French Montana - Henny & My 44 Lyrics

I never know why I left you standing in the rain
I never know why I left you standing in the rain
I never know why I left you standing in the rain
I never know why I left you standing in the rain

I'm anywhere the dope go (dope go)
With my Henny and my 44 (44)
With' your shorty on my land line (land line)
I'm on the money every damn time (damn time)

I'm anywhere the dope go (dope go)
With my Henny and my 44 (44)
With' your shorty on my land line (land line)
I'm on the money every damn time (damn time)

Weed out the jar, with the window down
And the ashes blow in back from the car, dog
Way before Lupe, pal was a superstar
I'm in the kitchen squarin' up like a shooting guard (Swish)
I play like I can lose it all
With everything I gain, nigga I just suit and ball
Like the G.O.A.T., change the dollars for the corners
Right on top of the backboard, got it if you ask for it
Through the task force, no tax for it
Got 'em for the low, you can catch the Macs for it
I ain't hustle by choice nigga I had to do it
Streets was cool 'fore they put the rap to it

I'm anywhere the dope go (dope go)
With my Henny and my 44 (44)
With' your shorty on my land line (land line)
I'm on the money every damn time (damn time)

I'm anywhere the dope go (dope go)
With my Henny and my 44 (44)
With' your shorty on my land line (land line)
I'm on the money every damn time (damn time)

They told me Hip-Hop dead, so late night
I'm at the cemetary diggin' his grave out
These old niggaz washed up, played out
Whip with no top, ballin' with the brains out
I ain't the illest, but niggaz gotta feel us
Buttersoft, you can't brush us off
I'll turn your switch off, homie lights out
Bring out your candles, whip like sandals
No top, PeteyRowe locked
A new blood, young nigga with old gwop
We did drunk in the Rover, dunk
Leave you in your driveway slumped
Fight, lose security to ER and we are
THe R-U-L to the E-R (S)
It's Montana, bitch (ahh)

I'm anywhere the dope go (dope go)
With my Henny and my 44 (44)
With' your shorty on my land line (land line)
I'm on the money every damn time (damn time)

I'm anywhere the dope go (dope go)
With my Henny and my 44 (44)
With' your shorty on my land line (land line)
I'm on the money every damn time (damn time)

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French Montana Henny & My 44 Comments
  1. CasaNova *

    It’s been 10 years. Damn how fast time flies. Rip CHINX rip stacks and free max b.

    brian Rosa

    No capin

  2. Matthew Gehring

    This is back when French and Max B had the streets !!!!! Free Max B til its backwards !!!!! 💯💯💯💯💯

  3. Doug Fields

    Yea man aint the same as before Diddy turned Frenchy out sadly when Max get out he need to watch out for French abd Diddy they trying to get him to join they group and not bad boy (secret Society)🤫🤫.

  4. zadarkmage

    Bruh I remember being a little yute jamming to this game back when I was 13 in da hustle damn I miss this frenchie

  5. As If Nobody'sWatching

    Classic French


    Supper understand niggas don’t even know this song exists lol

  7. Big Tony

    2019 26 novenmbre 12:53 im here

  8. Terell Crouch

    " I ain't the Illest but niggas gottabfeel this" he said it himself

  9. Terell Crouch

    Yo french is hot but hear me out.... In my personal opinion french doesn't have wild bars but he spits real shit and has swag and that makes him hot....I'm saying it's not what he says it's how he says it and he sounds I'll talking that shit 💯

  10. Twon

    Damn I miss hearing this montana smh. 💯

  11. Kyle Fleming

    homie lights out

  12. AJ X-BROWN

    Listen 2 dis speed up 2x sounds like eminem


    AJ X-BROWN WTF 🤣🤣🤣

  13. David Hall

    Ayeee French, ya verses trash asf but hook fire lol

  14. Arnadi Dakic



    I’m every where the doe goes with my henna and my 44!

