Fuel - Bad Day Lyrics

Had a bad day again
She said I would not understand
She left a note and said "I'm sorry, I had a bad day again.
She spilled her coffee, broke her shoelace.
Smeared the lipstick on her face.
Slammed the door and said "I'm sorry, I had a bad day again."

And she swears there's nothing wrong
I hear her playing that same old song
She puts me off and puts me on

And had a bad day again
She said I would not understand
She left a note that said, "I'm sorry, I had a bad day again."

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Fuel Bad Day Comments
  1. Kate Winslet

    I'll make some tzatziki for The Minoan "on her way"

  2. Kate Winslet

    Eat something. Your wife will thank you if she likes big men.

  3. Kate Winslet

    Brett Scallions had a Bad Day and I had a Great Day!

  4. Angie

    It's like everyday for me.

  5. Lori Gibbons

    My day started off good but not going good now as a matter of fact it's a bad day now my aunt who raised me died in August 13,2019 of liver cancer I lost my husband and both of my son's living with a daughter that is an addict and raising my grandchild it feels like the bad days never really end so to anyone having a bad day I understand and if you need to talk message me I will always listen my listeners are all gone now so I get it

  6. xenamtchb

    love this song!!!!

  7. 19 60

    This video captures the essence from a never forgotten time in history . I’ll never forget living in Texas and hearing this on the radio I miss Hastings and all of the music culture

  8. MiChelle Marshall

    This reminds me of my anniversary my one year anniversary which was yesterday 12 13 2019 baby I had a bad day again because you her missing in action M.I.A and I do not mean military action. Q, where were you last night, again you break my f****** heart again,
    .. my dear heart, (inom of Q or Qanons know iW
    es anyone know who I am to you, Q?) yours forever in some way or another but not yours completely, Cynthia [Cin]


  9. Sarah Rodriguez

    December 12, 2019 , will forever be one in my favorite songs 😍😍😍

  10. Becca

    Exactly what it is like dating me 😂

  11. Mike Perez

    Miranda Zenteno......

  12. Bonnie Barton

    this shit is the bomb

  13. Damian Bunting

    The male equivalent to ironic 😂🤦🏾‍♂️💯

  14. Fábio Stefff

    0 defeitos

  15. Tasha Johnson

    Love 💘 this group like crazy

  16. Kristy Hiatt

    Miss these days

  17. Dj Mitra

    one amazing song that i can't have enough of ever, ❤️❤️

  18. Jon Handel

    November 19th is Have A Bad Day Day.

  19. Abraham Riverooz

    Uno de los temas con el cuál me identifico en la vida desde Venezuela @Abraham_riverooz

  20. Beta β Aquarii

    Life gives you what you need. Not what you want. Don't be sad. Hakuna-matata

  21. The Light Within The Heart

    Dude who could dislike a great band like fuel? Thats a lot of dislikes lol

  22. Yvonne Pino

    ❤❤I just had a bad day again ❤❤

  23. KMichele M

    He was cute

  24. Brian Sewell

    good song

  25. L Vace

    One of my absolute favs, Brett Scallions. He always sings with such passion. FUEL ❤️

  26. Abe Changsta

    This song is SOO underrated..

  27. Jason Wahl

    How in the does this only have 9 million views. Back in the 90's we were all jammin this on a regular. This is a classic

  28. Pamela Bowers

    Why is no one talking about how awesome the musicians are in Fuel??? Top notch players!

  29. Romina Diaz Espinoza


  30. Gary's Mode

    Haha play video at 1:29 , hes about to eye fuck that paper, hes about to destroy that ass, Ladies back the fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up...Real Talk edit-😋

  31. Wapistikwan

    Guy I loved wanted me punished. Raped me in the same house I was raped. All within a year apart I cant find a way to make myself happy.. had a bad day again

  32. Pedro Guerrero

    This reminds me of when I was in high school

  33. Tanwir Osman Ahsan

    such a rocking song to explain depression and suicide

  34. Mary S

    The first time I saw this video in the 90's I wanted to look just like the model in the video LOL. She's gorgeous by the way.

  35. ??? ???

