Frey, Glenn - The Shadow Of Your Smile Lyrics

One day we walked along the sand
One day in early spring
You held a piper in your hand
To mend its broken wing

Now I'll remember many a day
And many a lonely mile
The echo of a piper's song
The shadow of a smile

The shadow of your smile
When you are gone
Will color all my dreams
And light the dawn

Look into my eyes, my love, and see
All the lovely things you are to me

Our wistful little star
Was far too high
A teardrop kissed your lips
And so did I

Now when I remember spring
All the joy that love can bring
I will be remembering
The shadow of your smile

Now when I remember spring
All the joy that love can bring
I will be remembering
The shadow of your smile

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Frey, Glenn The Shadow Of Your Smile Comments
  1. The Roaring Twenties

    Andy Williams does the original version and its really good, Frey is not so bad!

  2. Matteo Aceto

    Stunning version. So classy...

  3. John Roseman

    I don't know what ever compelled Glenn to do this album, but I am so grateful! What a voice! What a loss.😥

  4. Sandi B

    What a lovely song....Just love his singing.

  5. Angelica Michel


  6. R H

    Well done as always. I see he used Crago and other Eagles backing players. Fun to see them all in this different form

  7. Samkhan Rojanathavorn

    So sorry, you should have the chance to sing more of jazz.

  8. Sharon Ashcraft


  9. Евгений Шабанов

    RIP Glenn, your voice is charming...

  10. Connie Schluter

    Different and an older and more sophisticated side of Glenn Frey. This album is so wonderful. This video makes me want to hug him. 👼

  11. fakerating

    That was really really nice... great piano player too...

  12. Rolando Alaon

    first time hearing a ballad song to you glen. nice one

  13. Jennifer Money

    No one can ever say this man couldn't sing. And for all you who thumbs downed this, maybe this particular song isn't to your liking, but you gotta admit his voice is beautiful & he did a wonderful jog. RIP Glenn Frye. You are so very missed.

  14. Michael Sever

    He was so versatile.

  15. Jose Alfonso Botejara

    La sombra de tu sonrisa, que L versióno Frank Sinatra al principio de su carrera, me gusta la versión.
    La prueba de todos los palos de géneros de Glenn:blue, rock, soul, jazz de crooner increíble.

  16. Beata Tomaszewska

    Beauty song

  17. Elizabeth Dunn

    The shadow of your smile when you are gone. Missing Glenn Frey and loving his music. That saxophone! 💙

  18. headedsomewhere

    being a fan of Sinatra and vocalists of that era, I was hesitate about watching this, but pleasantly surprised. I've always loved the Eagles since HS in the late 70s and will always be a fan RIP Glenn thanks for the tunes #Joining that Heavenly choir ;0

  19. mheykal

    who would even dislike this? wonderful wonderful music. food for the soul.

  20. primitivethoughts

    Back in the 50s, I grew up and lived just a few blocks from Glenn, but I was 2 years older and never met him. He is one of my favorites1

  21. Denis Desfontaines

    Very very nice

  22. Hilary Cormack


  23. Lee Grabelsky

    Wow didn't realize he had the nice tone blending chops...Too Soon Departure

  24. Terry Braley

    Wow what a voice

  25. Gulfcoastbeemer

    It’s all about bringing feeling and emotion to a performance — which Glenn does mightily here.

  26. Pierre M

    Glenn was a musical genius. He wrote beautiful music and his voice is wonderful. On my top-10 list of musical legends (musician writer and singer), I have him at #3 behind Paul McCartney and Paul Simon. He is followed by Billy Joel, Jeff Lynn and Bob Seger.

  27. Rachel Shoemaker

    Gosh I miss him!!!

  28. Rachael Lynn


  29. Irina Kuznetsova


  30. Silvia Santillan-Baranek

    This is one of the most romantic and sweet songs ever created but only Glenn Frey does it justice. This is exactly the way this should be sung. I searched other singers to see how they interpreted it but not Perry Como or Frank SInatra could put so much meaning in to it. This song haunts you especially when sung in this way.

  31. Julian Putra

    made me cry

  32. Sarah Haunani Waeyenbergh

    Absolutely beautiful and touching music arrangement along with Glenn's precious soothing voice. 👏❤️😘

  33. Marta MG

    Wonderful song and a wonderful interpreter!!! It's a pity he has passed away!

