Fredo Santana - Coming Up Lyrics

Comin' up, I had roaches mouse in my crib
Swear to God, I ain't neva had shit
Man, I came up from the bottom
Came up from the bottom
Came up from the bottom
Man, I came up from the bottom
Hundreds in my right, hundreds in my left
Try to rob me, I swear to God you get left
Cause I came up from the bottom
Came up from the bottom
Came up from the bottom
Man, I came up from the bottom

[Verse 1:]
Drinkin' lean out the bottle, cause today I'm feelin' great
Got this 30 on me, don't make me put it in yo face
Cause I came up from the bottom, you kill for em dollas
Put it on my momma, man, I swear I'm chasing gwala
R.I.P. to my homies, lot of niggas be phoney
Hopin I fall off, I tell 'em wait on it
Cause I came up from the bottom, sellin' dope in the projects
Juggin' and finnessin', doin whateva get profit
Savage squad my squad, we go to war with the country
I'm so cool with this cool on my mac
I swear to God it get ugly
All my bitches they love me, all yo bitches dusty
I came up from the bottom, I swear I neva had nuttin'


[Verse 2:]
Hundreds bitches on my dick, 30k up on my wrist
Came up from the bottom, I ain't neva had shit
Can't forget first time when I learned how to whip
Seen that shit, ain't been right since
Came up from the bottom, yo ass a get slaughtered
If it get serious, kidnap yo mamma and daughter
Shootin'.30s at yo apartment, catch you lackin' at yo garbage
These niggas ain't with the shiz, I swear to God they apostles
Flexin' on these bitches, you can ask yo baby momma
Went from eatin noodles baloney, now I'm eatin steak and lobster
Lot of niggas snitchin', man they talkin' to the coppers
Ever since a yung nigga been runnin' afta dollas


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Fredo Santana Coming Up Comments
  1. BOOBVVR!S Vizualised

    Fredo santana de son vrai nom Derrick Coleman né en Avril 1990 à l ' ilinois à Chicago au étas unis fredo est le cousin de Chief keef

    Childen 1 : legend derrick Coleman

  2. Shutty Max

    Real shit 💯💯🔥🔥

  3. Matheus

    2020 still listening to this song! 🔥🔥
    Brazil - 🇧🇷
    R.I.P Big Boss Fredo!

  4. Don Maliki300


  5. Backwood Brando

    2020 drillnem on bd bip fredo free rondo

  6. Shane Kilbourn

    2020? Savage shit

  7. Bobby Bill

    2020 😈😴

  8. Ivan Quesada/LilIcyOfBTO/IvanSonOfSparda

    Who's here man💯 Today's the day Fredo Santana died. I'ma be posting stuff about him today on Instagram and Facebook. Same Thing I did for L.A Capone but I only posted it on Facebook. Check it at Ivan Quesada (lilicyofbto-rno) at Facebook and ivanquesada2004 at Instagram

  9. Johnny BB

    R.I.Paradise Big Boss 2020

  10. Joe WRX

    Blah blah blah bottom blah blah project blah blah blah money blah blah . Lol

  11. Trudaah Sinc

    Rip big homie 😢

  12. GxtBxdied x

    Who still bumping to this in 2020?

  13. RARE

    2020 : *we* *miss* *you* *forever* 💔

  14. Lanarre Jahêl

    RIP boss fredo 2k19 luv this song

  15. Jorge Rodriguez Rodriguez

    Rip fredo real trap

  16. Jacob Rodriguez


  17. T Mac

    Fredo 🚦♻️✅💉

  18. Sivart Kralc

    Dec 2019

  19. B D N 035


  20. nick boss

    Who still here in 2019

  21. M0ch0 0fficial

    Still a banger to this day 🔥🔥🔥 RIP

  22. ChodenVlogs

    R.I.P FREDO / 😇🙏❤️✌️

  23. MFA FR84

    Boire de la lean à la

  24. L Hernandez

    Damn G wish u never drunk that much lean

  25. Marcus Velez

    I Remember Bumpin This Shii In My Freshman Year Dam Kant Believe u Gone Big Homie 🙏🕊💯

  26. Alexgamer47

    im so sad u pased away OGI . damn :( #300 4 evar R I P LEGEND !

  27. Sad Boy

    I hope you haveing good time i hell

  28. Sad Boy

    Instead of talking shit thank god ,for your beautiful wife kid and blesse l,ife

  29. Sad Boy

    I know you see me from up there doo summm

  30. Sad Boy

    Thank, god everyday you from Chicago and for your life

  31. Sad Boy

    Mannnnn if you fnt stop crying

    Sad Boy

    And stop your cookery and malrky and fuckry

  32. Crenshaw Davis

    RIP Fredo Santana! I love you man

  33. Ray Jayy

    I stay slapping playing this shyt nd I still do to this day 2019 .. R.I.P TO A REAL SAVAGE LEGEND MAYNE HE STILL MA FAVORITE RAPPER EVEN THO HE RESTIN IN PEACE 🙏🙏🙏

  34. GMoney Baggz

    RIP# FredoSantana!!!