    He's a beautiful man

  36. GM K

    im so sorry that they crushed brett's nose and he somehow lost everything.. i mean this voice was astonishing.. and it died

  37. Pepper Kennedy

    Fuel man my favorite tile this day!

  38. lori roberts

    Dear God.... That man is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. bowls200

    One of the best ROCK songs of all time.

  40. Dan Edgar

    Girls like that dont get bad days....they get free shit

  41. sweetness ***

    There's so many days that I just want to just give up but I'll look at my grandkids and I keep pushing along and I smile.. here lately I've had a lot of good days... And not very many bad. So I guess I'm doing something right for once!

  42. Oliver Morel Morel

    Big time

  43. Jibran Khaliq

    Alrighty then!! Its aug 2019 and I can still relate this song to the time I had with my class mates 12 years ago!! We came out of the exam room and we all were singing this song!! What an awesome time that was!! (Luckily we all passed the exam)

  44. mike gadia

    Depression stings for sufferers, funny for skeptics, but is very, very real. Let’s keep a lookout for each other or whomever needs help the most.

  45. deathb4 dishonor

    I'm still here in 2019...#throwback2mygen

  46. Sarah Deaver-Newman

    Man he was gorgeous

  47. kev in

    This sounds like it could easily be a country song

  48. Jennifer Lawrence

    Loved seeing them in concert last year. Still amazing ❤️ 😍

  49. Oliver Morel Morel

    I'm really have a BAD DAY but I will find the way out I'm really sorry my good friends God bless everyone OLIVER said Hello

  50. Amber Bender

    Still amazing live!!!!!😍😍

  51. Jayme Huntus

    I had a bad day again

  52. Becca

    I was so in love with brett when i was younger lol good memories of my teen years !

  53. Ricky Soliman

    this song was anxiety before anyone even abused the word

  54. Elizabeth Grumbles

    Bad 20yrs wish could just go back to 97 or 98 and start again

  55. stormychild67

    july 28 th 2019 south bend In big growl cant wait

  56. hartsickdisciple

    Fuel is my favorite late 90's/early 2000's angsty alt-rock band. This song is a fine example of why.

  57. Hanson Fam

    Never understood depression until she left!

  58. Federico Manuel Chuhurra

    great band, a shame they lost their momentum...

  59. james zimmerman

    come back 90s, i miss you.
    Always listen to this whenever i'm having a bad day myself...
    Therapist is like: "sorry to hear, that'll be $250 please. And stop yell/singing in my office."

  60. yuan xue

    Brett Scallions voice is awesome!
    Always listen to this whenever i'm having a bad day myself...

  61. lyubov Sidorenko

    Therapist is like: "sorry to hear, that'll be $250 please. And stop yell/singing in my office."
    I'm glad that I'm not the only cab driver to keep a picture of fuel in the back.
    I'm glad that I'm not the only cab driver to keep a picture of fuel in the back.

  62. metalxvt

    SMALLVILLE 26/06/2019 =^;^=

  63. Sarah Riggins

    90's Nostalgia. 🤘💖 I used to play this on fucking REPEAT in mid school. RIP, Bret. 💔🤘

  64. wynn bellar

    I’ve always loved this song

  65. Jaime Karasek

    I swore there was nothing wrong, but I used to listen to this same old song over and over again....🖤

  66. Kenneth Besselman

    Sexy GIRL!

  67. QueenJulz1

    So i know the last comment was 3 years ago. Bummer. This is an excellent song. Could FUEL PLEASE acknowledge I came by ... By swinging by my page and like any old video. They are all stupid. Its not about the videos its about can you see this message and do you care about me. Your music is apart of my soul. 90s music said more than any other generation. We had topics we had gerth we probably had weed but we didnt hurt anyone or want hurt in ourselves. Our predicesors ( lol typo ik) led us to learn music but they didnt have a clue how we could use it to express how fucked up or glorious our life iswith their old C chord and that there could be more to a beat than a waltz or some ol country twang we added we improved we are the most awesome generation to walk the face of this earth. Handed nothing satisfied wuth nothing cayse it cuts the ties they tried to strap us down with lol . Our parents n status lead us to reveal our enivitablly riducoulsly relative lives cause we all have the same issues. But more importantly we would hold a hand out to lift someone else up even if it meant we would not be lifted. Because good in the world has to counter act the bad and we are the last unselfish generation to wholey recognize that. Yeah 90s babies are the top shitted on ik. Cause gen X its like they try to abort our whole generation with an X. Surprize we will ride that big fat. FKN X with pride and cruise right over your old scared stupid backwoids ass. Be scared be uncaring be whoever you are. Cause gen X doesnt give a flat fuck . ps. If you dont know your father like a cat video of mine and cuss your dad out on a fortnite video. My dad was a boomer. He left when i was 4 im 40. If he is alive i want thr opportunity to bash his head in with a big 50lb bag of kindness.

