Fugazi - Greed Lyrics

You wanted everything
You needed everything
You wanted everything
You needed everything
Everything is...
Everything is...

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Fugazi Greed Comments
  1. econogate

    Whilst social media companies want literally everything you say or do or think, to put a dollar sign on everything on the planet....

  2. handymandan100

    Straight from the world Capitol of capitalism

  3. Phantom Thief

    Wtf does it got ads for?
    It's like Dave Grohl trying to be a Pop Musician. It isn't right.

  4. johnnyscifi

    Id hardly say the music is simple. Fugazi's rhythm section is untouchable, and Guy's lyrics are very abstract, however Ian's lyrics/songs he wrote are very anthemic, easy to digest, but are brilliant in execution!!

  5. RooAcademy


  6. SuperDarkovic

    This one is about global financial crisis.