  35. JaysLife InaCamera

    Damn dawg 😭 Rest up Big boss. Legend gon be str8 for life 🙏🏼

  36. MelonoTV

    Miss u Fredo, greetings from Poland

  37. CycleOgden

    That soulja boy zan with the lean flow is fire

    Rip fredo

  38. Da Bears

    2:18 and a 1/2 lol quick flash of xans

  39. Jeffrey Pogany


  40. the hungrywulf

    Rest in paradise fredo 🕊

  41. smokinpotli TV

    2019 rip fredo 🤘🏿🙏🏿

  42. chewy yo

    Swears to g** I ain’t never had shit 😞🖤

  43. Lil Bear

    Still 🔥🔥💃🏻🔥RIP Fredo ❤️

  44. Que Que

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 dam savage miss u big dog rest up💯💯💯💯💯

  45. Kush Kid

    Still slapping this to this day. Rip fredo

  46. Josh L

    Man I genuinely miss Fredo. I hope he’s resting easy


    👍love this song

  48. Solo Alvarez

    Rest Up To The Real

  49. swisha sweets98

    This was my shit wen this mixtape came out

  50. Ys ys Pearce

    RIP to a real savage ❤️🙏🏼

  51. Bibby Lil

    Lean and the pain killed Fredo

  52. Xavier Vest

    We miss you Fredo ! #LongLiveTheBoss

  53. 1000Blk Reezy

    This music shit aint the same with out fredo

  54. 320000 BOY


  55. Mrgdkgdk


  56. Dee Money22

    2019 March...still playing

  57. Abdi Man

    I used to listen to this song 2014..when I was in bottom stacking my feels good to be up to nigga,fredo.

  58. themaadandthemonk


  59. Diego Fernández Ainse

    Realest in the game.

  60. Rodolfoskates

    Gip rest easy fredo

  61. DENI V


  62. Justin Balog

    RIP Fredo we all miss u

  63. Imabeat yoass


  64. Daniel

    Rest up Big Boss Fredo

  65. Lupe B.

    Who bumping this still in 2019
    R.i.P legend

    Zymeer Boulden

    Me im old skool 90s baby forever fredo santana rap like its the 90s all over again rest up fredo we love you fredo you will always be in my heart forever

    GNB Music

    Always bumping fredo 🔥

  66. ahmaad paige

    Rip Fredo Santana

  67. Jay ESPN


  68. INSTGRAM: _Billygotti_617 AL - BB


  69. ghost killa

    King pin status

  70. Boston Gamer

    RIP to fredo u gave me inspiration while ive been struggling.. 2 years later I still love you bro wish u was here

  71. cent_gang claned

    R.I.P my favorite rapper

  72. RiCkThEKiDD420

    My shit right here R.I.P Fredo

  73. N0X MONS/T3R

    RIP A$VP Yams RIP Fredo Santana long live 🙏🏼💯😤

  74. Flood Top

    swear to god i Neva had shit.

  75. Mahmoud tyou

    Drink the lean like fredo santana

  76. Joe Banner

    Love yu bru bru

  77. Jójó Fów

    The best song ever

  78. Damian Solis

    Love you Fredo ❤

  79. Niko Crudu

    I miss him

  80. dip shet

    R.i.p to my homies lotta suckas be phonies..hopin i fall off.. i tell em wait on it

  81. Tyerell Mack

    Rest easy Big Boss Fredo

  82. Brendon Weed


  83. khalil. tm21

    Rip fredo all his shit hard

  84. Carlo Ancelotti

    We be missing you bro ❤️

  85. Famous Dexturd

    Me and my lil brother used to play this everyday man.. smoking to it currently RIP Fredo 😇

  86. Rob Alxndr

    my niGGa freDo #G.i.p #600 .

  87. Jordan Rivera

    FREDO once told Russ he would be sipping lean to if he was actually from a hood n loosing all his brothers, people that ain’t from that will never understand that life style n it ain’t right . He pretty much had PTSD but it will never be looked at like that .

  88. Nikolai Threesix

    rip fredo

  89. outlaw Spirit

    Big respect, Fredo! RIP FREDO ,RIP BIG GLO ,RIP CAPO!

  90. L Hernandez

    Rip bro shits sad

  91. Jonathan Gonzalez

    69 punk ass lucky fredo Kruger still not here 💀☠️

  92. Carlos Rodriguez

    Fredo was the king of trap don’t argue with me R.I.P FREDØ Glo In Peace🙏🏻 300