  34. Pamela Cossey

    Wow! Beautiful arrangement n vocals of such a classic!

  35. Ford Waters

    Good job

  36. Michael A. of the North

    Class, Glenn, Pure Class! Thanks for honoring great popular American music - of whatever era. To the very few juvenile tone deaf out there that can't stomach him performing such great Classic American Standards - well, you need a soul transplant.......

  37. Karen Schneer

    Thanks again for my favorite song

  38. Mark Dodge Sr.

    God does he nail this tune...gone WAY to soon...your gone but the music we play keeps you here in our hearts...RIP!!🌹

  39. Larry Canepa

    Glenn really shows his chops here. This is such a perfect performance. We truly miss this talent here in this world, but hopefully on the other side, we'll get one heck of a concert...

  40. Alistair Melville

    Stunning performance ...Thank you Glenn Frey for your beautiful music and your humanity

  41. HD35MAN

    Thank you Glenn for this masterpiece,there will always be the haters who are jealous that you trampled on there territory of pop standards and excelled! You was a true artist and I enjoyed the whole journey as I aged right along with you through all your musical changes with great interest. May you rest in peace and see the face of Christ in his glory my friend.

  42. Sir Earl Wilmer Jones KT

    This song is the greatest for those that loved shared and departed.

  43. Sir Earl Wilmer Jones KT

    Look into life the song is Beautiful and it is done so well bless this artist wherever he is in heaven amen

  44. Rob Black

    Valerie Howard Where are you now?

  45. Scott Vargovich

    Is that Walter Becker from Steely Dan on guitar??? I've watched this numerous times since Glenn 's been gone and just noticed it might be Walter on the fretboard. RIP Glenn. You are missed by an Eagles Maniac in Ohio.

  46. Sir Earl Wilmer Jones KT

    Thank you .

  47. Yolanda Garcia

    Oh my gosh, I'm in tears. Miss your voice and music. Rest in Peace Glenn.

  48. jumar38

    Thanks for all the great moments that you'd light up my life Glenn with your voice and music . . . Enjoy Heaven !!! You deserve it !!!

  49. MsCatreona

    This is beautiful!

  50. Doug Blackwell

    A stunning album from a stunning star...shine bright Glenn Frey in peace..the angels are smiling

    The Mix

    what's the album called?

  51. L1NDY1

    No matter how many times I listen to this I'm still amazed. Until I accidentally came across this I had no idea Glen Frey did this style of music. It's so beautiful and haunting. I just love it.

  52. SILVER COINS & Дмитрий Васильев

    RIP !!!

  53. Michelle Teeple-Smith

    love, love, love........ miss you Glenn.

  54. L1NDY1

    Just beautiful!

  55. logan mckinney

    hes a music genuins anything he sings is good rip in glenn thanks for all the eagles music

  56. Dylan Smith

    And were gonna miss your smile

  57. tesla 369

    Happy birthday dear Glenn!

  58. guitarsurfer2010

    Well done , Glen Frey. Of all the rockers, Clapton, Steve Miller, etc. you have produced some good Jazz music.
    You have some good Vocal chops.

  59. parenthope3

    This was a rotten song 50 years ago and still is.

  60. Ariel Planz

    This is my favorite rendition of this beautiful song.

  61. marcos riquelme

    Beautiful lyrics.

  62. Sir Earl Wilmer Jones KT

    Thank you, great vocalist.

  63. Judi F

    Love this Album. He was taken too soon!!!!!

  64. Billy Logue

    what a beautiful rendition. RIP Glenn Frey. Thank the Lord we can still hear you.

  65. al Gigirl

    its 2.53 am..listening to this song.... looking back ... and listening to Late Glenn ......

  66. Sukman Lee

    Miss Glenn!  A huge loss to the music world... Beautiful rendition indeed.

  67. Dam Dami


  68. HD35MAN

    Thank you Glenn for leaving us this wonderful album and so masterfully done,it has become my favorite as an older man at 65.My wish is that you are happy and at peace my friend in the here after,you used the talent the Creator gave you right up to the end so I will always listen and and have a glass of wine and think of you.

