Fredo Santana - Shit Real Lyrics

[Hook: Fredo Santana]
Smoke about a zip a day boy this shit real
Niggas kill every day boy this shit real
Nines, AKs in my trap boy this shit real
Try to play me you get whacked boy this shit real
This shit real [x2]
Pouring up a pint of lean boy this shit real
Everything ain't what it seems but this shit real
This shit real [x2]

[Verse 1: Fredo Santana]
Pull up on your block boy this shit real
Hop out with them 30s and just letting off shells
Whipping chickens and I whip them bitches as well
I'm a hitter by myself cause niggas a tell
Niggas goofy as fuck, you can't confuse me
Do a drill with this nine or with this Uzi
These niggas little niggas I swear they where my shoes
Just ate, still hungry, where the food be?
You say you getting money nigga can't fool me
Ain't going in the club unless I get in with my tooly

[Hook: Fredo Santana]

[Verse 2: RondoNumbaNine]
Try to play me I let off that fucking Glock quick
With a mop stick and aim it at your conscience
I go crazy for the gang I go crazy
I'm riding in a foreign with a thot smoking lazy
Put me and Fredo on the drill we go crazy
And all that sucker shit you talking just don't faze me
Got the fucking SK with 100 so amazing
Smoking out this pound, yeah I'm steady flaming
Got the fucking chopper I hit your block and get the spraying
Leave your fucking block with bodies just laying

[Hook: Fredo Santana]

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Fredo Santana Shit Real Comments
  1. INSTGRAM: _Billygotti_617 AL - BB


  2. INSTGRAM: _Billygotti_617 AL - BB


  3. Dady Kama

    Rip fredo

  4. Flashh

    This song always give me a Reality check

  5. MeloTha God

    FREDO was to real for the industry

    Pablo 1602

    Independent and humble he never needed them

  6. Kevin Ync

    2 Mad Men, no half men

    D A

    2 little boys

  7. Arjun Sivanesan

    0:48 got that weed odor spray savages gotta b safe too

  8. IKing VeriFy

    That Tooka got him high as fuck on 4 nem

  9. Jaime Smith

    Fredo snapped rests in peace but that nigga rondo went in🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Chinonumbanine

    Free 9 free drose rip fredo 🙏 #6double0

  11. Bincent Ban Bogh

    One dead and one locked up for murder, shits real.

  12. Lil Klein

    rip fredo

  13. Kamren Baker

    It’s sad neither one of them is around anymore.

  14. Tiger Woods

    All that sucker shit you talking just don’t faze me

  15. Justin Glodoy

    LA would been bad on this

  16. Az King

    Man rondo one ugly nigga. RIP Fredo

  17. S H

    You can tell how fredo rap, that he lived in the streets

  18. teneriffatane

    0:21 black air force activity

  19. Omar Bando

    Still slap

  20. Mark Williams

    if you keep saying it enough, maybe it will come true fredo...

  21. Dreads

    This vid is pure savage, they swearing got green and guns and tats but they had to censor out a middle finger at 2:19 lmao


    Dreads that’s a gun tho

  22. shay love

    Do a drill or a 9 wit dis uzi. SQUADDD RIP LA, RIP FREDO, FREE UP RONDO 😈😈

  23. Chelly Girl

    7th grade favorite song rip im in 10th now rip

  24. Imperalise

    Rip Fredo Free 9 Til it’s backwards ✊🏿💯

  25. Stanley John

    Feel so sad to type r.i.p freddo Santana 😥😥

  26. Artem Galanin

    fredo is death and rondo is in jail people from chicago answer me who is stronger right now bd or gd?

  27. Lil Rome 443

    nigga had on black air forces before it was even a thing

  28. Autumn Bennett

    Gang bitch

  29. Wiz157

    they say even the opps liked fredo

  30. hlompho dwayne machaka

    Free numba 9😈😈😈

  31. stupid mind

    if you see black AF1 your dead 0:21

    Young Savage

    What Do You Mean ?

    stupid mind

    Bro u Don't know what black air force is ?

    Young Savage

    @stupid mind I Don't Know

  32. Young General

    Just eat still hungry...wat the full be...(clapping opps)

  33. Future Software Engineer

    This beat scary af

  34. Ketant Maxime

    Free 9 r.i.p my nigga fredo

  35. Joe Banner

    Rip big boss Fredo fr fr free rondo

  36. Lil Og

    GIP Fredo free rondo

  37. Quamaine Choute

    Boy this shit real

  38. aNiggaVladsent toprison

    I really cried when this Nigga died dawg! Long Live Fredo the streets need you Free 9 too

  39. Uno Only

    Roondo ruined it 😂💯

  40. Jeremy Dumontier

    Savage squads

  41. Mike Huang Jin

    Rip fredo

  42. Jahzell Selmon

    Fredo spoke straight facts 😅🤣

  43. Groovy Dp

    Most dangerous combo ever seen in drill

  44. Westly Holiday

    I go crazy fo tha gang i go crazy#free9#ripfredo

  45. Tyler Gonzales

    miss fredo :/

  46. IAmSoAss

    When you and your mandam create a minecraft gang...