  68. Jeremy Harrelson

    Notice how no one takes the time to ask her if she's okay? I think we can all relate to that when we're having our worst days.

  69. The Mcewen's

    In 2019...this still sounds better than 3/4 of new music.

  70. Jack Frost

    I had a bad day again, and again, and again, and again. 😟

  71. fhbcf cvcb

    Brett Scallions voice is awesome!
    Therapist is like: "sorry to hear, that'll be $250 please. And stop yell/singing in my office."

  72. Phapertz Aceron

    She said I would not understand
    Left a note and said I'm sorry I
    I had a bad day again...😩😔😢😭

  73. Chris Davies

    I'm an English teacher and I teach this song sometimes. "Puts me off and puts me on" is one of the most clever lines I've ever heard in a pop song.

  74. SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

    1.9k people are musically deaf!!!!

  75. marcel josojuwono

    I deal with depression and I understand this song completely!
    Brett Scallions voice is awesome!

    Nancy Breeden

    marcel josojuwono I hope that you never give up on life, I know about depression and it's the worst feeling, feels hopeless but something good is close.

  76. William Whitehead

    Being a adult sucks

  77. Tim Dalbec

    It’s one of those songs you can put on repeat and won’t get sick of it.

  78. Jennifer Parker-Bell

    Been having these

  79. Todd Wolf child

    " she swears there nothing's wrong when she plays that same old song.

  80. Michael Mrucz

    The driver of the pickup was at fault who tf does he think he is flipping the bird to the cabbie?

  81. nick seven

    I've been having bad day eversince bieber and gang took over music scene...

  82. Nikki Ezzell

    I have panic disorder. I spend most of my days dizzy and in pain. I’m 32 too young for this!

  83. Candace Shirley

    Now this is me, I saw them play in Toronto.

  84. Divarokers


  85. Mattie Martinez

    His voice 🖤

  86. Cindy Tabor

    Heard them last night at Thibodaux fireman's fair awesome. Thanks guys y'all rocked. Phenomenal!

  87. Canaan Atkinson

    My youngest daughter Private School Counselling sparing no expenses i was facing when i first got here as well. All better mind you.

  88. Canaan Atkinson

    Maybe he is not a Horse Enthusiast Canaan.

  89. Canaan Atkinson

    Am really excited about sharing openly somehow Horse Racing with my family doctor, as it might be of some benefit to him somehow, but do not know really. But it has been legalized. open new doors. Amen.

  90. Ellie Adkinson

    Having a bad day overall. So I’m here.

  91. Canaan Atkinson

    Finical records are made to be stored and really can not tell and story of life either can IT? I like IT it is secure and a very safe feeling for me to be invited to and involved with. Thanks Bill Gates.

  92. Canaan Atkinson

    Should you know, no one knows where i really came from, no proof really. for until i came home a few years ago. so rest assured Ohio and Casinos is relatively new to many people. I only wanted to share this with you.

  93. Canaan Atkinson

    I Dedicate this song to my family doctor who is back in action, and our new family doctor and well for lending me a hand and taking a chance to right all the wrongs and giving new found hope with what works. I know its hard because of Identity and people like to keep it safe. So thanks. Im free.

  94. Elisa Thompson

    Everybody has bad days.just gotta ...

  95. Philip Howard

    Hey I want to good music was made in the late 90s early 2000’s this is one of my favorite songs is that When you’re driving the orange pick up truck I don’t know

  96. M H

    Is that a young Jennifer Lawrence in this video?


    she wishes

  97. Mary M

    Totally relatable