Freedom Call - Eternity Lyrics

I, I'm on my way back, there's no regret
There's no appreciation
I, I lost all my faith, it's killing the blaze
Erases the flame of glory

Wait, we wait for a sign, longing for life
It's time to ride, we ride in the sky
There's no need to cry

Flying free like an eagle
On the way to eternity
No more cry no more reason
To forget all the endless pain

I, I fell of the track, dropped of the edge
By a slam of my self damnation
I, I'm taking the blame, but memories remain
Raising the lust for living

Wait, we wait for a sign, longing for life
It's time to ride, we ride in the sky
There's no need to cry

Flying free like an eagle
On the way to eternity
No more cry no more reason
To forget all the endless pain

Everybody needs somebody
Everybody's gonna get a flame inside
Everybody needs somebody
Everybody's gonna get a flame inside

Flying free like an eagle
On the way to eternity
No more cry no more reason
To forget all the endless pain

Flying free like an eagle
Spread your wings and glide away
Live your dream, live forever
United in harmony

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Freedom Call Eternity Comments
  1. Cukin Charts

    Hail Freedom Call, the warriors of light!

  2. Mateusz Franiczek


    Mateusz Franiczek


  3. isabel galdo

    reguetoneros hdp!! como lo joden a media cancion con sus publicidades de mierda !!

  4. Musti Versum


  5. Edmund Sackbauer

    I think that one has been their best. Great melodies without sounding too simple or cheap.

  6. AhridyCalledMid

    nothing better to cheer you up after a bad hentai

  7. Ricardo Serrado

    We are Warriors!
    Born from the light!!
    An Armie for freedom,
    Defenders of live.

  8. Igo Bispo

    OMG. beautful! know it now! gratz!

  9. M.R. Cull

    If someone hasn't made a power rangers music video to Warriors, there's something wrong with the internet.

  10. Veterani Documental

    04. The Spell - 15:40 and 05. Bleeding Heart - 16:35 : simply wow, fantastic, awesome

  11. dalibor nagy

    Je to kapela ktorá má gule Slováci môžu Len dúfať že v ďalšom tisícročí budú mať takú kapelu Bey bey

  12. Kai Na

    hey this is good!

  13. Luis Daniel Ferrer


  14. Filipe Dos Santos Silva

    P👊wer metal forever!!!

  15. wall silva

    muito bom

  16. Tomáš Vepřek

    Land of the light <3 Warriors <3

  17. Se Bastian

    Neo the ONE !

  18. charlelienow

    i CAN'T say i hate metal right now. Wow !

  19. Ravel Amanajás

    Power metal \m/

  20. Hector Quirós

    andy deris'?

  21. David Tal

    wow. takes me back. the band's Style reminds me a lot of Savatage from the 80's

  22. samuel batista

    Power metal bem executado parabéns os cara muito bommm

  23. Wilford Grimley

    So... Who's going on the cruise?

  24. Cardinal Copia drinks coffee near Eiffel Tower

    Mandatory for power metal fans !!!

  25. Kossolax the Foresworn

    Hail to the gods of creation
    Hail to the king of the world
    A hail to the metal invasion
    A heavenly kingdom on earth

    Godless odysee, endless agony
    We're heading for eternal life

  26. El Canal Riffero

    su mejor album lejos. Que tiempos aquellos los noventas y principios del 2000 que grandes discos de power metal.

  27. dragonhevy

    power metal !!!! for ever !!!

  28. Alexander Hdez.

    ¡increible album!

  29. Juan Sanchez

    Very good Power Metal

  30. Roberto Munhóz

    Well done brothers!

  31. Vinícius Cerva

    The intro of Land of Light vanquishes all the sorrow and sadness of the human being for a moment.

    Vinícius Cerva

    The entire song does that, actually, hahaha. Damn

  32. Vinicius Pita


  33. Luiz Neto

    Fucking, fucking masterpiece. I love this album! Hail Freedom Call... Greetings from Brazilian fans!

    Vesica piscis

    Freedon call é foda demais

  34. matster shardel

    All fantastic songs great choruses and melodies. Love them. Flame in the night/Turn back time are the best songs if I had to choose. Must admit it was very hard as they are all fantastic songs. Love from England.

  35. Shock Trooper

    This isn't related to anything but couldn't you class Dragonforce as a power metal band?

    Janek Franek

    Df for me is powet metal band, just not so typical


    DF is Extreme Power Metal


    Meh I'd say some mix of Speed and power metal.
    But to be 100% honest, It's kinda hard to pin most band to a specific genre. Each do their own thing, you know? :P

  36. kozlik8804

    Freedom Call und Chroming rose perfect

  37. Joel Aguilar

    Que todos ustedes estén con el metal que buen CD

  38. Ologracz

    This i s something new. There wasn't a single track that i didn't enjoy here. I sense a revolution in my metal taste.


