FRND - Smile Lyrics

You say I'm wrong
For wondering if something weird is going on
Wish I was strong
But what am I supposed to think
When you make friends with somebody you just met?
You say they're fun but I question their motives
All my past experience has taught me that I should be worried
All the time, in my mind
You've got something bad to hide
But that's not the case (not the case)
How do I face (how do I face) all the open wounds I left behind?

When you smile, smile, smile for once
Baby, I'll feel your love
Smile, smile, smile for once
Baby, I'll feel your love
I know we're not bulletproof, bulletproof
Maybe I'm scared of needing you, needing you
When you smile, smile
Everything is alright
You show me what it feels like

(You show me what it feels like)

I don't mean to make my issues peak through all my camouflage
Here comes the self sabotage, not what I want
'Cause I'm just trying to see from your perspective
You think by now I would have learned my lesson
Maybe not everything's the worst case scenario
And now I can finally let it go

When you smile, smile, smile for once
Baby, I'll feel your love
Smile, smile, smile for once
Baby, I'll feel your love
I know we're not bulletproof, bulletproof
Maybe I'm scared of needing you, needing you
But when you smile, smile
Everything is alright
You show me what it feels like

(You show me what it feels like
Smile, smile
You show me what it feels like)

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FRND Smile Comments
  1. Egaztzz

    Vocal is best

  2. Gabe

    I hope that TikTok doesn’t ruin this song


  3. Prince

    anyone got any other songs that sound similar to when the beat drops?? please...

  4. Yodic

    i smile for the drop

  5. 사기가뭐죠


  6. Paulina

    Arthur's Seat? 😉

  7. ilham rouf

    This song deserve more than 1M viewers, many thanks wave music i love it so much😍

  8. ilham rouf


  9. zero 73

    so emotional

  10. dreamui_ -


  11. 조피카

    코빅 보고 들으러 왔다갑니다람쥐청설모

  12. Egaztzz

    Vocals is good

  13. 박철하

    nice music

  14. BigBeauf _____

    What's FRND?

  15. D.K4lov

    So, this is,,,,what i have been looking for haha, through the online web r program heard this song played,,,,,i commit to finding this hard,,,,i finally have got ya. in the end,,,,,so good^^* so sweet.
    in addition, this song is being played in the program called Comedy big league in Korea now. watever this is played, i get crazy due to not knowing the name of song. but, now i'm fine...,!

  16. re yeon

    아니 코미디빅리그 선다방에서 뭔 좋은노래가 나왔는데 검색해보니 와..


    re yeon 나도 그거 검색해서옴 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ노래 겁나좋음

  17. 박대규

    노래에서 지렸다 . ...

  18. 꽁이

    코빅 선다방의 예제형씨 나올 때 나오는 음악 찾으러 오신분 있으시려나 ㅎㅎㅎ 우리가 찾는 부분 1:21


    ㅋㅋ 나도거기서보고 왔는데

    re yeon

    저요저 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


    땡큐 샤잠...

  19. Prince

    anyone got any songs that sound like the drop

  20. Go's Go


  21. Denverse

    Thank you Rakesh 😀😀😀😀 for dedicating this song for me😍😍



  23. Genova

    É SEV7N NELES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Deivy Maybe

    I need more drops like this

  25. wapang lkr

    😭😭 soooooo Good. 😌😌❤❤

  26. Bb Tay


  27. Bb Tay


  28. Melvin Cena


  29. Apriyatna Syohif

    You've got new subscriber!

  30. sakshi shrivastav

    The music is very dam soothing💖

  31. Shristi Chettri


  32. Nathan Anar

    I really love it this song (:

  33. ERIC Alvin

    fired my ears
    love it

  34. wong Jamir

    This song is amazing 😘

  35. Tanay Vijay Yadav

    Nice music ❤❤

  36. Alice Wonderland

    “Maybe everything is Not a worst case scenario “!!!!? Yay! I have succeeded at last. Positivity +👍👏🏿🌹🌞🍕🍷🥂🎰

  37. Devanshu Das

    Actually your song brought it to me on my face.

  38. Mr. My

    Free copyright?

  39. Martin Yzal Varte

    I think i listen all the song from wavemusic fuck how can i miss this song 😍😍😍

  40. MusicMemes

    OMG!! I relate Soo much 🔥🔥🔥

  41. Agent Staphclaw

    Drop still hits me every time it drops. Chillin' Vibes!

  42. Harpreet Singh


  43. Sharmilanani lama

    very nice song😭😭😭😭

  44. hridoy khan

    my all feelings...😍😍
    I love you ma'am....
    this song is just awesome....

  45. Erik Belland

    Everytime the bass drops I just get chills everywhere. FRND always has the best production imo

  46. Nathan Daniels

    What genre of music does this fall under?

    Will Knapp

    Nathan Daniels Future Bass/Future Chill

  47. ellen Bear

    Sweet smile ~light your face , Dont forget your smile

  48. Joven Marie Elisan


  49. RafaelS

    Sev7n <3

  50. Meldy

    😁😁😁😁The song makes me smile


    When i listen this song i feel so good heavenly

  52. Pedro Rodrigues

    🇧 🇷 2018 ???? 😌😄

    Henrique Carvalho

    Eae mano kk

  53. Ghost Mob

    I need to learn this and just smile and it's not always going to be so bad that there is still good girls out there

  54. Diih Santos

    Quê música perfeita 😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏

  55. Shivam Walia

    This is the best lyrics I can relate myself to but smile which matters to me is of my mom and my sister. Thanks for such most beautiful song. Love u all those who wrote and made this song possible to end up so beautifully.

  56. Akil Dipto

    I love your all song......😍😍😍 I can find my self here..

  57. harshene ravichandar

    this song <3

  58. anita July

    Love song

  59. Remember My Name

    Don't like the vocals but the drop is Magical ❤

  60. New ZaaNi


  61. keshav kishori

    smile,smile, smile. .....yeah!!!

  62. Austine Rocks

    I love you :)

  63. Rozes Awake

    This is so fucking amazing 😦😦😦😦😦

  64. Ash Singh

    Just hit right on the feels

  65. Prem Chand

    My crush smile

  66. 小郭o天星o


  67. Jake

    brilliant song, thank you

  68. nad

    what's the genre of this song???

  69. kennetbowl

    you could ve added his youtube channel

  70. Arina Amir


  71. Miki •


  72. rresnnn

    FRND <3

  73. Steven Rice

    Honestly I haven been feeling my self untill I remembered this channel and it brought back good memories of good music. I want to say thank you so much WaveMusic, idk how much impact you affect people but you do alot and I can thank you enough.

  74. Pompi Katharpi


  75. Ray gautam

    I be like coming on your channel

  76. Sofsirv 112

    Absolutely gorgeous drop

  77. John Nicolas Sumaylo

    ugh iloveyou

  78. Anurag Borah


  79. djamel milanilu


  80. Yuvraj Singh

    That drop just gave me the taste of heaven! THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH.

  81. ภูชิสส์ จตุแสน

    what??? 1.24

  82. Akshay Parab


  83. Christopher Spence

    When I got my first car for my Birthday


    foverıte song (nıce and cool musıc)

  85. nash basith

    this song is so needy tday :)

  86. Kristine M

    Sounds good.

  87. 대니

    Cool :3

  88. White Eagle Music Network

    Much Love <3

  89. WaveMusic

    *Question of the day:* What the last thing that made you smile?

    Penny Drake

    Being asked! Otherwise, nothing!

    Ocean Breeze

    My crush💕☺️

    Patrick Coronel

    So very Happy my Friend..

    Ocean Breeze