  16. youri fdr

    2019 😂🤣😂

  17. realness musik

    He used to be in CT all the time, especially HARTFORD ✈️✈️✈️🚀🚀

  18. Alontae Tomlin

    Never know why.. i left u standing in the rain

  19. INSTGRAM: _Billygotti_617 AL - BB


  20. Elvis Rosa

    Still bumping

  21. Chun Li’s Side Nigga

    Smh we need French to bring it back like cooked crack I ain't been feeling homie for a minute and he used to be my top 5 !!!

    LIL TOON ebk.abk

    Agree 💯


    True stories💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥


    Shit was 10 years ago smh

    snoop dogg

    Yeah man

    Mass Wave TV

    my thoughts EXACTLY

  22. Kenny Miller

    Before French got all mainstream . 💣💥💥💥

  23. CRIPLA

    Timeless shit

  24. Antonio Reid

    Coke boys 4 LIFE ☝️☝️👑

  25. Luis Capestani

    Need to do a show in Hartford Connecticut

  26. Kc Acosta

    This the real French#...."I was in the kitchen squaring up like a shooting gaurd"...#realgettingmoneyniggasgetit#

  27. ThE aLmIgHtY GeNeRaL WiReD

    Free bigavelli!! This that shiiiiiiit!!!!!!

  28. Alex C

    With my hennyNmy.44!

  29. Tisha Steen

    shamar Willie Max bigavelli silver surfer long way pooda brab BG elchapo baby Billy Montana the grape kid play boy watt's baby loc Colorado Rockies dblocc inmates wbla ebk abg sswvgc wvgc Harlem G's Coke boy's Bronx NY ROC Nation Sox Dallas cowboys Texas

  30. Dario Brizuela

    I miss French mane. He be lost in the sauce

  31. STEGO 281

    0:53 Wild Cartman appears

  32. Hiliiife's Videos

    i miss the wave........

  33. Robert Clayton

    Played this shit in Texas niggas was just looking 😂

  34. Laylow Finneto 333


  35. Lil MedVEVO

  36. Fabian Mendez

    Who still here? 2018

  37. Tanker Guy

  38. Bam 85

    Shit make me feel like im riding in a benz around Atl wit a strap and liquor by myself lol

  39. Sayad Miah

    Free boss don

  40. Jonathan Guzman

    What’s the original beat from?

  41. GetBizzy

    Coke boyzzz

    Eddie Sille

    Scared of Jim Jones...

  42. jay s

    That wavy shittttt


    French Moroccan was killin it

  44. R Owens

    nah this the fire french

  45. All in The Game

    They said hip hops dead , so late night I'm at the cemetery digging its grave out ...

    Jayshawn Bronx

    All in The Game deep my g...

  46. Ariel Cortez

    this join is sick

  47. Art Kannon

    Petey rollack free pistol Pete they got him in the hole doing life when he get out he still gonna make you feel our pain

  48. Willie Vasquez


  49. R. Waave

    classic. forever.

  50. mohamed d

    in 2016 /2017 ?

  51. Rico Firmino

    Dame grease!!!!

  52. Yippy Kaye

    This nigga is ass cheeks now ole sell out ass

    BluePiffGangstaz Official

    Yippy Kaye lol hatin ass nigga U kno this tracc hard af lol

  53. FreeBand Junkiie

    i was like 16 when this song came out..You have the locate bean jam a henny from the lcbo, you cop a hq 2 sams and a captain black single..that was the ritual on a friday night after check week....Only the real relate

    Ryan Pryce

    FreeBand Junkiie i know my mans from the dot talking like that. Early

  54. cal

    french went off on this shit!

  55. llafandesir x

    I was in the eighth grade when this came out getting switches to go in the ABC store good days...

