Frey, Glenn - I've Got Mine Lyrics

Someone's sleeping on the sidewalk
As the winter sun goes down
Someone's drinking cold champagne
In another part of town
And the only thing he thinks about
As he sips his glass of wine
It sure feels good sitting here tonight
Now that I've got mine
I've got mine, I've got mine
This isn't such a bitter world
Cause I've got mine

Someone's wandering the streets tonight
No way to warm his hands
Someone's turning up their fireplace
Making travel plans
His mind is on some sandy beach
Where the sun is gonna shine
He thinks I don't have to hang around
Now that I've got mine

You see them in their limousines
You see the way they stare
They don't see us looking back
Because they don't really care (they say)

I've got mine, I've got mine
The world is as it's meant to be
Cause I've got mine

So I make a small donation
What more can I do
You know I didn't make this world
I'm in it just like you
I've worked all my life on this house of cards
To keep it all in line
I can't take care of everyone
Now that I've got mine

There's another kind of poverty
That only rich men know
A moral malnutrition
That starves their very souls
And they can't be saved with money
They're all running out of time
And all the while they're thinking
It's OK 'Cause I've got mine

I've got mine, I've got mine
I don't want a thing to change
Cause I've got mine, I've got mine

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Frey, Glenn I've Got Mine Comments
  1. Vicki Harmon

    Makes you realize how we have been played by Hollywood and the Deep State all our lives. No more!!!

  2. noix2kjou


  3. No Name

    Great song ! Pumps you up ! Rip Glenn !

  4. Sergio Rivera

    Prefer the original version.

  5. Mariano Barbero

    Obra de arte.

  6. tubedude54

    Without the sax this would just be another song...

  7. Doobie1975

    good song, oddly I used to get this song mixed up with his hit song "You Belong To The City" when I was younger

  8. Öthi R

    So was von geilen Saxophon-Einlagen, wie auch beim Titel River of Dreams. Hammermässig. Es braucht gar nicht mehr.

  9. Marco Evans


  10. TL Hi

    Never a more timely comment on our society ,true in 1991 and today.

  11. Martin MD

    Top Song..very god Memorys

  12. BÉ KRI

    Thank you for ORIGINAL MUSIC ,
    Rip Glenn.