Frey, Glenn - River Of Dreams Lyrics

On a dark December morning
When the sun refused to shine
Spent another sleepless night
Got so much on my mind
Think I finally know what's wrong
I think I've gotta leave this place behind
So I said wake up, Linda,
I've had a dream
I dreamed we moved away from here
To a place I'd never seen
Where the nights were long and cold
And the air was fresh and clean.

And there we were standing
Underneath the western sky
Beside a home we built ourselves
Way up in the mountains high
And we lived happy there, just you and I
On a river of dreams

There's no need to worry now
Cause I've got a plan
We don't need this modern world
I'm not a modern man
We're gonna get ourselves off these city streets
We're gonna get back on the land

There's a whole lot of people out there
Feel just like you and me
They'd love to pack their leavin' trucks
And say goodbye to all their misery
What'd ya say we pack up that Camaro, honey
And chase the sun until we're free

And if I could I'd lift you up on angel wings
We'd fly away and never worry about a thing
We'd know the joy and riches a simple life can bring
On a river of dreams, on a river of dreams

So get your things together now
I'll be getting mine
I've finally got the feeling girl
The sun is gonna shine
You know people don't run out of dreams
People just run out of time

Let's find that place out there
Underneath the western sky
We'll build a home ourselves
Way up in the mountains high
We'll live happy there 'til the day we die
On a river of dreams

And we'll have stars to wish on every single night
We'll build a fire and make love by candlelight
We'll do our moondance 'til we get it right
On a river of dreams, on a river of dreams
I can see us standing by the river
Holding hands beside the river

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Frey, Glenn River Of Dreams Comments
  1. Alex The Lue

    Sounds like "Desperado" in the beginning, haha

  2. Sootys Disco

    great music Glenn !

  3. jp 567

    The best eagle. Great great song. Rip Glenn

  4. Pam R.

    You are so incredibly talented. I could see myself standing on that mountain watching the river, carry my dreams. Awesome, frigging awesome ❣️❣️

  5. Öthi R

    Spitzenklasse, diese Songs. Ich fühle mich im offenen Ford Mustang auf dem Highway.

  6. bumper321

    Quite possibly the most beautiful song that no one's ever heard. One of my very favorites.

  7. mark davies

    Strangeweather was one of my fav albums when I was younger and Mr glen frey is a true legend I love the saxophone in some of his songs I've never heard a musician like Mr frey who includes a sax solo in his songs

  8. winterjason81

    Any female saxophone player could play the great sax solos to this beautiful Glenn Frey song. My suggestions to alto. Saxophone players I know on here that might be able to play it would be Candy Dulfer, mindi Abair, Katie Harrison, Keeshea, Vanessa Collier, and a few others. I know I can play the drums easily to this song too. Miss you Glenn Frey. R.I.P to the head honcho of the Eagles.

  9. Mei C

    Another great tune, from an excellent album. Great lyrics.

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    yeah when Glenn went solo and called up his old friend Jack Tempchin also helped write peaceful easy feeling and a whole lot more together smuggler's Blues and so much more Glenn and Jack made some fantastic music.. I've got mine is another favorite they did together

    Mei C

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist Agreed, incredible collaboration these two had while with the Eagles and after the split, amazing catalogue of songs they wrote together. I even loved his first solo effort “The one you love” from his 1982 album. It’s a legacy which he left us with... 💜

  10. jwaynes71

    Gone too soon, Thanks for these beautiful songs, I wish there were live videos.

    River of Dreams
    Strange Weather
    wild mountain thyme

    You are not alone

  11. Al J

    On the first note, I immediately thought of Desperado.

  12. ed fatino

    The Best!

  13. My Alzheimer's Story

    Thank you for your beautiful music Glenn Frey <3

  14. Kim Bourdier

    Great album! R.I.P. Glenn