Frey, Glenn - You Belong To The City Lyrics

The sun goes down
The night rolls in
You can feel it starting
All over again

The moon comes up
And the music calls
You're getting tired of
Staring at the same four walls

You're out of your room
And down on the street
Moving through the crowd
In the midnight heat

The traffic roars
And the sirens scream
You look at the faces
It's just like a dream

Nobody knows where you're going
Nobody cares where you've been

'Cause you belong to the city
You belong to the night
Living in a river of darkness
Beneath the neon light

You were born in the city
Concrete under your feet
It's in your moves
It's in your blood
You're a man of the street

When you said goodbye
You were on the run
Trying to get away
From the things you've done

Now you're back again
And you're feeling strange
So much has happened
But nothing has changed

You still don't know where you're going
You're still just a face in the crowd

You belong to the city
You belong to the night
Living in a river of darkness
Beneath the neon light

You were born in the city
Concrete under your feet
It's in your blood
It's in your moves
You're a man of the street

You can feel it
You can taste it
You can see it
You can face it

You can hear it hey
You're getting near it hey
You wanna make it whoa
'Cause you can take it whoa

You belong to the city
You belong to the night
You belong to the city
You belong to the night

You belong
You belong

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Frey, Glenn You Belong To The City Comments
  1. outdoorsman 350

    Cruising Chester Ave. On Friday and Saturday nights. In the 80's in Bakersfield CA. The city... Or what we thought was the city. Drinking, smoking, partying all night long.

  2. Jo Shmo

    I remember when this song 1st came out...on MTV..

  3. Dwight Ceesyu

    i fucking hated and loved the 80s.

  4. Eduardo Romero

    Vine después de ver el capítulo de la casa de los dibujos que tiene esta canción de fondo.

  5. Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

    This was the B-side to "Smuggler's Blues" and got more airplay in the early 1990s than in 1985.

  6. Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

    Because 'You belong to the municipal tax collector" didn't have the same ring.

  7. eastlake93

    Lady Gaga stole this chorus for "Poker Face".

  8. Jeff myrick

    Wait, Smoking is cool? 👍

  9. Victim of Progress

    Am I the only one who came from the "Drawn Together Special"?

    The shitting table will never be forgotten

  10. kurtistjones

    Making a pizza. 🍕

  11. Robert Head

    That lady's shuved to much Botox in her ass at the start of this video.

  12. Sean Lynch

    Miami Vice. Pure and Simple.

  13. Eva Maggard

    I miss the 80s things was more peaceful and relaxing and simple People was nicer back than

    Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

    Reagan was the main source of conflict.  People were more civilized though.

  14. James Garrity

    This is my theme song. I’m from the big city of New Orleans, this town,these people,they will never know or understand

  15. Jody Kidd

    Miami Vice? Anyone?

  16. David Cloud

    los 80 sin duda esa decada donde la libertad aun no era una quimera

  17. A Smith

    Can't beat 80s vice, music, people

  18. Random808

    Nice song

  19. Fario Moj

    4 times advertising!!!

  20. Belial Bradley

    I like the part where Dexter Morgan follows his Code and takes Glenn Fry out of society.

  21. Victor R.

    is that the slut from. sex and the city?

  22. Beverly Bucchirie

    Gotta love this opening - I think Glen had a really good Feel/Sound in the 80s. A Few others tried to adopt it -Who remembers Don Johnsons album? Don Henley did great on his own as well.Sad part is we lost Glen and Joe Crocker back to back

  23. IOnut ALXandru

    Sonny Crockett is cool , elegant and a ladies men . My favourite cop/detective character. I like sax intro , i love this song. Awesome Glenn Frey creation.

  24. gantmj

    Why are they mixing Miami and NYC?


    Miami vice was in nyc

  25. Lou


  26. Virtuozzo!

    infowars got me here :)

  27. David Leick

    837 assholes disapprove of this video. Good job assholes

  28. Michelle Cota

    Ohhhhhh men

  29. Lawrence Jamieson

    Growing up during the 80s was the greatest time, schools, playing outside, the music, sports, movies were at their best, thought it would last but it didn't, times today really suck compared to then but glad I was alive during 80s

    Shannon Martin

    Born in '75...I know exactly what you are saying!!! Great times

  30. Henrique Alves

    I belong to the city..

  31. fidelis papini

    My from BRASIL - SÃO PAULO

  32. Sr Z

    Does anyone know which is the building from where Glenn looks at the Empire state? That's a great view 0:23 !!

  33. Paul Simpson

    Love this song, the video, the 80s. Glenn did so many great songs away from the Eagles

  34. moises alexis coloma fuentes

    Puros temazos 👏🎸👏

  35. Lee Parker

    Ah, New York! This video encapsulates the mystery and the charm, the grit and the smarm...A Wheel of Lights that revolves/turns endlessly. My two favorite places among the five boroughs" the Lower East Side of Manhattan and Brighton Beach, who hails from Hollywood, I can attest to the fact that West Hollywood and Brighton Beach, Brooklyn share a ...certain affinity...."getting near it...You belong to the City, you belong to the night..."

  36. Shabbs15

    Anyone here from aesop rock - none shall pass?

  37. Luis solano

    December 2019? 😍👌

  38. Patrick Sandro Nonn

    I had an "instrumental version" of this song on a composing programm on my C-64... I never thought I would find the original. That was 31 years ago...

    Ben Adams

    I learned to program on a C64. Best gift I ever got.

  39. Felix Wassermann

    Only know this song because it plays during the credtis of the coming-out-special of Drawn Together.
    Good times.

