Fugazi - Merchandise Lyrics

When we have nothing left to give
There will be no reason for us to live
But when we have nothing left to lose
You will have nothing left to use
We owe you nothing you have no control
Merchandise keeps us in line
Common sense says it's by design
What could a businessman ever want more
than to have us sucking in his store
We owe you nothing
You have no control
You are not what you own

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Fugazi Merchandise Comments
  1. hotlanta35

    Saw them in 1990 Atlanta the Masquarade

  2. Kevin Bennett

    dammit I lost track of the meaning of the play list I just love the fookin band

  3. Rick Ellison

    Best chorus

  4. Chibrehead

    Listening fugazi for the first time is like defloration, life after is much interesting

  5. Brian Bodemer

    Come back and tour!

  6. Phantom Thief

    Blasted this song back in the day in my Montana Green Golf MK2

    Nunya Bizness

    You are not what you own

  7. Yeezy westy

    you are not what you own..

  8. ivorytower99

    I got to see Fugazi, probably half a dozen times. Always a fun gig.

  9. Shane Fontenot

    You Are Not What You Own!

  10. Lance Love

    For all its worth i hear this band and everyone makes it out to be a strong statement but i hear nothing...and when i hear nothing i know i hear money being paid someone else and i need money myself. Theres nothing anyone can do that I can't...but sometimes and in alot of cases they train people to do things that are immature and retrogressive or aggressive so it will catch them while others prosper in more civil ways...face it..people get filtered...if its not for everyone its not for anyone and its a matter of time before that peters out enough to call it cured. I think thats accurate saying its called red medicine in one place and repeater here...something to do that causes a cure by going into a debt ot deficit because its a tolerated or ignored premise...and i think thats exactly what it is and does...its a channel and it outs aggression but its dumping it too...so its looking for a more detailed aggression as well...yesterdays fugazi became yesterdays jeffry whats his name..jeffrey star i think...a transgender dude who talks about sash cash weed and murder inc. and thats basic..i think fugazi the about innocence and common sense in a creativist way but i again also dont see that in the lyrics at all...theres no topic only interoperable words..so i dont see the important factor...i see something instrumentally thats about the players but nothing else at all...so i dont see what the draw is despite still seeing it as a valid band...but heres the same thing...listen more and youll bore into it and not like it...it has that and i like knowing that the industry can make stuff that makes me wear its branding saying i like it and I'm in that party but im obviously not. And I don't. And I wouldn't. I think thats the key. And I don't like the lock the door or the key. So..again..its whatever because theyre brainwashed into a brainwashed head but..oh well. Cant escape some things!

  11. JohnWhorphin

    When asking which Fugazi album is best, the answer is yes.

  12. Clyde Rembrandt

    I wonder what business they bought their instruments from.


    Clyde Rembrandt
    They where given to them...it s like..who fucked Maria if not Josef ?

  13. Guy Montag

    33 people have nothing left to give

  14. Billathan Billdogovich

    This song makes me feel calm and at peace, and I feel like that's the best way to interpret it potentially. Not that there is a best way to vibe to this... fucking masterpiece

  15. Davin Boerstler

    song fucking rips and tears, super original riffs

  16. Frijolero18

    This is not a comment about Fugazi.

  17. shafta99

    song should be played at the apple store on auto-repeat. lol

  18. hopscotchoblivion


  19. Mustafa Şenkaya

    Oh i see, foo fighters' bridge burning is definetly influenced by this song

    George Oscar Bluth

    Mustafa Şenkaya Dave grohl once said Ian was his role model or something like that and he even reached out to him for any connections he had back when Dave was like 14

  20. wavvedash

    I like the demo version better than this, but it's still great to listen to

  21. joshua george

    Back in 1993 in high school the "Repeater" tape was stuck in my car for about 6 months. I got it out one day and put it on my dashboard, and the sun melted it. I have two copies of the cd. One of my favorite albums.

    Opvs Cvlpa

    There's always got to be that guy ^


    @Opvs Cvlpa yeah, he's a moron for not having 10 copies!

    Opvs Cvlpa

    @cooliofoolio I think you misunderstand my meaning.


    @Opvs Cvlpa I didn't, I was just trying to make light of the person calling them a moron for seemingly no reason.

    Opvs Cvlpa

    @cooliofoolio oh for sure

  22. oliver matyo

    love fugazi

  23. Gabriel Mungaray

    this isn't emo, postrock, punk, or any other genre... it's called music and it's meant to be listened to and enjoyed, not critiqued and pigeonholed into some genre that some asshole record label executive created because he thinks we are too dumb to defy labels. ian mackaye has only ever played music written for people who think. love this album.

    Opabinia regalis

    +Gabriel Mungaray
    genres arent bad. they are good to find similar music. but you wont find similar music if complettely different music becomes labelled as this. best example is emo..
    so if nobody makes mistakes with the labelling it wouldnt be bad..

    Pablo Llamas

    Yeah! You tell them skippy!

  24. johnnyscifi

    Uhm...Killtaker is by far the best Fugazi album. Hands down!!!

