Frou Frou - Hear Me Out Lyrics

I join the queue on your answerphone
And all i am - is holding breath
Just pick up i know you're there
Can't you hear - i'm not myself

Oh go ahead and lie to me
You could say anything
Small talk will be - just fine
Your voice is everything
We owe it to love
And it all depends on you

So listen up - this sun hasn't set
I refuse to believe that it's only me feeling
Just hear me out - i'm not over you yet
It's love on the line can you handle it

So how do i do normal
The smile i fake - the permanent wave of
Cue cards and fix it kits
Can't you tell - i'm not myself

I'm a slow motion accident
Lost in coffee rings - and fingerprints
I don't - wanna feel - anything
But i do
And it all comes back to you

So listen up - this sun hasn't set
(I refuse to believe that it's only me feeling)
Just hear me out - i'm not over you yet
(It's love on the line can you handle it?)

So listen up
Look at me straight
Just hear me out
Don't make me wait
I'm not myself
I can't take this
Love's on the line
Is that your final answer

I join the queue on your answerphone
And all i am - is holding breath
Just pick up i know you're there......

So listen up - this sun hasn't set
(I refuse to believe that it's only me feeling)
Just hear me out - i'm not over you yet
(It's love on the line can you handle it?)

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Frou Frou Hear Me Out Comments
  1. Veillard Music

    I came here (11/03/19) bcuz YouTube suggested this song after listening to another Hear Me Out 👇🏽

  2. Vicky Kaplan

    Here 10/22/2019

  3. Tetua Ford


  4. Mumu Nzoumba

    ma premiere fois

  5. Joes Golden Garage

    2019 I’m still here. Love this girl

  6. Alice Maria Mc Nugget

    My favorite song form her EVER!

  7. Opel Aurora

    I posted this to my Myspace after my boyfriend who I loved deeply left me and he told me he stalked my page and cried when he listened to it. That was so many years ago, things are so different. I have three kids with another man and he's married to a loser, ten years older who hasn't worked a day in her life.... wtf

  8. lesley.l

    Bought the CD when there was still a music shop at Universal Citywalk after hearing the band on the jumbo screen. Can't do that anymore, sadly.

  9. PersephoneRising333

    This album 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  10. Mariana Loayza

    Love it! The freshness we need in the summer...

  11. glen Bogger187

    World of Warcraft 2 Nelf Rogues.

  12. MedSou

    *Music with No expiration date* ❤❤❤

  13. Victor Amaral

    o brasil todo chora com essa musica

  14. Gennaro Giugliano

    in this song sampled wonderful ascent of brian eno ....beautiful song, bravi

    Robert Wolfe

    Check out my remix of this with more Eno

  15. Fırat özen

    Çok hoş bi şarkı lan :@

    Burak Çelik

    Fırat özen nerden denk geldin böyle eski bir şarkıya kardeş

    Fırat özen

    @Burak Çelik bir sitede binlerce gün önce yazılan yazının altında vardı onu okurken gördüm :/

  16. Peter Boyer

    Sample: An Ending (Ascent) by Brian Eno

  17. Tristan Coles

    This song makes me melt, I always freeze when I hear it come on my Spotify playlist. It is so beautiful.

  18. Ryuki Yamaguchi

    this song makes me calm..

  19. ExtravagantPanda

    I am absolutely obsessed with this song.

  20. Giovanna Terràcqueo

    Che fine ha fatto??

    Yanis Smaili

    In English?

  21. psdstorm

    I feel so nostalgic when I listen to this song. It reminds me of some place I've never been. Funny thing is I've heard this song before. WTF?

  22. Lou

    I love this song

  23. SwordSinging

    The. Chord progression and effects are the same as in Brian Eno's An Ending (ascent) lol

  24. Doctor Reptil

    todo macho Alfa , canta esto cuando se baña ... Y no me jodas 10 putos Años Dios , yo tenía 11 cuando la escuché en MTV

  25. Cathy Crowe

    Imogen can sing like no other... have always loved her ... how could you not

  26. Riley Thee Musician

    I truly believe this song was made for me to remind me of the person that will always hold my heart.

  27. Ladything

    Haven't listened to this song in years and it's still IMMACULATE <3

  28. jesses57

    this song got me through my first heart break

  29. Hannah Couture

    My fave ❤️

  30. beijoso

    This song is GORGEOUSNESS. The blend of Imogen's perfect voice, the catchy swirly hooky production from her partner, and that celestial Brian Eno sampling...

