French Montana - I'm So Special Lyrics

(I'm so) Montana (I'm so)
Cocaine (I'm so) uh
We bid in the game, once again
I'm so special, Oooh
You know we luv ya luv ya luv ya long time
Montana (Montana) Oooh
You know we luv ya luv ya luv ya long time

Big 4-4, no safety
You'll collapse like JoJo, K-Ci
And my ice like lights from AC
Homie I'm hot like a drop, no AC
They wanna freestyle, I'm tryna stay free
And my crew, all blue like Grape Street
From 8 blocks, I take shots, HD
I'll blast, you'll dash like Stacey
But look ock, I can't stop, I'm waist-deep
Fuck crossin' over, I'm a stay street
Nigga I'm good, I been what the hood made me
I got guns, 7 inches to 8 feet
You ain't Pac, you ain't Fif', you ain't Jay-Z
You ain't Yay', you ain't French, you ain't wavy
For my coke boys, shoot a nigga face off
In the bookings, can make me take my lace off
And my belt, and the voucher for my cake, boss
You know I'm on top of beef like steak sauce
A1, since day one, I caked off
Still slang that 'caine and that haze dog
It's a new religion, my jeans, True Religion
Homie scramble with notes, I'm New Edition
Got that hefty garbage bread
I'm in the backseat gettin' that Harvard head
Aiyy, swaggalicious, with' a bag of bitches
This food for thought, and they got the dishes
They gon' clean the pots, the coke residue
This that crack cocaine for you to listen to

We bid in the game, once again
I'm so special, Oooh
You know we luv ya luv ya luv ya long time

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French Montana I'm So Special Comments

    Brasil 2020?

  2. xxdeedee smith

    2020 im still ontop like steak soowce

  3. Ls Halo

    Only this song I like from him NOW HE SUCKS what happened

  4. DontchaWorry Boutiiit

    Who still playing this classic in 2020

  5. phil gaston

    Really miss this French smfh

  6. Carlito Uptown

    Still a classic

  7. B martinez

    Really was out here wildin during this era 🙏🤮


    New generation will never know this french montana

    Gotta Give Entertainment

    MROJAS never

  9. Selling wolf tickets

    Big 44, no safety,.You’ll collapse like JoJo,KC

  10. Jamar Butler

    2019 still in this bitch!!!

  11. soufiane Rodriguez

    Real french ❤❤ i miss this #frenchy 🙏👑


    Who listening to the vibe 2019

  13. youngjr666

    Cock wave

  14. The Real GODs Joshua Matthew

    Before my coke boyz shoot a nigga face off. And the bookings that made me take my lace off. And my belt, and a voucher for my cake boss. You know I'm on top of beef. Steak sauce, A1 since day one, I caked off.....damn.

  15. FASTLIF3

    Instant goosebumps

  16. Watch 247

    I MISS THIS FRENCH !!!!!!!

  17. Your favorite neighborhood drug dealer

    Back when Vlad was still in police academy 😩🤣

    Gotta Give Entertainment

    Your favorite neighborhood drug dealer 💀💀💀

  18. CodeineAlliWantIsYou

    This his best song

  19. Fatty 2 Much


  20. Shaheed Johnson

    In 2019 still banging this shit

  21. Ramiro Zacarias

    Sounds like 50 cent

  22. Father & Daughter

    Miss this

  23. C Los

    Yo French was fire back than, he got lost in da sauce

    greg burger

    You make dope music and once you get a huge deal, that dope music is gone

    Gotta Give Entertainment


  24. XxKramer21xX sAw 8

    Who still bumpin in 2019


    Wavey gang for life🌊🌊🌊🔥🔥🔥

    Rima Khadra

    XxKramer21xX sAw 8 me

    Uk GG

    U҉k҉ bumped in 2010 still bang this in the whip , translation for Americans ( I’m a U҉k҉ tea sipping fellow ,I used to play this out very loud back in the 2010 era , it always sounded splendid in my vehicle )

    Eric Tyler

    Hardest French!

  25. SmooveOvaEast

    My nigga sample Chad Kroeger This The Montana When Need To Come Back

  26. MrNoosey

    Miss u french 🙏🏾

  27. HOMIE LB

    This shit is so ass

  28. ThE aLmIgHtY GeNeRaL WiReD

    Catch a roll shit!!! French n dame grease made so many classics together

  29. Tisha Steen

    shamar Willie Max bigavelli silver surfer long way pooda brab BG elchapo baby Billy Montana kid juelz beamon boy's p town silky way city owwww we up next watt's baby loc Colorado Rockies wbla ebk abg sswvgc wvgc Coke boy's owwww devil Ray's Sox mmg ymcmb universal records Sox Dallas cowboys Texas

  30. Derek Bowman

    Over 10 yemrs and cou ting was on this shit back in 2012

  31. RadezGMRG

    2K19 we In here

  32. KessRivera

    2k18 we still out here.

