I told her to go berserk
I will never tell a rider to ride if I didn't first
I got niggas doing time
They call off the prison line
So Imma hit them in the lights
I was hidden in the night
We'll recognize real
Jiggas up in O
They say Tricky your flow cold
You know the motion froze
I had kitties that rolled over
Just like the road in Stone
And it started cos they started rolling stones
Never home alone
Probably with a bad b like Brandy
And stories kinda mad cos I was supposed to be with Ashley
Bro I came with my dargg's
Stepping when I march
Told them if you get 'em then you press it, let it bark
And we were in the ends
Before they repped an end
Told them if they start, this is where it ends

[Abra Cadabra:]
9 bills for the dots like the sins getting cheaper
Still I'm aiming high, I'm tryna lock off all the arena's
God knows how many waps that I can buy for the block
But I'm just been and back tryna be a reader
I got shooters that would shoot for me
I'd rather shoot myself
I got youngers that would stab 'em rather poking myself
Forget the fame, this ain't a game
Cah I'll grab, then go on and bang it on dem pricks, it's for the same
We ain't the same bro

[Kojo Funds:]
We ain't the same, you ain't one of us
I'm from a block when guns we'll buss
We ain't the same, you ain't man enough
I'm from a block when guns we trust
We ain't the same
We ain't the saaaame
We ain't the saaaame
We ain't the same
Yeah, yeah

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Funds, Kojo Ain't The Same Comments
  1. Sst xoxo

    Bulgarian song in the background


    Bulgarians are racist

  2. Generation Tijara

    Al gear Intro :

  3. GEZ

    Still bangs!!!!!

  4. James Hodgson

    Bikes nice cool bar nar mean jump up mandem skang minister tonge twister lyrical ill bars lock off RESPECT abz real G zzz yeah yeah

  5. Christopher Kelly

    Weezo hardest 🥶

  6. Franklin Freshman

    Check my video on boyz n da hood director #RIPJOHNSINGLETON

  7. Franklin Freshman

    Nearly touching a milli

  8. Thando Khanye

    this tune should be having more than million views honestly
    As for Kojo funds & Abra its no question they nailed it and as for Weezo`s Flow & Trix`s Bars
    dem boys were also impeccable

  9. Thando Khanye

    This tune should be over a mill views coz its dope

  10. LeuMarco Polo

    dope song !!

  11. SPIRIT

    came for abz stayed for kojo

  12. Ivan Kolev

    Background modern and original

  13. Robin wells

    momma there go that man... kojo

  14. Billal 7 FC

    Whos here from weezo kenny allstar freestyle

  15. Gergina Cholakova

    Bulgarian folklore as a background <3 dis tune is acc peng <3

  16. Progressive Life


  17. IH Games

    weezo was mad ngl

  18. HotTamale111

    UK 🇬🇧 + Bulgaria 🇧🇬 in the house! This song is sooo dope! English Rap + Bulgarian Folklore

  19. Kalina Koleva

    Bulgarian tunes haha

  20. ll01dm

    the melodic beat reminds me of Kaval Sviri

  21. Progressive Life

    We defo ain't the same abz I ain't on jooking like that lol

  22. Kieran Williamson

    Ard!!!!! The actual instrumenta though? Not the Bulgarian tune in the back

  23. Sir I.K Elzyy

    This is RAP

  24. Daniel Crossley

    Still listening it dis🔥

  25. The Bench

    What’s the sample they used in this? Pretty sure it’s some Balkans folk music lmao.

  26. Lenishaaa _

    Fredo would be sick in this .

  27. Still Me

    Don’t sleep on trixsta people

  28. Nato Beats

    wow i used this sample ages ago. i never would have thought that it would have been used in a song with Kojo

  29. RicoRich

    Weezo is the coldest on this one

  30. R12❤️

    Need someone to do an instrumental real good unless there is one someone hook me up with the link 😀👍🏾

  31. R12❤️

    Weezo go hard

  32. Yusuf Aslam


  33. ZainoSZN

    i see you weezo


    This tune is hard man 🔥🔥

  35. Nemo Tv

    Remix needed here

  36. LJAB

    Kojo and abra will never make a link up as good as dun talkin again

  37. Marcus Hulme

    instrumental ?