  56. MD KN


  57. God Creative

    Even this unmastered efforts are deadly. Sounds like a quick mix, but i buzz off that vibe. Sick Wavy shit unpolished, fireballs from the ass.. william wallace

  58. Bummy Davis

    nigga always knew how to pick some tough ass beats damn smh.....this shit is greazy



  60. Not Thisguy

    #FREEMAXB maybe then we get the real French back

    keenan dreher

    I be telling niggas man French not wack, he just lost in the sauce rn. he gonna come back one day


    French is always real

  61. Quamaine Monroe

    with my henny and my 44

  62. Gabriel Hernandez

    Free Da Wave uheard

  63. BRSSP

    Happy new years ! leaving 2015 like I came in sippin 1738 Smokin a blunt to the face dolo idgaf 😈

    The Grand Historian

    +TheELITE696 fuck remy we overlit ju heard. pbola, that new wave

  64. Isaac Villarreal

    Straight G shit right here !! 🔥🔥 free Max B owwwwwwwwww!!

  65. Daequan Jenkns

    My main rap artist French

  66. San Rebus

    this is atomic bomb ;)

  67. SuperCerebelum

    sik beat

  68. capo dos capos

    i usto listen to french when he made this songs and i still dont believe this same rapper of today satan changed him 

    Zachary Magpul

    Your prob spot on my friend.

    Hanif Martin

    capo dos capos facts he lost his soul

  69. bilbo packinsacks

    dont nobody know bout this french do they, except for NY niggas im from KY this shit shoulda done flooded the charts bra, Mac n Tha Cheese


    I'm from Florida, and I listen to French's old stuff, but I get what you mean, considering the majority of rap fans judge his music soley by "Excuse My French" and any other big mainstream tracks he's been on, and don't even listen to his underground music.

    Zachary Magpul

    @TechnAmateur its almost like there is two french's. But everything up to cb3 was on a different level. Dont get me wrong his new ballad style "cryin over the money" songs are fire n he does that better than anyone but his old stuff is when he really went in on em, and he doesnt do that much anymore.

    Virgil Hardjo

    Bruh I'm from holland and this the French I was put on... the mixtape French.. He's the last person I thought would switch up


    +Virgil Hardjo facts

    Ryan Pryce

    Im from toronto my guy. We been on it from years back



  71. JSick978

    He drinks ciroc now cuz he's on bad boy.. Diddy owns bad boy and ciroc

    Mauri Mela

    That whats music videos make you think. Its good way to sell shit.


    You are very smart huh lol

    Matthew Rodriguez

    You really think he drink that cheap shit lol

  72. BB1349

    Him and Max B always preferred alcohol to weed. Its interesting to see how in the old videos French would always drink Grey Goose, now he drinks Ciroc.

    Antrell Hopkins

    It tastes better and his boss sells that brand so he possibly endorsed some how by it as well..

    T m0ney

    Grey goose is pure rubbing alcohol.
    Ciroc is made from grapes, and it goes down smooth.

  73. bbb

    i think he was smoking 1 on the GGN news thing with snoop dogg

  74. nile peterson

    This song is sick

  75. nile peterson

    What up french I want to be a coke boy call me man at 917 821-9411

  76. Woody Carter

    for everybody who dnt knw eric cartman is ah south park character if u pause da video at 53sec the lights make it look lyk eric cartman

  77. joseph lombardi

    word, I cant even listen to him now

  78. A. H.

    he said he neveers smoked weed ever only cigars xiz got home to take a toke once he coughed! ahah the videos on youtube


    French was good here..this is before he started doing that south bullshit...ny allday

  80. ThatPiFfButterz


  81. Larissa Campbell

    "they told me hip hop dead,so late night, am in the cemetery digging its grave out" its Montana Bitch!

  82. Brandon Mowry

    when he was good

  83. BigDon

    The french i miss.

  84. Uros Jevtovic


  85. Marko Popović

    underrated classic

  86. Jessica Ripberger

    i fucs wit french ma dogg tipton fucs wit u

  87. illuminous09

    @brandravager lmfaooo

  88. tom tait

    @YungDukeMusic cuz dude be ppaintin um

  89. kevsrapmusic


  90. Sega Genesis

    @Onlii1LadiiHaze HAHA nice

  91. Harvey Bluntman

    @Onlii1LadiiHaze Yo what the fuuuuuck just happened bahahahaha

  92. Tino Valentine


  93. billsbuck911

    @badLuckrapp What kind of nigga look to see if another nigga smoking? You sound mad suspect!