French Montana - Money Man Lyrics

Look how she up and down that pole
Stripper bitches, got a couple singles for you
Just clap that ass up on that pole
Twerk, twerk, twerk
Now pop that pussy for a real nigga
Now do it, get dat money baby
Now pop that pussy for a real nigga
Go ahead and get dat money baby

Hundred dollar bottle
What the strippers swallow
Malaya Blacc Chyna
Shout out to Tyga
Red Bottom just to match the Rarri Spider
Plain Jane Rolly got them bitches on fire
Now whoever say I cuff hoes
I just break the band on the bitch that's on that pole
Pussy popping, got the squad turning up with hoes
Ace Of Spades, VIP, we see TV like show
Now oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Got spice red all on my shoe
We global like we on the news
Stay in the best designer, we be on the news
Let's get it

Came flipping, I bought it
When I came through in that foreign
Only fuck with them bad bitches, them square bitches be
She need five stacks on that hair
Coke, pills I'm on
Been getting money all year
All them cribs I own
Showty help me slanging fish to meet me at the yard
Godamn, young nigga made it hot
Showty bend it over, throw them bands on it
Came with a 100 large, Uncle Sam on 'em
We just spend it on the top like a ceiling fan
I can catch a rico of the Instagram
Wrist wrapped up, John Wall
Stacking money up, wall to wall

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French Montana Money Man Comments
  1. Tunesea

    every verse a million nigga; DARE JOIN MY LEVEL ``BITCH``

  2. Abdul Latif

    montana at his best !

  3. Arman EmWai

    frenchie need to bring dis shit back

  4. BadGalSheaa

    Mac&Cheese 3 on the Way!!! Wavyyy!

  5. Lala x2