  38. J Princess

    abbra went in though

  39. Jai'Den Christian

    man like weezo

  40. Elena Mauen

    On repeat 🙌

  41. Sade Boyd

    Dope all the way in Philly😎🤗💯

  42. Fernandez Thomas

    All dem pagans be disliking

  43. Chill Homie

    1:10 "I got freaky freaky bitch WAAN GIMME DEEPTROTE" 😂

  44. Brownie-pie

    Weezo is defo a problem

  45. NordicOnur Honca

    Beat is a madness

  46. BMusa15

    Trix is a lowkey Stormzy look-a-like

  47. i Am christabel

    Kojo just brings that flava

  48. i Am christabel

    This is actually liveee man🎉🎊

  49. waterford 051

    When's kojo dropping an album?

  50. razievlad

    Abdra bodies them all.As expected


    the background noise reminds me of avatar
    is it just me lol?

    Sst xoxo

    They used a Bulgarian song

  52. BOATS99

    Weezo you filthy boy, go and cleanse your sins. Weezo's flow is too good. He was my favourite.

  53. Tonicha Cole

    Weezo mad

  54. sally omer

    ... Kojo it's summer ... where the vibes at ?

  55. spiro minev

    Soo much out of a concept with this Bulgarian vibes. But the song is still dope!

  56. Chill Homie

    Weezo was fire but his verse is abit too loud for the music

  57. Aniket Saha saha

    too underrated

  58. Ldnnn

    This is so wavey what the fuck

  59. That_lad_from_Mansfield MTFC


  60. DMXhill

    The women's voice in the background remind me of one of k kokes tunes

  61. OrfeitheGreat

    Again Bulgarian folk vocals if that’s not magic then what is ...

  62. Gina A

    Instrumental name??

  63. no one

    Came for Trix, that weezo spat dirt aswell

  64. TomAmLegend

    Weezo killed this sn

  65. Yasmine Fowel

    Its bothers me what they hear but ayeeee tuneee

  66. Nabil Mcrea

    Mad link

  67. Mr Adam

    Any1 know the background music?

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    This tune is too hard

  69. DUCK E16


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    The backround music is bulgarian 😂

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    These man bang some license firearms new to this road ting weezo certi put it on

  72. Rome Life

    weezo from acacia puts in work he is a certified gun man that bosses this road ting

  73. Rome Life

    Big in this afrobeats and he jumped on london vibe now so gassed !!!!!!

  74. Rome Life

    He went jail for a mad ting back in the day

  75. Rome Life

    Weezo is from acacia !!! That's where they filmed this. Certi younger but older now


    the beat is Bulgarian folk music

  77. Jordan

    Love Bulgarian National Music!

  78. MountMister


  79. James Brown


  80. Farhaan Shahid

    at 2:35 does he mention asznee

  81. Farhaan Shahid

    never hear of Trix b4 but he banged

  82. Izaan

    before 250k? like if you were too..!

  83. wiz kid`

    clicked on for abz n hes spittin for like 3s. bun this track

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  85. EL Nyamekye

    Weezo got the answers 🔥

  86. Alexa Dumanova

    Lol the track in the background, I'm pretty sure that is Bulgarian🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬

  87. Zdravko Blagoev

    This gonna get 1m views only from me 😂😂😂

  88. I Studio

    Supporting The Music.

  89. NEENA 38

    No1 can't say that it ent a banger boom💣#KEEPITLIT

  90. kallum

    I stg getting real bored of these rappers tryna talk about guns busting left right centre, dk what KOBK part of England they living in

  91. JW 95

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  92. Kish check this out if you like J hus / Not3s type song!

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    that k koke instrumental though 😭