  31. Tatianna Alleyne

    Nostalgic memories of being a teenager !!! Now I'm 28.. Man, I can't take it 😩 Imogen has one of the most beautiful voices of our generation!!!

    Antonio Morataya

    Same here! When I was 17 I started to work in a cofee Shop and they used to play this song everyday, now Im 29 and still have those nice memories when come back and listen to this 😅


    Please reupload ? Blocked on device as of today...?

  33. Lotuseyed Tarot

    oh my god this song is heartbreakingly beautiful

  34. Karen Soza

    so many memories...

  35. Munchiezxx

    this was my favorite song ever when i was 9 and i still have a soft spot for it at 15

  36. Samantha Weydt

    This was so ahead of it's time. bands like the xx owe this duo a lot for contemporary music.

  37. MsLadyofshalotte

    Damn... When I found this song my husband and I were still friends... And I was hung up on some dude... That ended up God knows where.. Time flies people...

  38. Mike D

    I didnt think Brian Enos Ending could be anymore beautiful, then I heard this

    Robert Wolfe

    Listen to my remix of this -

  39. Peter J. Coutavas

    Her work is singular, unique, intelligent and F$&KING rocks!!! That's why she's not as "famous" as she should be. She's not main stream and requires an IQ score above that of a dead leaf to appreciate it!

  40. TopFunGhost

    "Anile & Hybrid Minds - Old Times" bought me here

  41. Eduardo Luiz

    amendoim brócolis dogrus mene meme tenis pewee

  42. Star Wolf

    One of the best intros to a song ever

  43. Maria Paz Siegmund

    This song still gives me heartacke :(

  44. Ashley KittyNeko

    This song resonates so much with me, even 5 years later.

    Porter Hill

    Seriously, nothing like it. A big part of it is that she's using what I think is the best piece of music ever written - An Ending (Ascent) written by Brian Eno. Check out that song if you haven't heard it, probably the neatest and most feels in a comment section on YouTube. How did you get into this 5 years ago, years after the album? Not being a dick just curious. And better late then never. I heard it closer to 10yrs ago and havent heard anywhere unless i search for it.

    Ashley KittyNeko

    @Porter Hill You're not being a dick, don't worry. I will check out that song for sure. After thinking about it for a while, I first heard the song when I was 12, so that would have been 8 years ago, which makes more sense. My sister had a boyfriend who introduced us to Heap's music and ever since then, I've been infatuated with her music.

    Porter Hill

    +Ashley KittyNeko best taste in music of any 12 year old ever.

  45. ícҽís թհօҽղíx

    The sun hasn't set. .

  46. smkelly1970

    interesting use of Eno's "An Ending (Ascent)"


    Never noticed. Huh. Interesting.

  47. Francisca Arancibia

    <3!!!!!!!! me encantaa

  48. Dark Nemesis

    QAF brought me here... Emmett Honeycutt <3

  49. Justin Hathaway

    That background ambient noise is exactly the ambient noise from Above and Beyond - Good For Me

    Porter Hill

    It is Brian Eno's - An Ending (Ascent)     ...  The most beautiful piece of music ever written.

    Justin Hathaway

    Ah, you're right as well. I've heard that piece before and didn't even associate them. Good catch.

  50. zeranzeran

    it's weird how the more I learn about the musicians I listen to, they all seem to be connected. Brian Eno brought me here, but I had already been a fan if imogen for quite a while. Beautiful song.

  51. Sally0511

    Just listened at Lush [SomaFM].
    It's amazing. :-))

  52. Pooja Patel


    Porter Hill

    It's almost tangible.  So cool.

  53. J. Nicole McGraw

    I love this song! so mellow and such an amazing voice

  54. StayAway

    Pacey & Joey!!

  55. Viole Martinez


  56. Emily Rose

    Holy shit it's been exactly 10 years since I used to listen to this song. Time fucking flies


    +Emily P Time really does fly. Have a good day Emily and enjoy the rest of time you have left its precious.

    Porter Hill

    I don't even know you but I know how this song felt 10 years ago. And this song brings up such a sense of nostalgia. I see myself coming back in 10 years from now and seeing this very comment and wondering where the hell my life went from carefree in my 20's listenning to this song, to where I am now. Then fast forward 10 years from now and that youthfulness is gone completely. The song will always take me back though. You can't stop the hands of time (another great song).