  47. Gurkeert Sekhon

    2019 anyone?

  48. RBN Santana

    Just imagine FREDO SANTANA x XXXTENTACÍON EP we'll never see it now #GIPFREDOnXXX

  49. Francisco Alvarez

    9 snitch

  50. Sham 7

    Happy birthday Fredo we miss you boy. See you Rondo hold your head boy love y’all

  51. Sham 7

    Happy birthday Fredo we miss you boy. See you Rondo hold your head boy love y’all

  52. Sham 7

    Happy birthday Fredo we miss you boy. See you Rondo hold your head boy love y’all

  53. Sham 7

    Happy birthday Fredo we miss you boy. See you Rondo hold your head boy love y’all

  54. Sham 7

    Happy birthday Fredo we miss you boy. See you Rondo hold your head boy love y’all



    *FREE 9*

  56. Xavier Rainey


  57. Soda

    When you ate Taco Bell last night 0:35

  58. smokeyjoe

    Fuck Fredo rest in piss bitch

    Joe Liz

    smokeyjoe you wack as fuck. Disrespecting the dead isnt cool.

  59. Ingo Weißdorn

    Satan left the chat

  60. robert ak47

    Fredo glo in peace free #9

  61. Shaun the real tomb raider god

    1:01 he puts up th la sign

  62. wa5len gang

    Rip fredo free numba 9 ong

  63. Eric Bernardez

    Fredo big greased high off that power

  64. Eric Bernardez

    Rip fredo

  65. Karlo Gambino

    I still a wakk a nigga for Fredo&Nine #RIPBIGBOSSFREDO #Free9

  66. Phoenix G

    rip fredo santana

  67. Ryan Bensadok


  68. Devante Johnson

    Who else is here from trippie redds post

  69. SavageTaskYT

    Damn theses niggas was blast

  70. Desmondwazkool N

    2019 summer

  71. InfamousKing

    The Greatest Legends In Chiraq

  72. Lil Cedes

    Fredo the type of person to shoot you just beacuse you told him his hair is nice

  73. Dylan Aguilarrr

    2 of the scariest niggas out here🖒😂

  74. glo gg

    both fredo santana and rondonumba9 missed so much rip fredo santana and free rn9

  75. Carmelo Alvarado

    Free nine man ya know what the fuck going on💯💯😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  76. Nba Youngboy


  77. Nba Youngboy

    RIP FREDO Free 9👿🕊️

  78. BasicHaddock4

    2 chiraq demons, rip fredo and free 9 🔥🔥

  79. NoLimitCjaay

    1:43 looked smooth af RIP FREDO FREE 9

  80. BigMoney Khaled


  81. Turko

    " Real Gangstaz dead or in jail ... "
    R.I.P. Fredo Santana
    FREE Rondo Numba Nine

  82. Kariion

    300 Demon
    600 Demon


    holy shit we all dead

  83. Michael Miller


  84. Georges alaba Dessalines

    R.I.P fredo

  85. Kevin Roth

    Man, 5 years ago if you told Fredo he'd be dead and Rondo that he'd be in prison you'd get a smack or a good laugh 😂

  86. Zach Artis

    Fredo 😈

  87. PerriHatake

    Pouring Up A Pint Of Lean 😓
    Boy This Shit Real 🤦🏾‍♂️ Damn Rip Fredo

  88. TRAWMA ?


  89. Joseph Calderon

    Chiraq savage yeeeeeeee love from daygo west coast San Diego ya digggggg

  90. Chi Barneski

    Drop guns, shoot hands!!!!!

  91. Gidi Gidi

    Im finna go to the toilet and make some real.shit

  92. J D

    That cross tattoo and those eye drops made Fredo, RIP

    Sosa Montana

    Nah check fredos 12 year old mugshot. He been savage

  93. J D

    2 most dangerous Chiraq niggas in History. this shit too real

  94. Seyer IV

    2 demons 👀

  95. TiMBoE - Music

    RiP L’A Capone

  96. Joseph Calderon

    Murrrr murrrr murrr fireee


    Rip fredo after he died, I found out on January 20, 2018😔😔😔