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Lung of love - leaves me breathless
Tongue of fool - lap me in enmity
Four walled secret lies among the hessian
And a flicker of the future
Could've saved the cindered sister
And I'm motioning still they stand inside me
And moments until the one i leave

Colourless i kiss her cold forehead i feel life
Lose it in a minute and
The ones to come feel too far to care

And I'm motioning still they stand inside me
And moments until the one i leave

People concertina to my private magic lantern move for me
With the senses all inclusive
In the theatre of triggered memories

And I'm motioning still they stand inside me
And moments until the one i leave

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Frou Frou Flicks Comments
  1. FA YE

    it's ariana

  2. Anne HBurn

    I came here because of Ariana

  3. Ariana Grande Updates

    Who came here cuz of Ari’s story

  4. Yuna Muggins #-#

    Ariana 💖

  5. Sam Has

    Ariana brought me here

  6. Moataz Alaa

    Ariana ig story? 😂♥️

  7. daily_ grandetea

    do you guys think she is gonna take from this like she took from nsync for buwygfib? ( i dont know the proper word usage )

  8. BasicT


  9. ssmuraii

    yes, we're all here from ari's story🙄 ugh locals 😭😭

    Moataz Alaa

    Omg me 😂♥️♥️

    Upendo Gimbi

    @Moataz Alaa 😅😅me too

    Lauren Koucouthakis

    🙋‍♀️ guilty!! BUT, for what it's worth, I was obsessed with a song by Frou Frou about 15 years ago!! (Yes I'm that old👵)

  10. Ali Cyrus

    Ariana has taste! Thank you Ariana!

  11. Ali Cyrus

    Who's here from arianas story?

  12. hooneymoon ãve

    Who's here bc of ariana's ig story?

  13. Ange liki

    here from Ariana

  14. giobutera

    Ariana grande ig story

  15. sparklysky

    ariana grande brought me here 🙂

  16. Davy Cleys

    Arianas story ? 💞


    Ariana 🥺

  18. John Curtis

    The lady is a tall drink of water. Nice voice, though. Singing "Blanket" with Jeff Beck is decidedly memorable....

  19. Quentin H

    17 people join hell in the afterlife

  20. Augustine Jr.

    Winter is coming......I will sing this song when fighting the Dead!

  21. Your Pet grass

    I'm from a deltarune edit on Instagram lol

  22. Jasmin Martinez

    Relaxing songs

  23. Tit and Co

    Que de souvenirs .....

  24. aminah lee

    one of my fave songs from her!!

  25. Tanya Alvarez


  26. Likeloop RF

    This song is like being in a wonderful K-hole!

  27. Brandon NolastName

    Beautiful voice Imogen!! Love this song

  28. Cher


  29. Andrew Wilk

    2:20 Sol - Paint

  30. Michael Spain

    Yea shes great

  31. TheStepmonkey

    oh my!!! i love this<3 i just found her :P

    SSBMT Vods

    +TheStepmonkey check out Imogen Heap as well... same person!


    +SSBMT Vods Yea, she's the original singer of "Watcha Say" :)

  32. Beckie F


  33. Heavens_Shield

    She's the best ever

  34. Cris martinez

    excelente tema =)

  35. Genevieve55

    I seriously want to stab that Father's Day guy. If he were my dad he would get a fresh, black, steaming pile of coal.

  36. Genevieve55

    Why am I getting French ads along with English ads? Does anyone know? Is this racism against Canadians?

  37. 3Dartist247

    This is more electronica than the other Frou Frou cuts I've heard, and I like the way at the end how Imogen uses her voice as an instrument, as the lyrics recede into the background. I haven't come across any independent work by Sigsworth, but they clicked here.


    check out the band mandalay- 'another' or this tune-

    Nick Piacente

    Check out his album Stet. He released it a few months ago. It’s different from FrouFrou. Kind of ambient in places and a bit bjorkish too.

  38. allison maureen

    I've been wondering what the lyrics mean? I love frou frou, and have since I was little

  39. Luke

    This is the only Frou Frou album. Frou Frou is a duo, made up of Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth. iMegaphone, Speak for Yourself, Ellipse and Heapsongs are all solo albums by Imogen Heap.

    Quentin Hendrix

    Luke what is Heapsongs? I'm curious because I thought I had listened to everything Imogen Heap.

    Nick Piacente

    Heapsongs were kind of the moniker for the songs that were used in her most recent solo album, Sparks before she had titles for each and an album name.

  40. Terrance Jovan

    this isent there only album. she has 3 more albums. search imogen heap.

  41. marly1996


  42. 0zalbo

    this has actually become one of my favorite songs by Imogen, its one of those songs that grow on you

  43. Luke

    Guy Sigsworth's production adds so much to the music. It wouldn't be Frou Frou if either him or Imogen left. I'm glad they parted on their own terms, released one amazing album and left it at that.

  44. shadowxofxsmoke

    I am seriously obsessed with this song. I literally cannot pick out a favorite line, because I freaking adore them all.

  45. Sora K

    She is now singing with the name Imogen Heap

  46. Luke

    @Neophoria No, there isn't. Sorry!

  47. Omnia Vanitas

    @Mannike54 but you know Imogen Heap who did the vocals has loads of her own music. She just collaborated with Guy Sigsworth for this album.