    Carmen Hernández Mármol

    10 years, too... :(

  57. JustMegawatt

    Went to a ballroom dancing club and the instructor always played this song during the Rumba dances. I intentionally picked this one girl to dance with, and we would dance to this song twice a week, for maybe 3-4 weeks. It was fun dancing with her, when this song played, I can still imagine the warmth of her hands while dancing, looking into her eyes, and smelling her perfume, making her do spins, the pattern and rhythm of our movement. Memories.

    Eoin Byrne

    JustMegawatt what a beautiful memory and lovely existence in time. Two souls that move as two. Two souls that link as one

    Alex Killen

    I expected you would end with her being your wife but I see you're unwilling to open up in that way and I know that feeling all too well


    Beautiful 🤗

    Kalonica Mc Questen

    Time is made of those vivid sensations. Loving life. Gorgeous.

    Opel Aurora

    You made her into something she isnt

  58. Munchiezxx

    When I was 9 I didn't know Frou Frou and Imogen Heap were the same but my two favorite songs in the world were this, Hear me Out, and Earth, which was under Imogen Heap. I always thought they sounded similar... but it wasn't until probably half a year later when it finally clicked. Now, I'll hear songs by Imogen without knowing it's her, and usually discover a week later a so that it IS her. It's probably happened three times since then, and it's so weird.

    Sir Nickz Alot

    Munchiezxx I wasn't aware of that either till I just read this comment. Now I know lol

  59. Sparkfx

    Surprised Frou Frou or Imogen isn't more famous. This album was amazing and no one knows who she is.

    Porter Hill

    Agreed.  But it was kinda the equivalent of hipster back then.  A little avant garde.  Totally agree though.

    Nondumiso Mhlongo

    Its a damn shame, such talent :-(

    Gabriella Ruiz


  60. Gregg O'Brien

    one of the best songs from imogen - great beat - honest and sincere- longing - great mix 

  61. Amy. G.

    Pacey and Joey.

  62. Fatima EO

    Dawson's Creek brought me here!

  63. Liza Dah

    Nostalgie ... :/

  64. Liza Dah

    J'ai toujours adoré cette chanson ,elle a quelque chose d'unique ,magnifique 💜💜

  65. jaime-leigh holloway


  66. Miuwie

    Ma premiere fois.. ♥

    Martine Devergnies

    cest un super film

    Yanis Smaili

    Un des meilleurs (pour pas dire le meilleur)

  67. Liza Dahmani

    Such an amazing song ! *_*

  68. Circé

    Love it soo much 

  69. Georgia Ratcliffe

    I love this song.... ♥

  70. kataryna27

    this song was on the FOX commercials OMGGG

  71. Jeremy Watts

    I like men...

  72. Tom Robinson

    One of the best artist-producers of all time. You inspire me so much, Imogen!

  73. capouti miels

    j'adore cette musique elle est vraiment magnifique <3

  74. Aurélia Puccino

    une perfection...

  75. Morgane Yeah

    Juste trop magnifique cette chanson ! <3

  76. ChiodosLyrics

    really, bitch?

  77. ChiodosLyrics

    really, bitch?

  78. Lola solcom

    Musique de "ma première fois"
    Magnifique ! <3

  79. gessica biondo

    stupenda veramente stupenda...

  80. Manicmagnet08

    A- A- All All Fo- fo- for you~~~

  81. Maria Iurievna


  82. Maria Iurievna


  83. Maria Iurievna


  84. Maria Iurievna


  85. Maria Iurievna


  86. Maria Iurievna


  87. Maria Iurievna


  88. 3Dartist247

    Imogen has recently become one of my go-to singers. I liked her the first time I heard her, and the more I hear, the more I like her. Her understated breathiness as she sings is also very sexy. And I can't imagine anyone who hasn't had the same feelings as in this song. Too often, you don't get your say, just as here.

  89. princessdyanna

    je kiff trop!!

  90. gravitybill925

    my favorite as well. goes well with Eno's "An Ending"

  91. Emma Cstl.

    Ma première fois ! ♥

    Yanis Smaili

    A chaque fois je le re-regarde, même sentiment à chaque fois