Freeway - Follow My Moves Lyrics

I was piss poor, water used to leak in my place
first we struggled then we hustled till the paper got straight
Copped weight, place got straight then we chopped it up bagged it twelve twelves five eight’s
24/7 on my Kane shit, no half steppin’
for protection kept my weapon always
we grind hard and we hopin to catch a charge
2 lawyers, Frank Minyard on the case
spank that then we straight
I’m a neighbourhood legend, Benz waggin with the hatchback
that was way back before the contract
my right hand had a red ac legend
and we stay smokin reefer having marijuana sessions
we had your bitches gettin high catching contact
any problem with you guys nickel nine that
bring my hood everywhere I’m at
I define reppin

[Chorus- Freeway]
We from the bottom now we shining with jewels
we keep on grinding and we rhyme like we got something to prove
but don’t follow me, follow my moves yung’un
don’t follow me follow my moves yung’un

We from the bottom and we grind with tools
make money everyday, candy paint with jewels nigga
don’t follow me follow my moves yung’un
don’t follow me follow my moves yung’un

[Birdman - Verse]
Fresh paint, (?) hundred rags on the Harley
and we grind every day big mansions and ferrari’s
uptown nigga where it all started
big money big guns out the hallways
went to hood in something new stuntin everyday
blowing purple haze with a hundred cake
with a hundred B’s all stacking cheese YM CMB
with the Louie frames with the curtains back
in the new phantom stunting like laid back
born rich, hood rich, cash money, more shit
MOB UPT, spent a mill on some keys, candy leather seats
project life, tatts and fleets
hundred mill, it’s what we eat


Put up, shut up, y’all niggas run up
tag you with the burner for the number 1 stunna
y’all niggas never had flows like freezer
nigga please you’ll never have cheese like baby
keys to the phantom not the keys to the mercedes
last of the Mohicans, I’ll be sleeping with the cannon
I’ll wake with it on and quake it on whoever’s drawn
you play with it on, I stay with it on
nigga try me, put the cannon to his wig
if he eating now he creeping bring the cannon to his crib
no doubt we will go on route
we move out for the money dummy this is how we live
this is Birdman and Philly free
we are eating getting money off of words man
came along way from flipping birds man
if y’all niggas hatin just let it be


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Freeway Follow My Moves Comments
  1. WillL

    That Jake One fire. Free always kills it

  2. matt halsey

    Birdman on a Rhymesayers album lol, love this track

  3. fattmeatt greazy

    highly slept on album

    matt halsey

    Jake ones production is so consistent, birdman don’t sound too bad on this track