Fredericks, Sawyer - Simple Man Lyrics

Mama told me when I was young
"Come sit beside me, my only son
Won't you listen to what I say
And if you do this it'll help you some day"

"Oh, take it slowly, don't live too fast
Cause troubles will come and troubles will pass
You'll find a woman and you'll find love
Just remember my son, there is someone up above"

"And be a simple kind of man
Oh, be something you love and understand
Baby be a simple kind of man
Oh, won't you do this for me, son, if you can"

Don't you worry, you'll find yourself
Follow your heart and nothing else
And you can do this, if you try
All that I want for you, my son, is to be satisfied"

"And be a simple kind of man
Oh, be something you love and understand
Baby be a simple kind of man
Oh, won't you do this for me, son, if you can"

I'll be a simple kind of man
Oh, I'll be something you love and understand

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Fredericks, Sawyer Simple Man Comments
  1. Joseph Urbonowicz


  2. PureBlonde75

    Still amazing. One of the best raw real talents from reality tv. That tone... gets me every time!!

  3. oldnavyluver83

    Still my favorite

  4. Tammy Belgrade

    Awesome Kid! Works his ass off on the family farm,humble, and very talented. God Bless you Sawyer!

  5. morgan herens

    He owns the stage....

  6. morgan herens

    He is by far MY FAVORITE!,

  7. Harris

    Mad props to the drummer here

  8. Daniel Kunzmann

    destroyed the song

  9. Wandy

    haven't gotten chills like this since the shinedown version

  10. Pretty Pri

    This is beautiful

  11. Ava Lucia

    Omg this brings me back to the 90s growing up. I miss being a kid sometimes.

  12. Kaiden sleeps

    Sooooooommmmeeee suuuun.......nvm dayyyyyyyyy

  13. Eileen Rubio


    Zenith J

    You should hear the music he writes. Latest LP is Hide Your Ghost. Then there was this song he wrote at age 12, but it's still an audience favorite.

  14. michael jeffries


  15. Deon Latchman

    I love his version the song

  16. Privat Decemon

    Timbre de voix très spéciale et beau , Frédéricks est juste parfait.

  17. Diogo Mateus

    This is so good!!!! What a great vibe that he had!!!!

    Zenith J

    Still has a great vibe, still writing, producing, releasing albums, and performing all over the US, Canada, and now Aruba.

  18. Faby mendes

    A melhor versão de simple man. Apaixonante

  19. Lucas Turcano

    You can tell he totally grasped the meaning of the song

  20. Charles Hanna

    Proof with enough promotion and support from the right people
    Anyone can make it as a singer

  21. Shadark The Shadow Shark

    He should/could have given more power. I know his voice, and it isn't that mellow. It's powerful and raspy and unique.

  22. Dang Nabbit

    Too bad he chose Pharrell and sings pop now

    Astrology Happenings

    The record label tried to make him pop, he went independent, check out his hide your ghost album, its all Sawyer.

    Dang Nabbit

    Astrology Happenings thanks fam

    Dang Nabbit

    Astrology Happenings didn’t know that but I’m so glad he did

  23. Richard Harris

    One of my all time favorite songs. Nice arrangement and great vocals. Well done sir.

  24. Ultimate Distruction

    La sua voce e' miele puro e whisky doppio malto insieme

  25. Mari S.

    I get literal chills when i listen to his voice, it is so angelical

  26. Cullen Bohannon

    Reincarnation of Greg Allman.

    Zenith J

    He has his own original sound with the songs he writes. They are various combinations of folk, rock, blues and jazz. "4 Pockets" sounds southern rock and "Window" is more blues/prog rock.

    Astrology Happenings

    Can't be....Greg died 2 years ago.....

  27. Sandy Stamps

    So blessed that this man stayed away from the evil of Hollywood! Sawyer has a beautiful voice that God has blessed us with.

  28. Indira Rey

    wow the best


    2:01 "Follow your heart and nothing else"... for some reason has such a deep meaning.

    Ava Lucia

    MIA DONOGHUE I know. I’m literally in tears hearing this.

  30. José Silvano

    Be simple mans dudes...

  31. Linda Frederick

    if God is good this artist will have lasting impact. Hope we are hearing his music in 100 years plus. This unique and talented musician is profound in his honesty and ability to transcend trend and be himself. He is a rare gift to the world.