  69. Lotta Shaw

    Loving the saxophone part so soft

  70. Moore Debbie

    "Judge" I see you!...wait till I get there. Thank you Glenn for your Voice and Love of Music and Beautiful Lyrics' Rest in Peace., to : Judge & Glenn,. Their will be no others that can compare.. Till Then..Love, Debbie....

  71. Richard Condon

    Frey reached a stage in life where he could attack this song, hold his own and put an edge on it you seldom hear. You want to know what to do ? Try to write something like this That is, music/lyrics and arrangement. Then you can say you created magic.

  72. Andromeda 1

    A class act all the way. Thank you for all of the timeless and wonderful music you made that will forever enhance our lives. RIP Glenn

  73. HD35MAN

    what Glenn was able to do as a Midwest boy is just amazing that's why I respect him so much.This song is a master piece and I have read some very jealous responses.Glenn did a lot in his lifetime so my hat is off to him and I thank him for recording this amazing album that touched me in a profound way at just the perfect time in my life .Cause after 32 years of marriage my wife left me alone .God bless Glenn Frey!!!!

  74. D T

    As good as it gets. This is the music Glenn and his contemporaries grew up with...just payin' it forwards.

  75. Josh Duyal

    Perhaps the greatest solo performance and band accompaniment ever.

  76. Anastasia Davis

    I cry every time I watch this.  So beautifully sad.

  77. Ward Nine

    RIP Glenn x

  78. Mark James Meli

    Purely awesome!!

  79. veronique martin

    que votre voix me fait du bien.......c'est un vrai pansement après la mort de mon père ......merci....merci......vous etes maintenant tous deux ......ailleurs

  80. icecreamforcrowhurst

    Better vocal than I could render but that's not saying much. This is seriously cheesy, hope these jazz guys got paid some of Glen's rock n roll $$$ for this charade.

  81. Judi F

    This makes me a little teary!!! 😥. So beautiful!

  82. gayle lynn

    Beautiful...wish you were still around Glenn!

  83. Brad Roberson

    Hard to believe he's been gone a year already. Still miss you, Glenn.

  84. Joel Barry

    Damn, he was so talented. It just ain't the same with him gone. He did a beautiful job on this old standard, not an easy accomplishment for a pop rocker to pull off. RIP old buddy!!

    Christine Gratien

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  85. Teresita Humilde

    I love Glenn Frey rendition of the Shadow of your Smile, it's mellow, gentle, and very romantic! I can listen to it every night before I sleep, very inspirational to me.

  86. Mumaus Arbogast-Fonck

    I never knew this side of Glenn either... but it's beautiful. His voice is so soothing....

  87. Teresita Humilde

    It's so beautiful the song and the singer that I shared it with my FB friends and relatives who appreciate great music and musicians! Love it and don't get tired of listening to it over and over and over!

  88. moonlight dancer


  89. wish ko lang

    Rip. Glenn... Ho wished you ironed out things with Don Felder before its too late...great artist, arrogant person

  90. Sandy Benton

    I have loved this song since the 60's. From the movie "The Sandpiper" with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

  91. Charles Hoernemann

    Wow! Didn't know that the song had an intro! Thanks for that Glenn, RIP!

  92. Dana LoCastro

    The Shadow of Your Smile...WOW! What a beautiful song; Glenn Frey did it perfectly!

  93. Roberto Sverdrup

    A true artist, rip

  94. Lanita Adkins

    such a crooner....he could sing anything

  95. moonlight dancer

    wow!!! I love it!!!

  96. stemart1641

    So beautiful & so versatile!!

  97. JG Bach

    I've revised my opinion. After viewing it a few more times, I wept like a baby. The arrangement, piano licks, strings, vibes, and SAX. As much as my heart can hold. This is a tough one to vocalize, Glenn pulls it off with a 5 star performance. The slick video - in B&W - just makes it perfect. What a shame he's gone - but, luckily he's here anytime we want him.

    Jonah Johnson

    Totally agree! His voice, his interpretation, that sax-- just delicious to listen to.
    I play it over and over again!

    Johnny DiLelio

    Do you know where I could find the sheets for this exact arrangement that he preformed?