From Ashes To New - Lost And Alone Lyrics

Oh how the skies have fallen down upon me
I'm trapped in this wake of nothing
What once was beautiful is now a disease
I can't believe this once was something

Burning down around me can't make it through the debris
I can't make it, no
I try my hardest to see can't find my way on these streets
I can't make it home

Lost and alone in this world with no hope
Trying not to let go but there's nothing to hold

Everyday it seems that we're evolving
Into a world that's not there for you
And everything we were is now dissolving
Into this apathetic life that we choose

Nowhere to go nothing to hold
Everything around me starts to crumble
Nowhere to go nothing to hold
Someone save me

Save me this nothing is drowning me again
Nothing can save me it's drowning me again
I'm pleading for an end but this nightmare just began

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From Ashes To New Lost And Alone Comments
  1. Zyprus2012

    Fuck the haters... This band is awesome and they deserve their respect!!!

  2. Black out

    Ment number 1