Freeway - She Makes Me Feel Alright Lyrics

[Intro - Freeway]
(Yeah, yeah)
Uh, uh
(Yeah, yeah)
(No more cymbals man)

[Verse 1 - Freeway]
Uh, she like something out of Maxim, the real Swimsuit issue
Told her I miss you, I'll be back soon
Hold the spot down until I'm back home
Her girlfriends downstairs, her little nephew in the back room
But I don't mind 'cause she, on her job
And she, drive a nigga wild when she slob the knob
And she, throw it back when I hit her from behind
Every time, that's why I had to make her all mine, yeah

[Chorus - Sample from "Mary Jane" by Rick James (Freeway)]
She makes me feel alright (she do)
She makes me feel alright (yes she do)
She makes me feel alright (she do)
She makes me feel alright (woo!)

[Verse 2 - Freeway]
I had plenty chicks, big booty, one skinny chicks
Spanish mamis that don't hardly speak the lang-o-uage
She always yellin "Papi Chulo", while we at it
Then she ask me if she teach me Spanish, will I teach her Eng-a-lish?
Don't be ridiculous, ya know I'll teach ya
She say "Who's bicho? What that mean? Who's ding-a-ling is this?"
I told her "get it right, it's yours"
Her coochie so tight, every time I hit it, hit walls
Hit it all night, hit it more in the morn'
Flew her in like a kite, even hit it on tour
Hit in on the sofa, hit it on the floor
But told my new chick her coochie not addictive like yours
Right on, Freezer get his nighty-night on
After I beat it up, she put me to sleep like s'mores
Light snores, then she wake me up to back rubs
And I'm back up, fin' to beat it up once more
Now once more, Freezer was once a whore
Now she got me locked, Bush approach - shock and awe
She hit the supermarket and food shop and all
Then she top me off, swallow the whole cock and all, yeah

[Chorus - without "woo!" at the end]

[Verse 3 - Freeway]
I think I like her 'cause she make me laugh, make me smile
Go through her act because she know she got that snapper-pow
Oh, you don't know about that snapper-pow?
That's that action that pull you back in when you backin out
She grab the burner, said she thuggin out
She say "you think we gonna be Ike and Tina Turner? Boy, you buggin out"
I told her "I love you, I'll never hit you
Except for in your coochie and your mouth"
She said "cut it out"
We actin out, playin cat and mouse
I still snap, she come to the flat unannounced
Unless it's trench coat, no clothes underneath
She hold me down, stash O's at her mother's house and her brother's house
We maintainin, she said "I ain't complainin but you need to find another route"
I said "another route?"
She said "yeah nigga, another route, another way for you to gain payment"
This is so heinous, it's a shame ain't it?
I still had to move them things when I became famous
I got my babe with me and we are game changin
We about to tear up the lane, you better clear it out


[Outro - Freeway - talking - w/ ad libs]
Okay, Freezer
Uh huh, yeah
Behind every good man, it's a strong woman, it's
Y'all know, you know the saying
You see, you see Barack, you see he got Michelle in the background
Ya know what I mean?
You see how it's goin down, we doin it real big, ya know what I mean?
That's how it's goin down this year and the years to come
We on our shit niggaz

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Freeway She Makes Me Feel Alright Comments
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    She put right to sleep like s’mores lol....I hear you free I got one just like her the best sleep I get is after a night with her please believe me

  7. Liface

    This is corny and crude as fuck

  8. Adam Kadmon

    Golddiggers evrywhere.

  9. David Mcgee



    Freeway flowed his ass off over this beat!!! Classic, I remember when this first came out I played in like 5x in a row 🔥🔥🔥 #PhiladelphiaFreezer

  11. Neverstar-X

    This shit is straight fire 🔥 and better than all that garbage out today.

  12. James P

    That Jake one production!

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    This joint was hard. Kenjii got on this beat to and ripped it.

  14. Joseph Williams

    Free has his moments and this definitely one dope

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    2018 this song still a banger!!! Freeway where he at!!!

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    This the last of the real right here

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    Favorite freeway song

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    Mines too

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    Anyone know the girl at 0.44?

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    The way jake samples Rick James Mary Jane is sick


    Probably the best sample of "Mary Jane" I've heard to date.

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    Andre jones 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Yea Jake One is sooooooo underrated incredible producer

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    the whole album


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    I don't know who she is but, it's not the chick from Community.

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    follow my twitter @ayishadiaz and new youtube thank you

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    Still Muhamed peace be upon him said show respect to the women of the world lower your gaze so you won't be distracted by the womens beauty and respect her based on her personality and morals. I feel like you can be a tru muslim and have pre-marital relations and date other women but objectifying women like he did in this video is wrong but I believe FreeWay in the end has good intentions

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    if you muslim you know true islam

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    Enjoining the good and forbidding the evil is an obligation for every Muslim man and woman.

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    Islam is the belief in pure monotheism…the religion of Abraham and all of the Prophets. Following the Qur’an and Sunnah as it was understood by the Prophet Muhammad’s Companions is obligatory. Islam has nothing to do with some weak acronyms made up by some ignoramus. Even Malcolm X realized this before his death.

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    Astagfirullah man. Wth is wrong with you Freeway ? You meant to be a Muslim and you project yourself like that? Take my advice and check out Lupe Fiasco- how he's got killer songs and never has to stoop to the level of feeling up girls in his videos.

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