  32. jose antonio bazan galvez


  33. Osswalt698 1

    So simple. So beautful. ❤️😢

  34. Osswalt698 1

    Omg. Omg. Amazing. ❤️😍

  35. Elif Bayrak

    the best cover..

  36. Rosalie 77

    A real force of nature

  37. Karabo ManneZA

    I love this song because i am my mothers only son❤️

  38. J Howard

    16 Years old. My God he is talented...

  39. Trooper

    Fuckin amazing. Tops the original

  40. drew

    you can tell how talented the kid is and you can also tell wow when this kid like actually becomes a man he will probably be even more incredible because his voice will stop changing

    Zenith J

    He's 19 now and his voice already has more character, but his talent isn't limited to singing. He's also written dozens of songs and has some mad guitar skills. He wrote this at age 12:

  41. michaellLucille babyGebaby getsy tsy

    Sawyer, your voice creeps right into my soul. Love listening to You!

  42. Grace Peterson

    He lived in my town

  43. Leslie Lang

    For all the commenters below, this is a 16 year old kid. He came up with his own versions of well known songs. He's got an amazing voice and personality. This is something that is missing from all the techno pop and bubble gum songs that have no meaning whatsoever because they're written to be cutsey. Those songs don't last. Back in the 60s and 70s there were some amazing bands and singers that sang songs that had messages in them. With this kid you can feel emotion that is sorely missing from the music world.

  44. Debora amorim


  45. Judy Conerly

    I knew the minute he sang this young man is going places I m sure his coat saw this too, amazing

  46. Sean Smith

    My favorite song. Don't like his version. He is talented obviously.

  47. Hello It's Me

    Он такой милаха

  48. Augmented Smurf

    Who said white boys can't sing the blues? This kid is incredible

    Zenith J

    He can write it too. You might like this:

  49. Надежда Антипина

    Он шикарен!!!

  50. Haizam Osmera

    Legends.. Voice

  51. DZ fel DZ


  52. dreamingcode

    his androgyny is appealing. No homo

  53. prissy sc


  54. Archie Goodman

    i'll give it to him... he had his own take on it... but since he fucked up the arpeggios and some lyrics... he butchered it tbh

  55. Leandro Matos


  56. Teresa Faulkner

    Freaking awesome

  57. Joakim Bylund

    Just awesome !

  58. Erik Swanson

    hes not even playing the guitar. he is fake strumming it

    Jake Stowers

    Erik Swanson the judges said it's his "safety blanket" he's not used to playing with a band

    Zenith J

    Not true. His guitar is all you hear at the beginning before the band comes in, and at the end. Here's proof

    Zenith J

    Jake Stowers They said it was his "safety blanket" because he wanted to stand behind the mic, not strut around the stage. He played very well with the Voice band and plays very well with his own band. See youtube video "Sawyer Fredericks: Half a Mind at The Troubadour 8/27/17"

    Leslie Lang

    Really? And how do you know that?

  59. John Reedy

    he forgot whole lines

    Never one to follow; Never one to lead

    It is a reality singing competition. Artists often perform shortened versions of songs to fit the allotted time.

    Wind Turbine

    for shows like this they shorten the songs, its quite obvious mate

  60. Scott Isgrigg

    Looks like to me he would suck a dick

    Blerina Idrizi

    Looks to me all you think about is d**** cause it's the second time you mention it. It's ok, it's legal now. You don't have to troll 16 yr old kids online to prove you are not in the closet

  61. Scott Isgrigg

    I give credit where it's due. He fucked this classic up. He doesn't even have the lyrics correct

    Leslie Lang

    You do understand they rearrange the songs on the show to fit timelines.


    well duh...but they don't change the lyrics...that doesn't save you any time does it ? Listen..I wish the guy well...he's just not that good and like many Idol winners their careers disappear quickly...he lost his deal and management last year...his mom is now his manager etc. He's playing small clubs and coffee houses...nothing wrong with that...many musicians do that. he can still make a nice living doing what he does and he's young and has a lot in front of him. If peeps love this version that's fine...I find it laughable from a performance standpoint..just my opinion ...but not near as bad as his duet with Fogerty. Have a goodun'

    Jeremiah Vinsant

    your 100% lying and live in your parents basement lol fucking hater probly 14 years old. he has more talent then you have in your entire family line

    Burnt Waffles

    wtf are you on? It's a reality tv show, they have no say in these things. Have the lyrics correct... you kidding? They have these kids do commercials , shoot stupid backstage videos on top of learning minimum of three songs in a week, you think he'd actually choose a lynyrd skynyrd song just so he can change the lyrics?