    Brett Bewley

    +johnnyscifi Agreed. You could make a case for almost all of their albums being the best one but Killtaker is still my favorite.

  25. Rateofchange

    saw them for $6 in '97...one of the best shows I've ever seen

    Ena Basler

    punkrockplatypus me too! was it in DC?


    Rateofchange you underpaid.


    @Ena Basler
     Oakland. Outside of Pittsburgh.

    Christopher Botsford

    punkrockplatypus saw them in 92 or 93 in metropol in Pittsburgh for 5 bux

    Wood Shampoo

    Fortunate enough to have see 'em live in Miami 91, Norfolk 96, DC 2000 (free show at Fort Reno park). For all who have seen 'em live, check out the live series if you haven't already https://www.dischord.com/fugazi_live_series

  26. mister mendola

    why in the name of god is there an ad on this?

    V N

    mister mendola cause it's not the 90's anymore.

    Rob D Rich

    Cause you didn't have ad block?

    Nunya Bizness

    Cause merchandise keeps us in line


    Post modern irony?


    bc you failed you miserable bitch

  27. pb1976ful

    esencional hardcore

  28. Johnathan Vargas

    I thought it was we ain't nothin. Nice song

  29. Attila Kardos

    this song is the foken boooomb

  30. BolgTheVillan

    Still so good. Still so relevant.
    We owe you nothing
    You have not control!

  31. zirtapot57

    quite post-punk-ish
    this record is gold

  32. johnnyscifi

    You are not what you own!

  33. zimshowfan

    Green Day's new shit is great too (except for their latest 3 bullshit albums anyway).

  34. Shredding Splinters

    Preaching the truth sir/ma'am.

  35. shulerman1

    nothing wrong with green day. their old shit that is

  36. kdxj5

    Foo fighters you some explaining to do...

    Wood Shampoo

    Not a fan of Dave Grohl but he was in Scream on Dischord. Presumably he was greatly influenced by other Dischord bands.

    Anthony Yacino

    kdxj5 what song?

    The Based God Max

    kdxj5 what song?

    Saturated Neō Wax

    kdxj5 what song?

  37. Lunar Light

    Was thinking the same thing mate ;)

  38. YouthXClash

    What about "We Don't Have Any T-Shirts" by Orchid

  39. Unwound

    Sounds like that sound song...

  40. MrPeguin666

    Greenday is terrible. they were good in the 90s and then they started with that pop shit and just became unbearable.

  41. Kaleb Button

    you love them, knew it

  42. Kaleb Button

    you like greenday dont you

  43. a nonny moose 1285

    "Ever Fallen In Love" - The Buzzcocks
    "Teenage Kicks" - The Undertones
    "Love Song" - The Damned
    "Love Me" - The Cramps
    "Baby, I Love You" - The Ramones

    I could do this all day...

  44. Dinner, Beer and a Movie

    Brings me back!!

  45. Madnotmad

    This is one hell of a record.

  46. gogolplex74

    this made my head hurt

  47. AWiseCrow

    I have Red Medicine and I agree with your list. I would rather have one of those other albums. I just don't have as nice feeling with Red Medicine as with those others.

  48. psco4963

    Blink 182 sing about the kind of shit that most teenagers can relate to i.e. girls, conflict with parents and growing up. There's nothing wrong with it, you might think their music is soft but for a lot of people it expresses exactly what they're thinking. People enjoy listening to it, so why should it bother you.

  49. catharsis

    Telling someone they aren't a real fugazi fan is elitist.

  50. jimmyredpant

    Fugazi have told people that their music is open for interpretation. Make of it what you will. Its in the eye of the beholder. People should not be afraid to like whatever they like with no boundaries, and that is pretty fucking punk @MrPenguin666

  51. jimmyredpant

    Fugazi have told peoplemover, their music is open for interpretaition. Make of it what you will. People should be afraid to like what they like. Thats pretty fucking punk, @MrPenguin666

  52. MrPeguin666

    maybe you shouldn't either

  53. Ali Shana

    @MrPeguin666 Listen I didn't say blink was punk. They are pop punk. But their early stuff sounded more punk-ish. He said fugazi influenced them, both bands are great, they are from different times. Get overt yourself

  54. MrPeguin666

    I'm saying that Blink 182 are a bunch of fucking wusses that sing about 12 year old girls and homework. You don't even know what the fuck you're talking about. Do you even know what a hipster or an elitist is? or are you just all talk? If I were a hipster/elitist, I would say something like "wow you fucking faggot! you're not a real Fugazi fan because you didn't find this band in some moldy record store in 1989 like how all the cool people did" or something along those lines.

  55. Ali Shana

    blink 182's lead singer told me to look up these guys. although they are different types of punk rock i can definitive hear the influence. thank you tom delonge(:

  56. grimgolf79

    This song rocks!!!

  57. nayzany

    Yes! Guess I'm not too picky about quality at this point and I prefer old, raw stuff over new, overproduced bullshit. :)

  58. nayzany

    This is more likely to give me an orgasm that any man on the planet.

    Clyde Rembrandt

    Feminism screwed with your mind.

