French Montana - Slow Down Lyrics

AAAhh let's go
All my niggas that be speedin'... Slow down!

Real niggas do real things for real money
Or you can play the fool for that plate of food
Be a made man homie and take time
For that main time Stay on ya grind
Shook of Jay when he ccokin ye'
Homie life real I could write a book a day
And that's a German Shepard
If he can't smell the work in the back K-9 can't smell it either
I been here 10 years I overstayed the Visa
Now the judge wanna send me back-Picture That
When you think you hit rock bottom think of worse
It'll help you out nigga it's part of the curse

Slow Down
They tell me be easy young nigga slow down
I told'em I'm a boss I'm speedin like Ross my mind racin
They tell me slow down nigga slow down nigga

When it's in the dark wait for the light
And they say you outta mind when you outta sight
My finger got powder burns I just murdered a man
Left him layin in the streets it was him or me
For some dumb shit it sound sweet
At night I can't sleep but the nigga deserve it
I'm nervous cause the back of my mind
I'm shakled up back of the line
Wake up in cold sweat I'm back on my grind
When a door close another door open
And there's a lot of truth told in the jokin
Get ya mind right to die young it's an honor
Nigga to live long you die twice

Slow Down
They tell me be easy young nigga slow down
I told'em I'm a boss I'm speedin like Ross my mind racin
They tell me slow down nigga slow down nigga

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French Montana Slow Down Comments
  1. Soho516

    French had jewels 💎 I really prefer this version

  2. greg burger

    Still blasting this forever

  3. Stay Solid

    damn he was goin thru the dame shit as 21

  4. Max Wave

    2019 still banging this

  5. Dee Moss

    Classic joint to smoke too , wish the haze was still around..

  6. Malakhi will

    REAL niggas do real things for REAL money still here 2019

  7. Waleed Abdouni

    Check🔥🔥out YungMaroc on #SoundCloud follow YM new page @official_yungmaroc

  8. Will D


  9. Christian Malik

    February 2019?

  10. 9enesi5

    Been Here 10 Years I Over Stayed The Visa ..

  11. Boston Jorge

    what song did he sample this from ??


    Boston Jorge Stevie nicks. Rooms on fire

  12. J D

    2019 coming from Philly moving to by we still feel og

  13. Joe Shmoe

    This was when time was so much easier, one of the best songs he made

  14. City King

    French you a goood man Robert Ebeid

  15. brad williams

    Christmas 2018 smashin this tune !!!

  16. S Prosper

    who's still listening to this in 2018

  17. J.A. Richardson


  18. Andres Balzan

    This shit is life

  19. Carla Smith


  20. Deandrey Tyson

    thas a German Shepherd if he can't smell the work K9 can't smell it either

  21. Simba Chiutare

    When is max coming out

    Diego Andre

    Simba Chiutare about 2 years

  22. Cejas G

    french came a long way gotta respect his hustle

  23. 100s Ha6itz

    This is that French you listen to when about to wild out.But you smoke a blunt & chill.

  24. jake peak

    Before he was making that pop shit

  25. Prophetz Of The Sound

    damn i used to listen to this back in high school. shit still goes

  26. A B

    French in his prime

  27. Luis Hernandez

    fuckkkk yeaaa



  29. Deandrey Tyson

    when u think you rock bottom think of worse ita help u out its apart of curse


    real shit love that line💯

  30. Chace Jones

    best montana song

  31. Alberto 831

    👌👌dope shit👌👌

    tevin stvalle

    why is messi doing listening to this music smh

  32. 775

    Nothing beats wavy French

  33. 3rdworldBIG

    aint droppin them like this no more tho....


    3rdworldBIG sadly

  34. RoadRunnerPaco

    One of Montana best songs hands down

  35. Alex Young

    one of the best french songs ever in my opinion!

    Art Kannon

    This song made me start fucking with him in 09 I remember when I first heard it lol


    Alex Young and playing in the wind

  36. tevin stvalle

    French makes better underground music than commercial.real music

    Hasani Din

    @tevin stvalle #FACTS

  37. Sin Sity6

    Yo this shit

  38. Barrie Caskets

    First french jam I ever heard, always be an epic tune, way before he blew up

  39. Marcos Cruz

    This is a tight song

  40. Marcos Cruz

    This is a tight song

  41. Ian gloster-fink


  42. FirstClassFresco

    Stevie nicks sample !!


    FirstClassFresco rooms on fire 🔥

  43. sickwithagrinm12

    he kinda looks like that dude from gym class heroes, i wonder if they're brothers lol jk im juss trippin.

  44. Devon Epperson

    Yeah french montana real shit I like this real shit man

  45. OckBoyWavy

    They told me slow down ..

  46. eozXbsy


  47. Darin Cohen

    french really is trash tho either way...hes got that extra simpleton flow. its always the beat that makes ne of his tracks hot never his bars

  48. Darin Cohen

    hes talkin bout leavin niggas stinkin...fuck good messages u talkin bout? french a gangster rapper hes not lookin to put out wholesome tracks for families lol

  49. RIFKIN 666

    i aint gon front, i aint even hear of him bac in 06, but yea 08-2011 , now his stuff ok, he need 2 stick 2 his roots, work with fraud some more, he got some hot recet tracks 2 tho.

  50. scooter13ization

    Come back freanchy!!!!!!!!!!!!! this shit real as fuck

  51. AnbesaNegus

    the realist shit he ever wrote

  52. frenchmontana420

    idk brah but i miss it

  53. Wayne

    damn french where you at now

  54. James Doakes

    what happened to this french? :'(

  55. Mic Ron

    to live long you die twice.. chhhhh dis guy is 2 don..

  56. cheeliing popii

    u could play a fool for a plate of food

  57. RampartDistric213

    listen to this on my 83 cutt on 13s spokes, what a good way to end my sunday

  58. mrflair919

    All birds freestyle - $Fame

  59. jemel webster

    I know what french montana is talking about. Because I have moving fast now it's time for me to Slow down and think things through. Amor de rey 423

  60. N.W.C

    fuck u marco granadoss!

  61. Alejandro Del Rosario

    Word is born !!

  62. fuck google+


  63. fuck google+


  64. fuck google+

    fuck alejandro pacheco its a COLE WORLD

  65. fuck google+

    fuck you pacheco

  66. N.W.C

    salute to my nigga french
    i fucks wit you da long way paww pawww!!!

  67. Anil John

    Too short of a good song.

  68. TheNagchampa17

    motivation music

  69. big soprano

    Realest shit hes put out! hopefully he doesnt go mainstream now with diddy

  70. coke man

    this song is my shit...real deep and mellow beat

  71. spade2592

    and they say u outta mind when u outta sight my finger got poweder burns i juss murdered a man left em laying in the streets it was him or me for sum dumb shit it sound sweet at night i cant sleep but the nigga deserve it im nervous cuz the back of my mind schackled up in the back of the line wake up in cold sweat im back on my grind when the door closed another door open

  72. ex coatl

    "homey life real, i could write a book a day" AAAAARRRGGH!!!

  73. king m

    PUT IT ON REPEAT !!!!!!!!!!!

  74. king m

    German Shepard can't smell the work I'n the back yard k9s can't either
    Coke wave FREE MaX -B

  75. Billz Capone

    wats the instrumental please

  76. MAaRo0c1

    real reconize

  77. Carter Beezy

    this nigga off the chain yo

  78. Artstarr420

    french is the best.