French Montana - Battlefield Lyrics

[Max B:]
(And dem livin' in a danger zone) Max Biggavel' (in the battlefield)
Fench Montana Coke Wave
Let's sing to the people, yeah

Throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
Lemme hear ya say "Whoo-woo-woo-ooooh"
Throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
Lemme hear ya say "Whoo-woo-woo-ooooh"
Throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
Lemme hear ya say "Whoo-woo-woo-ooooh"
Throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
Lemme hear ya say "Whoo-woo-woo-ooooh"

It's the Surfer Don, the Tre pound squirt and jerk the arm
And I don't care what shirt ya on
I could give a fuck what you did in '95 when you was biddin' in the can
When coke was 26 a gram
Now it's 12 years later, 42 dollars a pop
I keep the gear and pump cocked
Feed you 1 shot if you hungry, satisfy ya appetite
Heard ya baby-moms is a hermaphrodite, braggin' rights
Earned 'em, cause I put ya whole team down with one clip
You sunk my fuckin' battleship, gravel pit
Left arm, chunky monkey, and it sparkle off the glare
He's havin' a fabulous year
Only dropped one compilation in '07, I played in the bing
He had no faith in his team
Couldn't get him fresh even if ya went to Neim & Mar
Keep the heater palmed, these niggaz be needin' a bar

Throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
Lemme hear ya say "Whoo-woo-woo-ooooh"
Throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
Lemme hear ya say "Whoo-woo-woo-ooooh"
Throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
Lemme hear ya say "Whoo-woo-woo-ooooh"
Throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
Lemme hear ya say "Whoo-woo-woo-ooooh"

[French Montana:]
You lame niggaz flop, keep playin' with the gwop
Catch you laying in a drop, your tomato gettin' popped
You be rollin', strollin', ride with them shottas
Watch us, bitch nigga no one can stop us
You was pumping gas, they was on ya ass
Tried to run but the whip crashed
Tough guys get duct-taped and butt-raped
And then wine like crushed grape
Homie in the battlefield, danger zone, get 'em killed, get 'em gone
You'll get the mail with' ya head on the camera phone
Fuck nigga, kiss my rass, bitch boy
I switch toys and hit the gas, homie I'm a rude boy
Two toys, stash box, raasclaat
All white 6-5-0 with the ragtop

[Max B:]
Throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
Lemme hear ya say "Whoo-woo-woo-ooooh"
Throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
Lemme hear ya say "Whoo-woo-woo-ooooh"
Throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
Lemme hear ya say "Whoo-woo-woo-ooooh"
Throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
Lemme hear ya say "Whoo-woo-woo-ooooh"

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French Montana Battlefield Comments
  1. B. Carter

    FREE MAX B. 🌋☄🔥🏄🏽‍♂️

  2. Gustavo Barajas

    Free Max Bigaviel

  3. Vino Chamberlain

    2019 still banging this wave

  4. Jonathan Strong

    Still in 2019

  5. antwan 300

    Mannnnn free da wave🌊💯


    French + Raw$hon + Max B coke boy music

  7. Andre Bowles

    2018 screaming free the wave!

  8. Ed Steffens

    This That 2018 SUMMER WAVE!!! Oh Yeah, #FreeMaxB

  9. Powder B red

    Top of that RED, CHARLIE!!! Yo MAX we did the married to the mob video . Big R.I.P. to RAB.& his family. It’s me, Powda B RED. Got that custom made (silver surfer) painting 4 you. Made by SSUR in 94. Signed and all. Shit made on black velvet canvas . Still brand new. I put it on my YouTube . Powda B. RED. C’mion & get out . Niggaz fucking up the waverry while you gone. Anyway, come check the surfer,(you).

    Powder B red

    T.F. Mafia . Blood 031. Holla. No matter what a Niggah offer me, it’s waiting 4 you scrsi

    Powder B red

    When you see it 4 your self . You gone own it. Max,4 your eyes only. YouTube name: Powda B RED. 718-510-5378

  10. Shavonte Calhoun

    free max it's mak znittim niggas really in Bergen county shout out to the East cost n new jersey

  11. Bryson Coles

    yo this guy is soooo gully...I mean better than drake...his flow is so timeless and he so witty...creativity as its finest!!!

  12. Alex Santos

    *throws hands up in the hair*

  13. Alex Santos

    this that shit 2k17 still bumping

  14. C Layne

    sampled danger zone capleton. fyi

  15. thatchickxox1089

    what you mean french is a sell out ? he making that money max b even told him get every dolla you can if anything max inspired french


    thatchickxox1089 nigga he a Kardashian get fuck outta here a fuckin weirdo

    Jonathan Guzman

    DukeBeri exactly nigga fuck what everybody else think he still making more paper. “He a kardashian” nigga he getting hella exposure for being around them. You bums wanna live in the hood forever and be broke. This dude making moves, max b gon be straight when he gets out believe that 🤲🏼

  16. ionlyhearwomps

    french a sell out l. free bigavel

  17. klook oj

    What fucking mix tape is this. The mixtape got passed around in jail like crazy!! Everyone said its called coke wave

  18. zagahaga

    this is whe french was my man... now he wearing diddys bath robe nd shit ... lmao the man poisoned 

  19. Gio Dabuzz

    Woo woo woo

  20. roy hunt

    That Wave

  21. miguel teran

    Feed you one shot if you hungry

  22. Letz Eat

    Max b is the WAVE the boss don the best rapper alive idc !!!! ( so much head I forgot to walk ) lmfao !!!

  23. ah twoeightninesix

    both shit. french a sell out nigga

  24. Irtush

    max b drops so hard, his songs unlike modern day shyt!!!

  25. Papi FlyGuy

    This my shit. Free Max Biggavell. We still keeping the wave alive!!!

  26. Wooback

    Free The Surfer Man,

  27. sara abhi

    YO NIGGA ??? wanna be famous on youtube ??? just go to 123VIRAL.COM...... and enjoy the real youtube popularity

  28. nyc86718

    @yungwan22 that's capleton bruh. lolol

  29. Dzadigital

    who is that jamaican sample of

  30. hellpked

    woooo woooo wooooo

  31. viceversa

    free max! damn montana and max thats a combo!



  33. Jeangell ElDueñoDelEstilo

    soundcloud com /rockstar-records/tu-no-eres-calle-byrockstar-1


    @VinnyQuest woo woo wooooooooooooo!!!

  35. Big Cruz

    fuck jimmy

  36. TheStoned17

    woo woo wooooooooooooooo

  37. Stephen Williams

    This miy Shit

  38. Vino Chamberlain

    Its the surfer don don the tre pound squirt and jerk your arm

  39. zigwey

    french montana and maxx b always go hard

  40. yungac3

    ONLY IF MAX HAD AN ALBUM!! Damm not even 1 album b4 he went Shit Man!!!!
    Ima miss the wave..Obvious he was a Problem

  41. Blazted204

    tough guyz get duck taped n but raped n wine like crushed grape

  42. Bomboclaaatz


    Capleton - Danger Zone. From the classic album More Fire.

  43. tank abbott

    @harriscakaboss its Gain Green

  44. 603sligoave

    Wheres the sample from

    FNRL Music

    thats what i wanna know since 4 years

  45. killah jamison

    I dont fuck wit Max B at all... but this track is murda... They both got off on this shit!!! I fuck wit Frenchy though

  46. Hyph Martinez

    dese my G'z...they went hard....ohhyea...fuck da copz and the cheif

  47. Hyph Martinez

    dese my G' is crack

  48. Christian Martinez

    Free Max B!