  48. aurlll

    there is so much going on in this song how did they find the room to fit all so perfectly? wow,NICE

  49. Catalina Macgurn

    I love imogen heap :) it is music for all time's sake. i never have gotten tired of it. Each time i listen, it just gets better and better. Imogen truly is an artist, in all the senses of the word. She transports me to worlds i never knew existed, and to the ones i knew that did but never took the time to cherish. I feel she should be more well known, for she is amazing and shall forever be my all-time favorite when it comes to music :D

  50. Ash92

    @shizzlenizzle and mannike54, the lead singer is imogen heap and she went solo, you should check her out

  51. lefthandedspanner

    First time I heard this I thought that breathy trumpet sounded a lot like Jon Hassell... I was pleasantly surprised to find out it actually was the man himself!

  52. TJ06Jackson

    @chevycheckonit same here

  53. Luke

    @shizzlenizzle Me too, I discovered them around the time I posted this video. Sad that they only released one album.

  54. Whatchyamacallit

    I recently discovered Frou Frou and I cannot believe what I have missed all of my life. This music is so powerful and soulful that the melodies, harmonies, and vocals make me feel reborn. Like raindrops cleansing myself of everything negative and feeling pure again. This music, especially this song, is truly divine.

  55. Ruby DeFelice

    @Slythin thats exactly what i feel and think about when i listen to this song! haha I also think of summer when I was too little to notice the bad parts of life.

  56. lefthandedspanner

    Jon Hassell (the trumpeter who comes in at 0:52) adds a lot to the feel of this excellent song. His discography is worth checking out.

  57. LiterallyLogan

    This song wants me to just go and have the funnest time of my life - not worrying about anyone or anything; forget all about the haters!

  58. LiterallyLogan

    @guitarheropie - i totally agree...there is no other album that even COMPARES to this.

  59. treshes

    @Slythin I find it beautiful and a longing to do the same. Who says its cheesy?
    You should also listen to "Can't take it in" by her. It'll blow you mind!

  60. esanany

    I think this is my favorite song by her. <3

  61. Daryl Lawrence

    @Slythin tht is the most beautiful thing ive ever heard......

  62. Dana L. Kenney

    this song is not long enough!!

  63. Jordie W.

    Every summer I take a trip up through the wheat fields north of my county just so I can play this song while driving past the waves. The hiss of the wheat as the wind blows through it and the clarity of the blue sky above is what this song means to me. The moments when a playful gust blows through the window, hot with the breath of the sunlight, while Imogen ulates this beautiful music on the stereo is the closest thing to pure happiness I have ever felt. Cheesy, to some, but unmissable for me.

  64. Liz Elliott

    @INF3darkgreen doesn't sound weird to me, I think I know what you mean!

  65. Helen Frank

    @INF3darkgreen their "formula" for songs was that it was to be one side of a conversation and the listener could make up the other side

  66. Aleah

    my gosh shes like the skat man!

  67. whereamigoingnow

    @INF3darkgreen great highway song too.

  68. guitarheroziplock

    @INF3darkgreen ehh i think her best was must be dreaming

  69. Rio TC

    there isnt one Imogen Heap or Frou Frou song that i hate.
    Frou Frou have to go get back together, they were the greatest duo band in history, they spoke of such beauty and made the world seem perfect.
    Imogen is doing a brilliant job, i grin happily everytime i see or hear her cuz she makes the world seem like a beautiful place.
    Guy is awesome! i love him!!!!!!!.
    Guy and Imogen must reunite, we cant the greatest thing that ever happened never happen again!

  70. whereamigoingnow

    great song

  71. Yemi Amona

    ugh! they need to come back
    i love imogen heap

  72. Elle.CK

    @Koolchicky107 it's called speeding cars..

  73. worldcrafter

    fucking amazing duo, frou frou.

  74. acerb45666555

    Frou Frou (pronounced /ˈfruːfruː/) was a British electronic music duo composed of Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth. They released their only album, Details, in 2002.

  75. danzepol

    sounds almost suicidal :x

  76. nhollowayiii

    Agreed. The song is very cool and ethereal at the same time.

    The first time I heard it, as the song progressed and I heard the rhythm section come through, I was like woah, I got to get this one!!

  77. alan read

    Just listen to the Drummer !!!! Top !!!

  78. AiLoveMusic

    This song is so mesmerizing

  79. BitterOath

    thanks for telling me. I always just assumed....

  80. BitterOath

    Isn't Frou Frou just an alias for Imogen Heap or something like that? In other words, they are the same person.

  81. realeala

    if this were made into a music video it should be like black and white video different Cultures dancing togeture

  82. Rio TC

    To me, this song seems kinda tribal (i meanit as a compliment). its so rare and wonderful! Frou Frou is the best band and Imogen Heap is the best ever singer!!!!!! i love that first line, Lung Of Love - Leaves Me Breathless! its so metaphorical and full of Imogens natural beauty. Guy Sigsworth really makes these music sounds in the background as rare as possible and never failed! Guy Sigsworth, Imogen Heap, please combine just for once more, please? we really miss you together! Imogen you rule!!

  83. alan read

    Who,s the drummer ? He,s shit hot !!! Amazing rythm !!!

  84. froufroulover4

    this song is amazing! I love frou frou!