Fuel - Scar Lyrics

Chase the sun in my head
Blistered skin turning red
I can't complain
It's something to do
Cloud my mind and erase you

Since you're gone
All is wrong
Nothing feels the same down here
And if you're gone
And I'm alone
Whose heart will I scar now dear?

Fall in, fall out
Break free, break down

Feel my legs pushing through
This world I built around you
I know the blame
Is not apon you
I know the heartless things I chose


Fall in, fall out
Break free, break down
One look and I die
One kiss, goodbye

Drag this frown from my face
Force a smile to take its place
I can pretend that I'm not confused
And I don't need the likes of you

Fall in, fall out
Break free, break down
One look and I die
One kiss, goodbye

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Fuel Scar Comments
  1. Cele Bruno

    My favorite song off of NHL HITZ 2002. That game still holds up to this day.

  2. Jerry Vivanco

    Damn good tune!! Boys and girls pay attention.......
    THIS is what a rock and roll is supposed to sound like. And, of course, always accompanied by the feeling like you just smashed into and obliterated by a freight train........in a good way, naturally!

  3. Fabrizio Arriola

    La base del tema y los riffs tienen de Soundgarden lo que el ritmo tiene de Stone Temple Pilots.

  4. Brodan

    "he just took the express elevator to the basement"

  5. Busdude97

    This reminds me a lot of Alice in Chains.

  6. Hotaru Kim

    Love this song😍

  7. mikeyp8044


  8. Nick Wright

    nhl hitz 2002 all day


    Tonights matchup... the San Jose Sharks VS. Actual sharks

  9. Canadian Goon

    Nhl hitz 20-02 best sports game ever made.

    Xander Kane

    Oh Fuck ya bud!

  10. metalrubbish

    Very stone temple pilots song :) But It has the same level of the best STP


    AIC more than STP

  11. heatherdumas

    Every song on this album is amazing. I actually hear some hints of Alice in Chains in Brett's vocals sometimes. But he's still original in his own way too.


    That would've been awesome to hear Fuel and Alice in Chains do a song together! Or Brett and Layne doing a duet. Brett's voice actually reminds me a lot of Jerry Cantrell's voice.