  40. zdzislaw Jose

    Piosenka poruszająca ❤ oraz biodra

  41. Jose Johao Paucar Macias

    Hurvan .........!!!!!!

  42. Gabriel The Grimey Gremlin Godoy

    Miami Vice the clooest slickest show ever til this day

  43. tony diogenes

    Lindíssima Música!

  44. Carrie Hadley

    Don you saucy lil minx. I would of let him handcuff me. 😉

  45. Biggredd200

    Doe's anybody remember which TV show this song was featured on??
    I'll put the answer in the reply.


    Miami Vice.

  46. Miriam Gugliermo

    La sensualidad del saxo....música del recuerdo. Siempre 80!

  47. Ryuaso Matos

    Glenn Frey you now belong to the city 🌃 of heaven

  48. Silly Goose

    dude, this is cool 😊

  49. Robert Smith

    Neno Bayside market in loving memory. JAMES BIG FERGUSON. Omni Mall. Wish you could see YouTube

  50. Robert Smith

    Rip bow legged harry.....he trun me on to white chicks

  51. Robert Smith

    Only blondes mess with black men. In the 80s cocaine.....are you were rich

  52. Robert Smith

    One night was coffee

  53. Robert Smith

    Living in Miami......wish i learn here in Los Angeles.......selfish cut beyond the throat City movers...hustlers.shakers....

  54. Robert Smith

    I was 15.....1985. My b day went to the movies a young man... Got crabs......learning sex was good cheap. Hookers.......

  55. Mike

    To me this song always played as a one-off of Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street."

  56. soskoenea

    and the cat licks his balls ..

  57. John Hayes

    got to love the eighties hits. Miami vice brought me here

  58. Michael MacLeod

    Keep your Law and Order, give me Miami Vice.


    Unos de los. Integrantes del desaparecido Eagles

  60. JuniorX EastNY

    Well my nerdy ass didn't get to know New York City's nightlife until I went to grad school in the late 1990s at The New School for Social Research. Like other students, I would pull an all nighter at the 24hr computer room trying to bang out a dissertation before the dawn deadline, or use the 24hr library at NYU to study for an exam. A friend and I would take study breaks at 2am or 3am on the streets of Unions Square or wander the West Village looking for an all night Greek diner or coffee shop, or maybe Kmart near Cooper Union was still open. We were living off of student loans we knew we could never pay back. There would be hell to pay less than a decade later, but for the time being we were living for the moment, feeling like we "belonged to the City!!!"

  61. JuniorX EastNY

    So this video uses the same footage as Saturday Night Live's opening credits.

  62. util2

    Canzone eterna



  64. Joann Alarid


  65. Luis Gall

    He play all instruments in this son (in the recording studio track by track)

  66. J DC

    Í d e m

  67. mdk29

    Glen Frey was a very underrated musical genius. Great singer and song writer. Thank you Glen Frey for your beautiful art.

  68. Adam

    Anyone else watching in 1985?

  69. X-MO

    Drawn Together?

  70. Max Zago

    a genius

  71. j h

    The soundtrack to my life

  72. Reed Sponsler

    So long Glenn. Cant believe you are gone. Long live the 80s.

  73. Kris One

    Everytime I see images of the World Trade Center Twin Towers, I get cold chills, and I want to cry!!!

  74. Mr Jones

    Women of 1980s New York City were so hot. I miss the 80s.

  75. Ruben Kbalz

    Who are that golden girl she is nice and beautiful

  76. Ruben Kbalz

    Here in costa rica this song is too good other member of the Eagles thanks Mr Glen and all his people

  77. FR FR

    Como vicente fox o este pobre wey de fecal están vivos y alguien tan genial como frey ya no, eso me hace sentir enfermo.

  78. Brit ney

    I was ten years old when this came out. I didn't know much but I knew I loved this damn song! Xo

  79. Alexander Degenhart

    80th. People enjoyed life more, were much cooler. Parties were Parties. Men were men. Women relaxed.

  80. Gilmar Junior


  81. 3rd Umpire

    This song popup in my head right now from no where else >>> and I'm listening to now on Dec 6-2019 >>> isn't a Crazy stuff 🤞💦

  82. Variety Marketplace


  83. amantedellavita85

    What a music... F A N T A S T I C !!!

  84. Bruce Chuff

    I love this music it's before the World went full-blown crazy . Who would like to go back to the 80's?

  85. Carl Bowles

    This song perfectly represents the spirit of the 80's. Glenn RIP❤️👍🌅🌞.

  86. hjuwelt packard

    816 ashols

  87. Nikki Nova

    I remember my mom playing this song in the car in like 1991 while we drove in downtown Phoenix

  88. This is me Chevonne

    Allll these people ended up with some kind of cancer with all the cigarettes they smoked geesh

  89. Julian Leone

    42st back in 70s NYC was crazy pimps with the feather in their hat fancy cars, whores,sleazy place.

  90. turbofanlover

    Miami Vice baby!

  91. Phynyx Photography and Art

    Going into the end of the decade with this one 💞 2019 - 2020

  92. Ferdinand Hagen

    We miss you Glenn!

  93. bean clay

    I miss saxophones in music

  94. Ace Rothstein

    I was five years old when my mom and dad bought me a record player and this single. That was the night I realized I belonged to the city...

  95. Kristin Miniscalco

    Luv this

  96. Sandi B

    Love it 🏵️

  97. James Peters

    What a great song! No one care where you are going! No one cares where you have been! Even if you have seen incomprensible and unbelieveable things in your lifetime. Be content! Smile at innocence! Life is good!


    Al Bundy z sąsiadem idą odzyskać co kiedyś utracili.