    Big White Duck

    @BloozeDaddy youre just mad he took the time slot in your pub lol

  62. Daylan Hicks

    0:46 "take a slow d***"

  63. Jeremy Gibson

    he's got a range so small he probably can't even cook eggs

    Zenith J

    That was a song used for testing his falsetto. He writes music with a very different vibe. and Maybe you know the magic formula for a hit in Nashville, but sometimes people look for something different.

    Zenith J

    Re McCreery: I'm not a fan, just saying he hasn't quit and he still has enough fans to have viewed the song's video 14 million times. Maybe he can make a career of it. Why gloat if he doesn't?


    stop virtue-signaling...I never WISHED anyone ill or gloated...crissakes dude. I'm just saying a LOT of people are under the impression that once you make it to the top 10 or 5 of these shows you've "made it" and nothing could be further from the truth...when the next season rolls around you're forgotten. It's takes great management to keep you out there on the road. Most stay close to home and struggle like most people in the business. Also...the winners of these shows who get record deals?...they're complete crap. I know..I have friends who've won them . Completely one-sided for the show and company. Takes years to get out of them unless they drop you.


    I know Taylor Swifts "magic formula" ...a couple of grandaddy's millions to buy into the record label ! bwahaha. Have a good one. Every time I come back here to comment Sawyer keeps showing up in my suggested that interested :-) later

    Leigha Arnold

    jeremy how much money will u make in the next 10 years?

  64. FaceTheMountaiN

    he has old soul voice, amazing for 16 year old kid


    Yeah that's amazing! Special talent.

  65. Keenan Verpoten

    Gave me chills, just like Skynyrds. Love it

  66. Sebastian Nowakowski

    Exceptional .... better than original

    Jermon Churchill

    Check out the 15min version by Gov't mule!! To me that's the best version recorded

    Alex Walker

    Not even on par with the original

    kiernan mcguire

    Honestly if were going by story and meaning the original blows it out of the water, the singer for Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote his heart out for this song and unfortunately no matter how much emotion Sawyer puts into the song, it doesn't mean the same thing to him and he doesn't capture that same emotion. No cover ever capture the same emotion but this video was great and Sawyer deserved to win.

    Leonardo's Truth

    Bullshit--this is a pretty good cover. You should wash your ears out--just pour some water into one and it will run out the other one with nothing to stop it.


    NOTHING will beat the original gtfoh

  67. Trinity Rayne

    this kid is simply amazing !!!

  68. John Sams

    Messed up the lyrics of Ronnie Van Zant

    gracey 17

    John Sams they have to cut way down on the song due to time constraints. He knows the lyrics.

  69. jack pasq

    Semplicemente straordinario, trasmette emozioni pure....

    Deborah Ometto

    Bravissimo! Sempre all 'altezza...👍

  70. mychannel

    nice but too slow

  71. siemniak

    i dont like his voice at all but he is not a bad vocalist.

    Cliff Riley

    We can't please everybody but that's ok. We are all so diverse is so many ways. I appreciate you comment because you did it with taste. Thanks siemniak


    woah. this is a joke right? i no u have your own opinion but how could you not like it ? wheres the flaws? lol

    Leigha Arnold

    siemniak, u dont makes sense oxi moron

  72. MesserAaron13

    he could've done a lot better

    SunFlower Tarot

    MesserAaron13 to bad he won though 😝


    Onasis Harris oh he definitely deserved to win but he could've done this song a little better

    Jeremy Gibson

    and most people eat McDonalds but that doesn't mean McD's is the best food around

    Jake Stowers

    You'd probably like the studio version more but I love how much more emotion is in this one

  73. ndspeedster

    he won the whole show that season.. no wonder.. and only 16.. wow


    ndspeedster Yeah good voice and he has a different look.

  74. TODD K

    Smooth, powerful, and with emotion. Gotta like this guy. Well done!