Fredo Santana - Bought A Big K Lyrics

[Hook: Chief Keef]
A big K, a big K
I just went and bought a big K
Shoot a nigga dead in his face
I ain't ever like him anyway
It's gon' be okay, it's gon' be okay
I sip lean, I don't like no Rosé
I just bound from a whole K
Baby you know we the Glo Gang

[Verse 1: Fredo Santana]
2-4-14 be the gang
Big boss, put a goofy in his place
Got 30's hangin' off my fuckin' waist
Don't make me catch a mothafuckin' case
He owe gwap then that nigga better pay
Or I'mma be at his crib the next day
With a big K, a big K
Shoot his momma in the mothafuckin' face
In the trap, whippin' work like a slave
In the hood, my lil' niggas can't behave
Chest shot, or the neck, or the face
Put an Op nigga in his fuckin' grave
A big K, a big K
Sosa say he want him dead, he die today
Got a 30, I just bought a big K
It's ok, it's ok

[Hook: Chief Keef]

[Verse 2: Fredo Santana]
Sneak dissin', get found the next day
Stretched out, bullet holes from my K
It ain't my birthday, but I got a lot of cake
Try to take it and I'm shootin' you in the face
In the trap, with the squad, movin' weight
White bitches sniff a row up off the plate
I don't trust niggas, lot of niggas fake
When I'm on your ass, ain't no escape
Try to run, I ain't worried, bullets chase
I just went and bought a big K
It's ok, it's ok
I just went and bought a big K

[Hook: Chief Keef]

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Fredo Santana Bought A Big K Comments
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    RIP Big boss❤

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    I'm the 3.6k like lol

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    my favorite song from keef and fredo up to this day


    R.I.P. Fredo

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    2-4-14 be the gang

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    Halloween 😈💀

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    Realest line I heard in a song by anyone was sosa said he want him dead he die today 😤👿😈 rip fredo

    Walter Walter

    I Herrera 6ix9ine would’ve got blasted before he got locked up


    @Walter Walter nah

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    We miss you bro fredo

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    this song so tough, im not about that life but fredo music tough

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