  33. Willhelm Chapo

    Fuck crossing over I’m a stay street ... fast forward this guy got a song with Justin Bieber

  34. Anthony Gonzalo

    Youngins don’t know shit about this ‼️😑💯

  35. otmnae Guide

    Novembre 2018 anyone

  36. Youngelzuk

    This was french in his musical prime

  37. TooHi Chris

    Glad to see him not in a grave or a cell, salute French


    he got three shots motherfuckers 🇲🇦🇩🇿

  39. Wait For The Flash

    “Fuck crossing over imma stay street” not so much these days..🤦🏽‍♂️

  40. John

    VLAD or Slappy? Slap happy? O


    Full grown midgets.


    Classic fire

  42. trillbelicheck718

    As I much want the "old French" back, he wouldn't have had the success he does now with this type of music.

  43. Big Tone

    Swaggaliscious with a bag of bitches

  44. King Zolew

    Sounds like a dipset beat

  45. King Zolew

    That’s young French, that ain’t montana


    I could fuck to this

  47. James Docker

    He gives us like one of these a year😂😂😂

  48. Tom Macdonald

    Hungry aint that same dude mann...he aint hungry stack drugz-max b home soon ....

  49. Harry Poosie

    Music would’ve still been this potent if he stayed broke

    Harry Poosie

    AKM I got really sad when I started noticing his music quality decline, same with chief keef. Both legends turned rich bums

  50. Emily Rodriguez

    Still listening 2018

  51. Chiraq Soicy

    #wavelegend #wavegod!! That real wave!!!

  52. Prankster Ambition

    real montanaaaa

  53. Toiletbowl


  54. Josué M

    Damn bro, I was banging this sooo hard in middle school lmfaoooo

  55. Chris Randazzo

    This is when French was good still

  56. Yung Euro

    My favorite song from french 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥 brings back too many memories

  57. Reese G

    This my nigga

  58. Dutch Schultz

    The french &max b waves are the best still💯


    What happened to that hunger he lost it

  60. Michael Reeves

    Whatever you need I got you. 💯💯💯

  61. Michael Reeves

    Miss you FAM!! 💯💯💯

  62. Michael Reeves

    I can't wait to perform this with you dawg. It will be a honour. Death Before Dishonour 💯💯💯

  63. CoolGuy830

    Nickelback - Hero made for a good sample on this. I miss Dame grease and French Montana tracks.

  64. Brain JUICE

    Frenchie style babe !

  65. Alexandru Antal

    the thing that fucked frenchs style up wasnt the kardashians but thatd diddy bitch.believe.

  66. Draco Mini

    A1 Since Day1

  67. algérien king

    morocon boy hannnnn

  68. Wayyy _UP

    French Montana slick be snapping tho :)

  69. Deontea Mcneil

    I surv,.......I survived!


    Coke boyzzz

  71. Burnie Mac650

    aka im in ur wifes house u fuck nigga ass fuck nigga hahaha

  72. RdJFitness

    I'll blast yo dash like Stacy


    when he was still in the field fr

  74. Mr Robinson

    Able Able..see them brains fly ..

  75. iTzJonjon123

    Lol the sample tho
    Nickleback-Hero 🔥🔥


    iTzJonjon123 I just found that out I’m dead and this also became my shit

  76. HIStateOfMind

    Kardashian Kurse bruh ....ain't no getting outta that ....dumb phatass Armenian broads ruining rap 1 nigga at a time .....smh

    lmao them freemason bitches


    HIStateOfMind basically kidnapped Kanye for telling America the truth.

    ....then they pulled the crazy card. shit is fucked.

  77. roddyveli !

    Big 44 no safety

  78. Ming Ming

    I'm in the backseat getting that Harvard head

  79. Ming Ming

    we need this french back!

    Dre Taylor

    TheKidBart facts


    He crossed over after all


    This shit is ass

    mushroomDread king


    The Candyman

    He needs these beats again

  80. Inept Society

    we need this frenchie back

    Diego Andre

    real shit


    He still ass either way

  81. Matt Harden

    fore my coke boys shot a niggazs face off this food fore matthew montana

  82. Matt Harden

    fore my coke boys shot a niggazs face off this food fore matthew montana


    still my fave of his cuts solo

  84. Alex Samuel

    When French actually rapped.

  85. Sudan ThaGod

    Montana was in a zone with this super raw!!!

  86. H2O0526

    When Max was teachin French how to go in that's why... Swagalicious, with a bag of bitches.


    When French was going in!!!


    trust me.This is the french that most people don't even kmow about.french was to hot around these times,but he's fell off completely


    +phantom2k10 I know man. It's so sad. French actually bars back then.....

    Sudan ThaGod

    +phantom2k10 he eating now 😆

  88. Deontea Mcneil

    French Montana

  89. Deontea Mcneil

    I survived, I can feel it buurrrn.

  90. CanadianBacon

    aint crossing over?


    lol when i use to see french in mott haven almost every week ..