Fredo Santana - It Don't Make No Sense Lyrics

Phone [?] plug from his six
So much money it don't make no sense
Once I fuck a bitch, a name, I forget it
And if she suck me good I might pay her rent
It don't make no sense
It don't make no sense
Got 100 guns nigga, I am with the shits
It don't make no sense
It don't make no sense
How I'm trapping and I'm rapping it don't make no sense

[Verse 1:]
Got 100 fucking guns and I be on dumb shit
Got my mama texting me like Fredo that don't make no sense
But I can't be lacking man you know how shit is
I'm gonna break in your damn crib trying to pay my damn rent
Now I'm all up in [?] and getting what I spent
Trap, smoking dope I'm just cooling with this little bitch
She like: "Fredo why you got tats up on your face?
You know goddamn well that don't make no goddamn sense"
I'm like shut up little bitch
Before I smack you into some goddamn sense
Sneak dissing me, get flatlined quick
Money coming fast you [?]


[Verse 2:]
That work be gone before I bust it out the package
I don't fuck with rappers cause half these niggas actors
Money in the closet and these bitches on my mattress
Bitches kissing on me leaving lipstick on my boxers
Thirty all on me, nigga I don't do no boxing
Smoke a lot of swishers man, I need a couple of boxes
What you staring at? Are you a fan or an OPP
Don't make me paranoia, I'm gonna reach for my chopper
I think the nigga hating cause I fucked his baby mama
0-6-1 front street, posted waiting for the drama
Killing anything that come between my commas


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Fredo Santana It Don't Make No Sense Comments
  1. Jacob Alberts

    Those violins every few seconds ... who else catching that? 🔥🔥

  2. Spectate Drake

    Bumped this every morning before school.

  3. Michael Smith

    Killing anything that come between comas ‼️

  4. Michael Smith

    Yous not real Fredo fans 👿👀

  5. Slick Rick


  6. Sebastian Sidon

    Man RIP i honestly consider this a CLASSIC album Walking Legend 2 pls

  7. Malcolm

    RIP crazy how you even his opps had respect for him that's a whole another level of respect hard to get that

  8. GG Peso

    Still bumping this in 2019

  9. J H

    RIP Big Boss Fredo Santana🙏😈

  10. Deonte Lockett

    R.I.P Fredo 💯💯💯

  11. Burns When I pee

    RIP Big Boss

  12. Jonathan Willis

    This and A.N.M.L.T.M 🔥🔥 best projects

  13. Buggle Magnum

    Boss of all bosses 😢

  14. Blayze smith

    Sad boonk straight bit this. I don’t think fredo would let that sit

  15. Never Forget Loyalty

    G.I.P. Fredo 🙏😢

  16. droptop blo

    Got 4 Bricks my plug front me 6

  17. Demarcusse Brown

    Rip savage

  18. Pleezy Boy

    RIP Fredo

  19. suiiciide

    big boss

  20. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    Rip Fredo 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  21. Lost In Da Sauce

    That was a very appropriate title for this mixtape which was his best mixtape in my opinion. He was a walking legend R.I.P.

    droptop blo

    Lost In Da Sauce Ain't no money like trap money 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Bro have you realized that Fredo style In this song Is just like Gucci's

    Joseph Mier

    All he's mixtapes and albums are all legends

  22. Kgleesh


  23. Yung Mxllay\Dully

    R.I.P 😔

  24. BC da Kid

    Rip boa

    Asesino Vida

    BC da Kid Tru, Put some music out folks

  25. Dartblock stang

    Game of thrones type beat that's what's up.

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    Bitches kissing on me leaving lipstik on my boxers 🔥🔥

  27. Yeah Hoe

    Real trap

  28. Rondo Savage

    zaytoven beats go in

    Isiah Thrasher

    not zay toven bro

    lijaah 614

    its half zaytoven.

    A1 Gennaro

    And will-a-fool!!!!