    @Jorge Higginson It was new for me, and I meant it was some kind if milestone in my metal tastes, not that this album is literally new.


    he meant that you wrote 'i s' as in i is

    David Tal

    new to you bud, maybe. very not new overall tho. the genre has been around for.. oh... since the 80's. its had some changes since then, but really not many =)

    Allen Ellsworth

    You guys are not very good readers are you.

    Ricardo Serrado

    Edguy, Avantasia, Domine, Dragon Force, Power Quest, Gamma Ray...

  39. Oscar Mori

    hermosa banda, espero que vengan a Chile

  40. joaquin lópez fernandez

    No me canso de escucharlo

  41. Oscar Sepúlveda

    nice group

  42. rotognin

    It isn´t that heavy power metal, but it´s a good band with good musics!
    I wanna hear more of them... =D

  43. alejandra ponce

    gran banda y muy buen disco los esperamos en chile

  44. Robert Nodge

    not bad as they sound a bit like helloween, gamma ray, hammerfall edguy, ayreon, and Tobias Sammet's avantasia.

    Brandon M

    +panzerdiv I would agree with this. Twilightning, Aquaria, and Dragonland as well.

    Hugh G. Rekshun

    Thanks for the recommends!


    +Brandon The Liar Aquaria <3 They are from here... They were. ):


    +Robert Nodge I don't think this sounds any like Sonata Arctica, but I have seen Freedom Call opening for them so I get the point:)

    For those into Powermetal: Also Twilight Forest was amazing that evening, almost as technically perfect as Dragonforce (and YES, I have seen them playing three perfect shows, one with their new drummer)
    I myself am a huge Avantasia fan and all it's guest musicians come from great bands.

    Jorge Higginson

    it´s from exactly the same era

  45. Guilherme Sousa

    At the beggining:
    "Os Espirtos sao Santos"
    The Spirits are saints what the fuck does he mean by that?

  46. Los TNT


  47. Laion Adamo

    muito boa essa banda uma das minhas favorita

  48. PRELUDIO ANCESTRAL Official-Power Metal


  49. Mangetsu 'Mang' Bloodrage

    21:33 The moment I heard that intro: "Yep. Dat's mah shit." :DDD

    András Cottier

    Ikr, Warriors made me discover FC


    Always in this moment my old Opel Corsa B transforms into Saturn V Rocket

  50. Scarlet


  51. a1705

    Zimmermann translated from german to english means Room man :P


    +Adrian No, it means Carpenter.

  52. Kaelan McAlpine

    Can someone please tell me where these guys come from? They sound like a combination of Sabaton and Blind Guardian.


    +Erik Gabriel Hansi skips high notes in live performance? lol

    Erik Gabriel

    @Rafael Lisboa Go to a Blind Guardian show or watch their many live performances on here, he does.


    @Erik Gabriel Well... I was in two shows of BG here and Hansi was amazing


    +Erik Gabriel Hansi had his days. Most of the fans think he had some voice issue. Btw, the guy does awesome vocals in studio.

    Erik Gabriel

    @MajoraLucas You can hear he struggles even with Twilight of the Gods compared to the studio version. I thought A Night at the Opera stuff would sound good live seeing as it was over a decade ago, saw some videos of material from that album and time period, and he sounded horrible even that long ago. He does sound amazing in the studio, though.

  53. E Iantra


  54. trnkodlak28

    one of the best power metal album ever

    Aleïster Owley

    Don't worry, he's probably 15 and trying to wrap up his head around far too greater things for him to grasp.


    I just discovered this band.  Oh and I'm thrilled that all their albums are available on Discogs for super low prices.

    victor enrique urbina alemán

    yes dude...totally agreed. and not very know :( . it is pretty dumb people can't hear "happy metal" cause is gay ROFLROFL i hear power-and black metal and also drone metal and death metal... hail the metal and all his subgnres

    Sandra Novelli

    Totally agree with you. And with a pseudonym that contains "Temnozor" that's not much of a surprise... For those who don't know, Temnozor is a pagan black metal band known for openly expressing neo-nazi ideas. I saw them live once and their music's great to be honest, but their attitude.... ugh. Well, you can tell the little guy's quite confused to use such a band's name in his own and calling power metal "gay".


    An ancient time, forgotten land
    I've never seen before...

  55. ostoja mitric

    Pussy metal!

    Käptn Haddock

    +ostoja mitric That's funny, because that's what you won't get playing it


    ostoja pickonja

    alirida shugaa

    Only because the metal we listen to actually involves singing

  56. Benjamin Blake Mitchner

    The bastard who calls this "Cheesy" doesn't know music! Freedom Call are amazing! Symphonic metal- brilliant! Obviously, they owe a lot to Helloween and Stratovarius, but who doesn't in this genre of German power metal/Euro Metal? Stratovarius of course are Finnish, but I consider them Finland's hidden power rock treasure. They are great Helloween are amazing and this is brilliant!

    Mateusz Franiczek

    Who calls it cheesy thou?

    John Raider

    Benjamin Blake Mitchner FREEDOM CALL FOREVER \m/

  57. anabella llamas

    sorry for the spam , but here I leave a great video of a band that is just beginning ...