Freeway - Throw Your Hands Up Lyrics

[Chorus 1 - Freeway]
Now everybody throw your hands up, it's "The Stimulus Package"
Now throw your hands up, we givin back to the people
Now throw your hands up, if you rockin with Jake One and Philly Freezer
Everybody throw your hands up, it's "The Stimulus Package"
Now throw your hands up, we givin back to the people
So throw your hands up, if you rockin with Jake One and Philly Freezer

[Verse 1 - Freeway]
I'm talkin Gang Starr and Naughty, way before B.I.G. and 'Pac was discussed
I had my walkman in my pocket, used to hop on the bus
I used to rock it, used to knock until the mixtape popped
Tribe Called Quest and Black Sheep was knockin to us
Yeah, Leaders of the New, I'm from the old school
I'm about to bring y'all people new school, hip-hop you can trust
I'm from the Roc-A, yeah, your sisters hung my posters in they lockers
But I still got that knock that makes the people bop they head
I am alive, so the "Dynasty's" not dead
I have arrived, I came to snatch your spots so switch your locks up
Robin Hood, I steal from the rich, give to the poor
Represent for all my bulls that are shackled up and locked up
You know what's ill, prior to the deal
Was in the same boat as them but I made it out of my cuffs
So I will, deliver to the Phill'
Promise to keep it real, show skills, heat the mic up, yeah

[Chorus 2 - Freeway]
Throw your hands up, it's "The Stimulus Package"
Now throw your hands up, we givin back to the people
Now throw your hands up, if you rockin with Jake One and Philly Freezer
Everybody throw your hands up, it's "The Stimulus Package"
Now throw your hands up, we givin back to the people
So throw your hands up, if you rockin with Jake One and Philly Freezer

[Verse 2 - Freeway]
We bringin y'all Original Flavor, raised off De La
Kept Black Moon in my boombox player
Back in the day I used to steal that nigga Rakim's style
When I flowed and I didn't say "may I?"
Let's say I was 16 years old
Then I grew and learned how to cross over like A.I.
Yup, stack paper, every since that day I
Made moves, listen to Wu with (Cash Rules)
Now my own entity, official Rhymesayer
Boss player, don't ask nobody for favors
Before I met Jay I been knew that the "Streets Watch"
It's Barack of the block, doin hip-hop a favor (what's that?)
Bringin that realness back, it's "The Stimulus Pack'"
All fake and false rappers can fall and collapse
Drop and die, them and I
Will not miss you, no ribbon in the sky, no!

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 3 - Freeway]
I remember when I was first tryin to be a rapper guy
Like Pharcyde, the labels kept on (Passin' Me By)
Nowadays when I hit 'em with the flow again
They like "there he go again, the dopest Ethopian"
Nope, Afro-American, hit y'all with the realness, I don't hit y'all
with the babblin
Hit y'all with the songs, then I hit y'all with the battlin
Drug traffickin, drop "The Stimulus Package"
Watch these rappers follow my pattern, yeah!

[Chorus 2]

[Outro - Freeway - 2X]
Now everybody throw you hands up (hands up ...)
Now throw your hands up (hands up ...)
Throw your hands up (hands up ...)
Now throw your hands up (hands up ...)

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    everyones talking about sr3 and 9mm but i came from tony hawk shred 2010!!

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    Tony hawk shred

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    9 mm HD main menu theme

    João Arthur Pithan Geleski

    Nice game, kinda like Max Payne

    Klfn233 Z.

    @João Arthur Pithan Geleski really nice game like it so much!!! i played when i was 13 lol now I'm 21

  12. Litzw

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    Mcgee Sawyer

    Yes very yes


    Somebody writes about SR3, I came from 9mm, the 2009-year game.


    YVRIKVN BXND me too man me too

    BrokenHearth 18

    uh actually 9MM is 2011 mate not 2009, just helping :)

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    6 years since this came out flew. PHILLY!!

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    Big up Philadelphia
    From Paris

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    Am i the only 1 who hears this and thinks of SR3?


    +Reaper 1991 nope I came here because of Saints Row The Third


    Reaper 1991 Facts!!!!!! Me 2

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    Reaper 1991 nope I’m one of them

    Mcgee Sawyer

    Saints row is the shit tho

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    Chill as fuck !!!! 👌🏼

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    Freeway is a spitta 💯

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    ost bir noch jemand Deutsch?

    Lightning Cat

    lern zu erst Rechtschreibung ,danke

    Sushi Guy

    Lightning Cat Sicher, dass du deutsch bist? :)

  20. john j

    dont care how old a song is music is music and it is there to enjoy regardless what year of its release ;)

    Lazy Guy

    john j you call THIS old? Bro i listen to stuff that is from early 70's lol

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    He mentioned mixed tapes "Thro, Ya Hands Up"

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    im talking gangstar n naughty before big n pac was discussed i had my walkman in my pocket use to hop on the bus..FREE IS A PROBLEM STILL TO THIS DAY..GO SUPPORT DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH..215 FREEZER!!

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    ROVIRTUAL entretenimiento

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    Hip Hip has gone through some major transformations in the past few years. It's all trash!! I have not heard good hip hop in so long until I heard this. Great Hip Hop is still around, its just gone back to the underground seen, but its very much alive. Those of use that have grown up in the 80's, 90's and early 2000's appreciate and understand great Hip Hop. Cheers to all you Hip Hop heads, peace.

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    @AlphaAce12 Not rly, he a gangster knowing he was gona die soon so will your character (Playa) will to. Playa did die in SR1 but volition had fans telling them to make SR2 & SR3 but Gat died cuz Aisha and his friends died and his life wasn't worth it nomore so he gave up life.
    Notice:SR3 was suppose to be about killing Dex? wtf happened and StilWater better steelport sucks. SR3 was a big screw up took out real guns, cars, and I wish U was in StilWater also,SR3 cops can't arrest you.

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    Saints Row 3 brought me here, love them gangsta music like Masta Ace Lol

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    *Throws up the Diamond*
    The ROC lives on thru Free!

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