Frey, Glenn - Big Life Lyrics

Please allow me to introduce myself
Although you probably know my name
You may have seen me in the tabloids darlin'
I'm a player in the game
I own this airline and a baseball team
I started out with nothing, just a dream
Now I'm worth miilions, what can I say?
Then I meet a pretty girl like you,
It must be my lucky day

Big life, goin' in style
Big life, drivin' me wild
Big life, I'm telling you true
I've got a big old life but I've got room for you

Right now we're flying over some land I own
Yeh, that's Aspen right down there
I go skiing there at Christmas time
With Don and Jack and Cher
Hey, maybe when we get to LA, honey
You'd like to come along with me
And watch me spend my money
You can use my limousine to pick up all your friends
We'll meet at my house in the hills,
Where the party never ends

Big life, I just can't stop
Big life, I wanna stay on top
Big life, goin' in style
Sometimes you've got to get away for a while

I'll take you to my beach house in Hawaii
We'll find some peace, just you, my staff and I
No need to be so wary, it isn't necessary
You see I'm just an ordinary guy

With a big life, I'm a man on the move
Big life, I got something to prove
Big life, I can stand on my own
I'm so misunderstood, I'm so alone

They say that I'm in trouble now
They say I'm on the run
They say my stock is going down
But I'm still having fun

I can take pressure, I can stand the heat
I say I'm still the man, I still compete
I'm calling all the shots, I'm still the boss
I'm sueing everyone I don't care what it costs

Big life, took me for a ride
Big life, I got nowhere to hide
Big life, you better be tough
Big life, I've had enough

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