    The Based God Max

    Clyde Rembrandt you sound like a fucking tard

    Brent Johnson

    nayzany well just lay there together and cream our banana hammocks


    because of no control


    I can't fuck.

  59. nayzany

    @serpas86 No Instrument? C'mon! "Little Debbie" and "Turkish Disco!"

  60. Blake Hofstetter

    i had a Fugazi t-shirt at one point...so proud.

  61. JediOldSchool

    Maybe (maybe) the most powerfully and beautiful lyrics of everytime. Ian MacKaye is a fuckin' genius.

  62. Joshua Kreeger

    I put Minor Threat in Pandora and Fugazi was one of the bands in the setlist...love them!!

  63. Ian Lawton

    whatchootalkin about Bethany1202? what manufacturing quality? ... production couldn't be more perfect on this ... my favourite fugazi tune, never before or since has a band been so angry about t-shirt sales! (and managed to turn it into an anti-consumerist anthem) ... you are not what you own

  64. Bethany Burleson

    This "album" was awesome -- and still is! Although the quality might not be the highest in terms of manufacturing, the spirit and talent are certainly present. AWESOME!

  65. Ned Blackburn

    you are not what you own.

    my life philosophy.

  66. Ned Blackburn

    @serpas86 what about the argument, how could you forget that?

  67. xgziimp Faulkner

    @finalresistance88 i agree, start out with Repeater and 13 Songs and then get into the rest as you see fit.

  68. mrstef03

    guys check out "The Argument" i love that album....

  69. Deadmilkmen1

    Since it came out and i first heard it I wanted "You are not what you own" tattooed on me. That one line says so much, it applies to so much in my life. I got it inked on my throat a few years ago. My favourite piece among many.

  70. jfeuiebf

    @tehninjadude ooo the other german band was Surrogat, remember I liked it

  71. jfeuiebf

    @tehninjadude yeaah there was a 'fasion' for post-rock I remember, Tortoise, Mogwai , Ewa Braun , and some german band , forgot the name , To Rococo Rot , and some other , so more or less I know , that what I wrote that ''postrock' sounds a bit 'gay'' was my reaction to the word 'rock' , sorry, just hate this word , lol

  72. Meme Arrows

    @jfeuiebf Do either of you know what post-rock is?

  73. JP Drums


    i really loved the argument as well.

  74. Robyn Robotron

    @finalresistance88 End Hits is pretty awesome, too.

  75. jfeuiebf

    @bananiolo2 'posthardcore' maybe , 'postrock' sounds a bit 'gay'

  76. bananiolo2

    @jfeuiebf no it's postrock.

  77. suraendher kumarr

    i actually thought every one of their albums were great. argument was just a diff style, and so was red medicine, but it all worked out. And with a band as cool as fugazi, you stick with them forever, no matter what, coz u know they are honest musicians who produce nothing short of great music. personally, albumwise, red medicine and argument were me favourites, but my all time fav fugazi songs would come from 13 songs and repeater

  78. AJtheory

    In my opinion,

    when we have nothing left to give

    there'll be no reason for us to live


  79. SiliconBong

    You're english is ok, serpas86, everything is spelled correctly and you have an eye for grammer.

  80. jfeuiebf

    is it emo?

  81. weavergrad

    I live Fugazi

  82. Norse

    I'm 40 years old now and bought the Repeater ablbum when it was first released, about 20 years ago... pure nostalgia... superb.

  83. stramurto


    Red Medicine is way better that this 5th position. In my opinion is just a little bit under REPEATER.

  84. cheeseboy777

    @teambritzaribal Er, what?

  85. Norse

    Merchandise...keep's us alive. So true.

  86. bret aribal

    i hate the innovator of emotional hardcore and post hardcore fugazi is the yuck band that innovator of this genre it consider a sludge metal I listen to his voice like a barking dog something it is tragic but they try to popularized the emo and post hardcore so thanks for the innovators 3rd wave it gain mainstream popularized..........

  87. AJtheory

    I agree, though I might switch In On The Kill Taker with Repeater; it's a tough call

  88. serpas86

    *Red Medicine, sorry again lol

  89. serpas86

    In my opinion, for the albums i have:
    1 - Repeater
    2 - 13 Songs
    3 - In On The Kill Taker
    4 - Steady Diet Of Nothing
    5 - Medicine

    Of course, it's subjective. But they're a great great band, and you go easy with any album of their (sorry for bad english).

    Dave and Mary Caughley

    <3 End Hits <3

  90. finalresistance88

    If I were to go for 2 or so albums to start with this band, what should they be. Can a few people rank their albums in order of greatness. Of course it is subjective, but what I'm after is a starting point.

  91. AJtheory

    this band is amazing, and music will never [ don't BE THE SAME...]

  92. Norse

    i bought this album in 1990, the year of release...and play this track pretty much every day...
    buy it you tight cunts, lol

  93. thecheesebob

    Fugazi was always the greatest at writing epic fucking chord progressions. Epic Problem, Nightshop, Facet Squared, Repeater, and the list just goes on.

    Greatest band in history.

  94. TallFastLoud

    You are not what you oh-own.

  95. Chris Bee

    This is their only good song... amazing