French Montana - Goon Music Lyrics

[Max B:]
Know we just spittin' bars
Boss Don Biggavel
Broad Street Bully, Macaroni With The Cheese
French Montana (C'mon)
Got the boy rockin' with me
Yeah you know we all just spittin' bars
(Sigel) Yeah

[Beanie Sigel:]
The Bully nigga, harder than Levi denims
My 45th, I'ma put long 3-5's in 'em
Twist backwoods, never put my haze in a dutch
Stay drunk off that shit Wayne keep in his cup
And I hate y'all YouTube niggas
When the cameras on, talk about what you gon' do to niggas
When the hammers drawn, you fold up and hoo-koo nigga
This ain't no song, dog I will do you niggas
Don't none of y'all want it with Big Ock
Hit you with the small Smith-Wess or the big Glock
Give you a wig shot, small knife or big razor
Open up ya chest like Vics Vapor
You ass, I'm the shit, you just constipated
Your flow trash, mines Switz, so complicated
Flow easy on the track like the Doctor made it
State P and Gain Greezy, you got to hate it

[Max B:]
Cop a couple V's, couple of E's
I'm icy like nuttin' but skis
Nuttin' in ya sleeze, get her knocked up
I'm a greaseball, heat boss, comin' full-speed, no free call
Both the mean way, spoke to Satan on the three-way
Had ya baby-moms playin' DJ (DJ)
We play, all up in the clouds
Dick all up in ya mouth
Bigga got the answer, stamina, Georgey, pudding pie
I kiss the girls, I made 'em cry, made 'em fade the eye
Off the water, slaughter
Daddy I'm raw, I can buss in ya daughter
Florida, headed out west for Diego
These niggas want seven, Chi-Chi go get the yayo
Coke all white like mayo
Halos all over ya head, like an angel, strangle you, oww

[French Montana:]
Yes indeed
My goons will spray up the room like graffiti
Homie only thing locked up, K's in the closet
Only thing you checkin' is the money you deposit
Talkin' outta line, talkin' outta order
Nigga outta line, I put him outta order
You fuckin' with them lines I'll get you outta order
My money long, I'll make ya day shorter
Like celebit, lions, tigers, pelicans
4-4 nose like a elephant
I ball like Bob Cousy
And you a cop-off Dooly, ya are movie
I'm the real deal, got your bitch on a blue pill
Akon gave me two mill
That's a whole lotta money in the stashbox
I'll push ya head back like a ragtop
Rock gators like the Florida mascot
Reach for my chain get ya head chopped

Scarlett did things, I was gettin' 16 at 15
I watched fritz teens sell coke to Mitch Green
Young girl runnin' the street with tight jeans
Big dreams to get cream and whip things
Now listen, this gram pitchin', I had ambition
Watched my ex-man cook up in my gram's kitchen
He moved rock, he moved more bird than Padoodot
Federal watch if in get up you hot
Raised in the struggle, got my ways from my mother
I'm not easy to touch, y'all niggas won't touch her
Niggas had fun, but I'm, from the ball players
To the actors and rappers, I done did 'em
Got me nowhere, I ain't gotta go there
Biggy told me go hard, no fair, this yo' year
And y'all ain't never been through the struggle, man
And y'all don't know my trouble, man

[Mac Mustard:]
Cru got me leanin' like a lowrider, we're never slippin'
I slam a clip in and get the shit spittin' quicker than Flo-Rida
No, nada, nigga in this game safe
Call him Potato Head when I rearrange his game-face
Shake the league, referees spin and the game take
Karma take his Shuffle, get the name straight, it's Mustard
Spread it on the street, get his brains busted
Spread it on the heat, mark his prey as we speak
Fuck a hand-to-hand, grams of tan, any nigga, man for man
Talk sideways and won't guard, the fuck you think I am
I can get Frenchy and put a whole in a nigga
Or flip it like Maxi with dubs that blow for a nigga
Drugs to grow for a nigga, love to show for a nigga
Pull it out the pocket, and snuff that whore for a nigga

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French Montana Goon Music Comments
  1. Evan Bond

    2019 and french just dropped MONTANA and I'm still rocking with this sh*t

  2. ray hanes

    I remember watching this vid getting sad looking at Max knowing he just got 75. I can only imagine how French felt. They dropped it to 25, like that makes a difference. Now bro homebound.

