Freedom Call - Mr. Evil Lyrics

Hello, Mr. Evil
Hello, Mr. Evil

I don't wanna play this game once more
How could I ever think his game is fair?
I lost my soul the night before
Dealing with the master of despair

Can you hear his tender serenade?
A symphony, sounding through the night

Hey Mr. Evil, the lord of the night
Hey Mr. Evil, a demon in white

I don't want to be the fool once more
How could I ever think that I can win
No one there to save me from the fall
He will never let me out again

On and on we danced the night away
Face to face, closer to the end

Hey Mr. Evil, the lord of the night
Hey Mr. Evil, a demon in white

Hey little dreamer, time to wake up
This guy is not what he pretends to be
He's the devil

Hello, Mr. Evil, the lord of the night
Hey Mr. Evil, a demon in white

Hey Mr. Evil, the lord of the night
Hey Mr. Evil, a demon in white

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Freedom Call Mr. Evil Comments
  1. Arpad Peter

    Sin City!!!! Love it!!!

  2. Tomken3

    Great !!

  3. Rasmus Brandstrup Poulsen

    GTFO SCRUBS... This is a masterpiece

  4. CyricRO

    I've been coming here again and again for the last 10 years. I can't think of this song without thinking of this video. Really well done.

  5. Daraku

    Cool guys, they combined power metal with Def Leppard feelings

  6. Ева Кай

    что это за фильм?

  7. Ева Кай

    что это за фильм?

  8. MDLinks

    I remember this awesome tune

  9. emanuel olofsson

    When I heard it the first time, I struck me a similarity to Alice Coopers friday 13th themesong He's back (the man behind the mask).

  10. Дмитрий Дмитрий

    Very fucking good music

  11. Stuart Cookie

    Damn Harry Potter Charlie Brown is a bad ass!! Who knew?

  12. Josef Pavlik

    Toje aspon muzika ok.

    Martin Jureček

    +Josef Pavlik Freedom Call mají hodně super písniček. Další taková hitovka je Hero on Video


    obecně power metal je fajn

  13. Hide Seak

    Still listening since 2007 lol. :)


    This isn't pop music you know, metal is timeless.

  14. iceimp

    I Love that song and if anyone fit well to it, it would be Marv

  15. Kevin Yannutz

    good song... is the video from sin city?

  16. HQ HD calidad

    good song ...........

  17. mirach

    temazo x3

  18. Константин Орешников

    It's perfect.

  19. Darrell T.

    Dr. Evil! I didn't spend six years in Evil Medical School to be called "mister," thank you very much!

  20. Pedro Delgado


  21. I.G.


  22. SirKavos

    All their songs sound so damn epic :D

  23. masterdog29

    Freedom Call esta muy influenciado por Gamma Ray

  24. vito Terranova


  25. Nikola Predovan

    Your English might be bad but your humor is epic.

  26. Isilrar

    they make a video with united alliance + Star Troopers... and after watch some times i want watch the movie. Now with Mr Evil i gonna watch SimCity again lol

  27. DanielHooch

    what's with Harry Potter??

  28. Isilrar

    336666 views wtf lol

  29. Mr.KrokodilOfficial

    It is Frodo who dressed like Harry Potter

  30. CyricRO

    This is still one of my frequent views.

  31. Smoketaz

    Why is Frodo ... Harry Potter ... damn you Voldeuron!

  32. DanielGClapp

    @FugazStar no it's frodo

  33. Mitchel Perry

    very nicely done.

  34. Antoine Cortis

    a perfect song for the movie sin city..awesome song btw

  35. Musicrocks30

    @BuryMeDown uh how the hell is this wannabe or gay?

  36. Musicrocks30

    @FugazStar No...hehe a combination of Harry Potter and Wolverine XD

  37. Dean Moriarty

    ah well... not Harry than... hehe Frodo Baggins XD

  38. warrsor92

    Correction Dessert' Probably some other stuffs wich is wrong to :P Bad english

  39. warrsor92

    This guy eat Bruce lee for appeticer, Chuck Norris for main dish and Rambo for dissert

  40. Jozef Podlecki

    @okosoa o co ci chodzi

  41. BuryMeDown

    haha love this song but its so wannabe and gay^^ anyway - great riff!

  42. Milan Liber

    @okosoa vystižené :D

  43. BlackWeb

    Great song, great band ! Greetings from Romania !

