Freeway - Freekin' The Beat Lyrics

[Intro - Freeway - talking]
Ha, we in here, these are the moments, uh

[Chorus - Freeway (LaToiya Williams)]
I'm in love with the music, got it in for the groove
And it comes out when I go into the booth
And Jake's so selfish always freakin the beat
He make it slap when he be freakin the loop
LaToiya co-sign it, then she, slow ride it
'Cause she, so gifted, make the beat come, heat come, yeah
(Ooh, ooh, freakin you) (freakin you)
(It's all I wanna do, it's you, baby)

[Verse 1 - Freeway]
Every time I grab a new one, try to have her to myself
But if she hot enough, I guess I gotta give my crew some (uh)
Gotta share it with Mac and the Young Gunz (that's right)
Sparks and O, share it with Hov'
Share it with Crakk, then she holla out that
The way y'all freak me, other dudes can't hold a candle to that (woo)
Yeah, you gotta another track, I'll handle that (handle that)
Flow drip all over her like candle wax (candle wax)
Grab his and hers furs, kept the track warm (track warm)
Jake fill it with the bass, keep the track fat (yeah)
Matter of fact I am everywhere the track at (uh)
Dress her with them sick raps, keep the track laced, yeah


[Verse 2 - Freeway]
I swear to God I love you, it don't get no better than you (uh)
But you know what, my girl so jealous of you (that's right)
She say we take so much time to freak (time to freak)
But when we finish, she be happy when we eat (happy when we eat)
All the spendin, all the weekends on the beach (on the beach)
But when I'm finished, I'm right back to the beats (fo' sho'!)
Yeah (uh), Freezer make the beat blow, go to sleep
Wake up, then jump back on the beat for more (that's right)
I used to jump up on the beat for free
Now I'm eatin, I be sleepin with the beats for dough
I ain't selfish with the sexin, other beats can come
I swear, right after I freak 'em, the beats could go, yeah


[Verse 3 - Freeway]
I take beats (take beats), Freezer rape beats (rape beats)
Fuck beat boxes, even fuck break beats (fuck break beats)
I used to be in love with Just Blaze beats (love with Just Blaze beats)
And I still want her (still want her), put the dillz on her (dillz on her)
They say "she too hot," I put the chill on her (chill on her)
Spit them bars, keep it real on her, yeah


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Freeway Freekin' The Beat Comments
  1. Alvaro Davila

    ALC productions

  2. prodigy2520

    This beat so sweet. Love this instrumental!

  3. luis

    There is an instrumental, I haven't found it on YouTube. It's on Pandora, though.

  4. Chris Hunter



    love freeway man, why the realest niggas get no recognition? be noticing it to often

  6. King Rell

    & 1 of the realist artist out & not even hundred thousand ? y'all dnt hear like that : rather hear b.s.


    i invision the video this song... this is true hiphop

  8. foxnews63

    most under-rated artist

  9. wh0am5ye?

    When the chick comes on it's pure ecstacy

  10. Spreestyle25

    @NSPYA1 Mad props on that comment

  11. silky1700

    Let me tell u something nuccas been slipping on this cd....Should be cd of the year. All the tracks is fire.

  12. Lawrence Block

    Wow this is one of the freshest songs i've heard in awhile!!! anyone who even halfway considers themself a fan of Hip Hop or music period needs to hear this. The concept is awesome, Jake One freaked this beat 4 show lol and the sexy Latoiya Williams did her thang. This is a classic track .... much luv 2 Freeway lyrics spot on 4 this track..... Real Hip Hop Music Baby!!!!

  13. HubCity525

    I agree Pooky this is the best joint on the album.

  14. PookySan1

    this shit is on the album