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    October 2019?

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    Goon Music 2020

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    Ayo we all talk about and love Max b but yo how about French on this jawnnnn wow

  7. Dipset Forever

    Who’s listening in 2019??

  8. Vinny Mil

    I was 21 when this came out I was wilding out on my block going nuts drinking all night making money living fast

  9. Michael Nacci

    Still 🔥 you gotta be 28+ to appreciate and understand this shit. 08 and 09 cokewave. Maxy back soon 🌊

  10. Jermaine jay

    Word ta motha...shit still hittin

  11. Sorue Poscendo

    C'mon Kim k bring the boy on home 💯💯💯💯

  12. MacWave Mitch

    10 yrs laters🔥🔥🎶🎵🎼

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    NY 💯💪🏻607—->716

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    Free Max B

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    Real Waves Never Die

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    Who the latina

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    2018 still wavy

  20. Snoopy Blu1

    When max, had the, game in his hands

  21. L Rennox

    montana is garbage

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  23. realness musik

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    Who here in 2018? #FreeMaxB

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    still wavy 10years later

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    Free max b one love to val bx tremount kpz still rock in this . bx va castle hill . owe

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    Flow is sick...Max B

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    2017 and we still here love from holland

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    we here my nigga

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    They don't know

  34. Don Vito

    this the French Montana I was introduced to back in 2010... he came a long way to be honest, I'm glad he doing good.

  35. Cactus Flower

    Nov. 30. 2016

  36. Michel Furtado

    Still bumpin this in my whip!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Deborah Debruce

    Cama cuz me to lol

  37. ghoszer

    MC4 for an unofficial sample of this song.

  38. lestat

    #FreeMaxB #FreeX-Raided

  39. Claude Davis

    Dame Grease sounds like a less aggressive version of DMX.

    Claude Davis

    +Nianco Chapman If Max gets that appeal I need to see him on a record with Fetty Wap. say what u want about Fetty, but the influence is real. u can tell Fetty grew up on max Foreal.

    Claude Davis

    DROSE600 that's gonna happen regardless boy. No questions. That's gonna be the first person Max works with. After that, he gotta do a record with Fetty. Come on man. U can't tell me Fetty don't sound like Max.


    Max b has better vocals than fetty. If fetty does that song with max, that will fuck his career up.

    Claude Davis

    DROSE600 Max is way better than Fetty. But the influence is strong. Fettys just a part of the newer generation.

  40. Benjamin Freightlin

    used to get high then a mf to this song

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    The real wave 💯💯


    these were the days! Free Max



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    #best  #hiphop #time #NY  <3

  49. Randy Washington

    Handsome man sexy guy first to the club than next we slide smh Max B rode that fucking wave ooowww

    pat sajack

    Randy he bodied this

    Randy Washington

    +pat sajack yes bro

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    Free max b

  51. Randy W

    The beat goes hard, but they could have came with better verses than that!


    max waved that beAt... js

    Randy Washington

    +WHATSREALLY GOODY son Max did his thing!

    Claude Davis

    Max and French destroyed this beat. HAAAAAN OWWWWW!!!!

  52. Antoine Michel

    Damn i miss this french montana man


    same, all his older shit is the real street music not the radio sht

  53. johnny john

    sample used is "STING - ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK"

  54. M0n3y922

    this that shit ny all day fuck your city

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    SICK Sample!

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  57. Brook Lyn

    illest sample in the usa


    I agree

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    Saw this nigga yesterday at O2. Damnnnnn coke boys baby

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    my father likes this song

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    When I fist hear this I play it a 100 time.. That nigga dame g when it hard..

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    I walk like, talk like, MONEY MONEY MONEYYYYYYYYY!

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    Still listen to this shit! FREE MAX B

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    Christopher Sayres

    7 years later still a banger

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    where did this song get it's sample from ?

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    Sting englishman in ny

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