  44. Iain Tobin

    @Maxificationate sin city is about 3 good guys taking on the sins of the city, all of the guyd they show at the stip bar scene side by side are the good guys

  45. Antoine Cortis

    great son and great band too...i cant stop singing now :) \m/

  46. Roman Pfeifer

    super rock musik...romannetto

  47. dragonyichi


  48. dragonyichi

    Hee, does anyone have the tabs of this song?? I've searched whole google.. But I can't find anything.. Nothing.. No tabs.. I realy want to play this song.. So, Does somebody have the (guitar) tabs?

  49. Theantarex

    @TheVikingWorrier Sin city

  50. TheVikingWorrier

    what is the name of the movie?

  51. TheVikingWorrier

    Hello Mister EMO! aha;)

  52. MOFO33

    Both song and the video are Fantastic!!!! Fit together in an awesome way!!

  53. bogasnubben

    Really nice song, and your video is pretty enjoying

  54. Antoine Cortis

    god how much i love this song....Freedom call Rockssssss \m/

  55. HunBela

    @EcoFascist Not a tipical Freedom Call sing. True!
    But a Great song anyway!

  56. Staffan Grumer

    This is REALLY great ala Gamma Ray. Love this kind of sound. POWERMETAL when it is as its best.

  57. Dervanon

    the movie was so butnomingly awful

  58. Isilrar

    Great song.

  59. Mads Carlsen

    Lol is that harry potter his fighting??? ^^

  60. d41yy

    already 20 missed the like button


    Frankienstien vs harry potter.....FOR THE LOVE OF GOD go mr.evil!

  62. Drum Eagle

    I dont like it

  63. Gothic Eden

    Love the song but... the movie looks terrible.

  64. Sigurd Hart

    one word: Evil (evil = awsome)

  65. stalk3r5

    not mister evoh mister evil o.O im german and i can understand this lol

  66. FugazStar

    hehe Harry Potter XD

  67. Darkstar1484

    An excellent video.

  68. honkanen72

    This is awesome band!!

  69. fireflame142

    when u pause it at 1:30 its a very funny look xDDDDD

  70. SampThunderhawk

    One of the best songs ive ever heard

  71. Kazyro

    Nice quality

  72. Douche Bag

    @gangforce It's not Harry Potter, it's Frodo!

  73. CavemanJesus4Life

    Best part in Sin City was watching Carla Gugino nekked!!!!

  74. HacheKa

    0:06 wooooh oooh oooh xD

  75. TheNowy12345

    filmik jest super , pełny odjazd

  76. TheNowy12345

    a ja zamiast księdza z Sin City widzę masona, szczerze mówiąc to te wszystkie role które przypisuje się duchownym i Opus Dei możnaby równie dobrze przypisywać masonom, tak poza tym to film Sin City jest świetny , trzyma dobry klimat tak jak lubię

  77. Dagginakki


    Tis not harry potter, and watch the movie.. SIN CITY.

  78. DocWilyZ

    Goddammit. Now I can't unhear it.

  79. gangforce

    by the way why does harry potter hit that big headed man with a sledgehammer anyways

  80. gangforce

    looks like a unique movie:O what is it from? or is it specially made for this video

  81. Rastislav Salamon

    Dimensions (2007)

  82. yelleda

    Hey dtgerald, I'm gone too yesterday, that was awesome!! ^^

  83. CG van Zanten

    Tonight i go see them as support act for Gamma Ray

  84. bread222

    0.o dude got slugged with a sledgehammer and he has naught but a scratch on him...

  85. RyuNoSilvar

    ...LOL XD

  86. Baked_Potato0934

    sim city !!!

  87. tenpack51

    Sin City dude.

  88. Crater777

    Hello Mister EEVOH!!

  89. Bárbara González

    excelente canción , y excelente película :)

  90. Niklas Oksanen

    but anyway, good song :)

  91. Niklas Oksanen

    I think he looks just nerd -.-

  92. Mjødlyfe

    Awesome song, it owns big time ;D
    Hail from Norway.

  93. RLZacchini

    HEY MR. EVIL!!!!!!!!

  94. Mayt3

    The best band of Power Metal!!!!!!!!

  95. Adam Marcin

    Ta piosenka jest zajebista generanie Freedom Call jest dobry.

  96. TheHeti

    live a great song ;)

  97. Tiddy Kong

    i love sin city and freedom call this goes pretty well i have to admit

  98. LudvigAlm

    Thank you for a resonable reaction!

    I mean, at least some here people would probably write similar things about bands I like, like Nevermore, Opeth or whatever. Of course, it is not fun to read it, but hey... grow up!
    I think it was pretty stupid of me to write that, though, but I couldn't help but to. Still, I tried to write it in a way that wouldn't anger people and not the generic "THIS BAND FUCKING SUX! YOU'RE ALL GAY!!"-way...