Fuel - Last Time Lyrics

I'm not the first you sucked down
I drank your pleasure slow
Then stumbled out from your veil
Still I've come for you tonight
Choke my faith and stab my pride
And tell myself that

This is the last time
This is the last time
This is the last time now
I'll bleed for you

Preservation or predation
As I'm reeling I don't know
Crumbled I spill out of your hand
I want to fall
And you see it all
And you'll just laugh when I say


And everything I feel I know you know
And everything that heals I know you know
And everything that steals I know you know
And everything that kills you now

And tell myself that


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Fuel Last Time Comments
  1. Joseph Ramirez

    Carl Bell is such a brilliant guitarist & song writer.

  2. Marc Wiesenthal


  3. Hunter Lorenz

    My song to herion

  4. Wildboy5699

    This is how you start off a kick as album!

  5. Dcn Joseph Suaiden


  6. dylan parrott

    newbie fan here...this shit is gold

  7. alphaswag95

    2019 anyone? This song just popped in my head the other day and I felt like revisiting it. Those were the good days 😐

  8. Video Demon

    This song is an amazing album opener and really uplifting because the lyrics are about moving away from a bad situation.

  9. Jorge Morales

    High school all over.

  10. Luciano Pitillo

    Tell myself that this is the last time ....
    Thanks fuel !!!

  11. Rob Amyot

    Perfect song to kick off an album!

  12. spawnkiller97

    One of those songs youve been pondering who sang until you finally remember its fuel.

  13. Eddie Congdon

    is this Scallions ?

    Eddie The Head

    Shell Magnet scallions was only absent when they made that album angels and devils that noone seems to talk about.


    I actually like that album too. There's some great songs on it.

    Eddie The Head

    Shell Magnet I only have this album so far, it's a beast and I love how it came out the year I was born, haha

    Video Demon

    Iron Head-Ed The album with the emo singer lol

  14. Eddie Congdon

    The song is amazing

  15. Michael Lomenzo

    My fav Fuel tune

  16. Nick M.

    That solo is euphoric!!

  17. Flying V

    Someone needs to get the original band back together so they can make another great album like this.

    Video Demon

    Puppet Strings was ok.


    Carl and Brett don't get along.

    Video Demon

    Fuel with Brett, Jeff and Kevin back together but not Carl I think would be okay.

  18. hudalla hudalla

    lyrics are really good on this whole album. like this album a lot childhood memories

  19. Michael Mood

    One of my favorite rock mixes of all time. The drums, oh my god.

    Christopher Regan

    Mine too! Ben Grosse produced this album, and his mixing always sounds phenomenal!

  20. B Wink

    Always been my fav fuel song by far. Ha........

  21. Julius juju Surratt

    love this song , takes me back to good Ol days gettin blitzed off a good 5th of whiskey for FUEL :)

  22. kalman konya

    14 yrs later this song still kicks ass ;)~!!

    Caner Tankman

    hmmm türk :)

    GM K

    @Caner Tankman AS BAYRAKLARI

  23. Luke Goonan

    awesome song. reminds me (first bit especially) of "deftones - be quiet and drive"

    Julius juju Surratt

    lol yea deftones is just slower ...does sound very similar

    Eddie The Head

    Julius juju Surratt so does chevelle send pain below. Also this song is a blast to play on guitar, especially the breakdown and the harmonics


    I just came here after listening to that!

    Eddie The Head

    Busdude97 which song? Because is riff is also similar to foo fighters "everlong" came out the same year as be quiet and drive.


    Be quiet and drive. But it does kind of have that sound that everlong does. Honestly this song reminds me a lot of incubus. I guess they were kind of popular around the same time.

  24. Ursa Bear

    This is the last time I bleed for you Antwan.

  25. Elena Baltazar

    Fuck it voice

  26. Elena Baltazar

    Oh baby

  27. Elena Baltazar

    We believe in who

  28. Elena Baltazar

    Let me open

  29. elf man

    This is pure rock greatness....great song.
    also a BOC fan......


    yeeeees, BOC is one of the greatest

    elf man

    U have excellent taste.

    elf man

    twins separated at birth. what other bands do u like.

    Eddie The Head

    Blue oyster cult

  30. Greys

    this was the cd of mine that got stolen along with my discman a few days after i got both the cd and the discman. so unmerciful... :'(

  31. ConfuserOfficial

    Gotta say that this is definitely ones of my favourite tracks from Fuel.I always have this one on repeat.Love the intro.Awesome track.

  32. Hollie Devine

    This song is addictive!

    Juan Andrés Rivas


    Michael Lomenzo

    Hollie Devine hell yeah it is

    Steve Williams

    Im pretty sure ive listened to this 4 times in a row now lol. It is addictive!

    Eddie The Head

    The whole album is a great package. Foot stomping hard hitters like this, "down," "scar," and "prove," and you got your more laid back tunes like "easy" and "bad day"

    Doriam Moreno


  33. doctortabby

    How do they get that mix! 

  34. chambala09

    LOVE THIS MASTERPIEEEEEEEEECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Bonne Passthebiscuitss

     I loved this whole album!! I remember going to a family party when I'd just gotten the cd and getting in trouble because I was rocking it in my discman all night, instead of giving a fuck about the party hahahaha.

    Video Demon

    Man the 2000's were awesome!


    Demon Rantz ikr? I hated it at the time cuz I was a teenager but looking back on it now there was some cool stuff going on

    Video Demon

    Waldo666ify Sure there was 9/11, the 7/7 bombings, the War on Terror and George W Bush, but movies, games and music were still awesome! Much better than the 2010's.


    Demon Rantz yeah the political climate was definitely rough as hell after 9/11 And still is but the 2010s is what I'm calling the "stupidcrap" decade -_- too much idioit bullshit

    Video Demon

    Waldo666ify Yeah other than technology getting better, there's just nothing interesting in this era :/ People just don't give a shit about each other anymore either. I will say that 2010 to 2013 was good but I was still rather young then.