Fredericks, Sawyer - I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow Lyrics

In constant sorrow all through my days!

I am a man of constant sorrow,
I've seen trouble all my days.
I bid farewell to old Kentucky,
The place where I was born and raised
The place where I was born and raised

For six long years, I've been in trouble
no pleasure here, on earth I've found
For in this world, I'm bound to ramble
I have no friends to help me now
I have no friends to help me now

You can bury me in some deep Valley,
For many years, where I may lay.
Then you may learn to love another
while I am sleeping in my grave
while I am sleeping in my grave

Maybe your friends think, I'm just a stranger
My face you'll never see no more
But, there is one promise that is given,
I'll meet you on God's golden shore.
I'll meet you on God's golden shore!

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Fredericks, Sawyer I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow Comments
  1. Muhamad Shazrie

    imagine after he finish the first part and the judge turn the chair quickly and he stop singing of course blake would laugh on three of them until the show end lol :3

  2. Suramya pandey

    Is this version on Spotify?

  3. Aaron Cevallos

    I still don't understand why he chose Pharrel before Adam, I think it would have been even better

  4. Alan Kennedy

    Take two bottles into the shower?

  5. Tomás Lozano

    A young Zakk Wylde

  6. Obdulio melo

    Boy or girl?????

  7. Alex Craw

    This kid needs to be at every party with his guitar.... proper shindig tune 🤝

  8. Steffany K

    Side note: why is Pharrell so attractive? and he looks 20 years younger than he is - how


    In 1:29
    Judges like babies when parents read a story so much focus with eyes opened incredible 😂😂😂😂


    It takes only 7 seconds to turn that's crazy this man is incredible 😍❤️...

  11. PAUL T

    it's a man or a girl

  12. Sherlanne Assunção

    Canta muito 👏🏽

  13. Black Soul

    No one:

    Christina Aguilera : WHAAAAAAAT

  14. Heinz Kirschwasser

    This is like a Jim Morrison, a true legend itself 😮

  15. Ryan Ng

    And it’s just 6 seconds into the song..

  16. Haruka Matsu

    He has more smooth hair than mine. And i fell in love

  17. hey mambang tanah

    Couldn't believe that there are actually some people who doesn't like christina aguilera saying 'what'...she is just appreciating his voice...why did u guys hate it though😒😒

  18. MorrisWGreenTV

    One of the most ‘unique’ voices I have ever heard. Totally rocks. Although my voice rocks too!! Lol. 🇨🇦👍🤪

  19. Dean Anderson

    Is this guy god or something. How can someone be so perfect

  20. Juan Salvador Garcini Fernández

    He’s good but I don’t like his version.

    End time tv

    Juan Garcini huuu trolls spotted

    Juan Salvador Garcini Fernández

    End time tv oh crap ! The troll police !

  21. LaBalle TV


  22. Helmut Nordmann


  23. Murillo Fioque

    I am a man of constant sorrow
    I've seen trouble all my day
    I bid farewell to old Kentucky
    The place where I was born and raised
    (The place where he was born and raised)

    For six long years I've been in trouble
    No pleasures here on earth I found
    For in this world I'm bound to ramble
    I have no friends to help me now
    (He has no friends to help him now)

    It's fare thee well my old lover
    I never expect to see you again
    For I'm bound to ride that northern railroad
    Perhaps I'll die upon this train
    (Perhaps he'll die upon this train)

    You can bury me in some deep valley
    For many years where I may lay
    Then you may learn to love another
    While I am sleeping in my grave
    (While he is sleeping in his grave)

    Maybe your friends think I'm just a stranger
    My face, you'll never see no more
    But there is one promise that is given
    I'll meet you on God's golden shore
    (He'll meet you on God's golden shore)

  24. Warren Mundell

    Still watching in Nov 2019, love his voice.

    Massimo Fargnoli

    Warren Mundell December


    I'm literally addicted

  26. PRO Magic


  27. ali abdulqader

    Why are they being judged ?and need people to tell them they are good when they are already good?
    This show and many other shows could be all fake ,anything that involves a camera really is fake, most of the time anyway.
    I mean that person is really talented hardworking you can see that, why is there someone telling them if he /she is bad or good? When many made it with a voice that people would never thought he /she would make it? This juding shit is going way too far. Plus these people disapear and never be seen again, they do just one album and boom they are gone. Not all tho , but most of them. Some poor people were good, but the judges kick him off, like he was nothing, and they mock people sometimes. If you really wana make them shine, this isnt the way to do it anymore. Seems weird to me, maybe its okay cause they have experince and know shit we dont know, but still seems i dont know weird. Even the comments on youtube and social media are fake, so we got no idea whats going on XD.

  28. Sander Frilund Pedersen

    Holy shit. I’ve seen many auditions, but this one is actually madness!

  29. Rodrigo Alarcon

    I'm the only one that think he can be perfect a human version of Finn from adventure time?

  30. Bradley Kater

    wish i heard his voice in mafia 3 fits so well

  31. sexy butt

    He kinda looks like Carl from walking dead

  32. Alexis Sainz Martínez

    You can found this song, on Spotify, I got it

    Grim Beorn

    Alexis Sainz Martínez How did u do that? I could not find.

    Alexis Sainz Martínez

    Grim Beorn On Spotify, search the song as I am a man of constant sorrow — the voice performance

  33. Mona Pop

    still my fav audition :)

  34. elizabeth rodriguez mendivil

    Quiero tener el cabello de ese chico 😍😍😍😍

  35. Dean Anderson

    Absolutely fantastic. The best audition ever across any country. Mind blown

  36. Alex Guzmán

    Twenty five seconds and the song is destroyed unbelievable...

  37. Thiago Simões

    If this is the best the US has to offer, I'll keep watching The Voice UK, thank you very much.

  38. Bagus Yuda

    He's 15 yo

  39. Sascha Duckstein


  40. Sascha Duckstein


  41. Daniel

    i was listening this song for like 2 years and i was always amazed how can girl has voice like this...i just accidently found out that "she" is boy :D :D

  42. Ah Neth

    i like music

  43. Donovan Holopainen

    Idk why but I feel like his dad supposed to be fat

  44. Luiz Justino

    One of the best auditions.

  45. jo lima

    Q voz linda❤️

  46. amar tita

    Goose bumps damn

  47. sam Le combattant pacifique

    Woooooooo c'est formidable ! Impressionnant, j'ai pas les mots ! C'est de la magie !!!

  48. fixinit /

    he looks like Cody Fern

  49. Prabs Basnet


  50. robert p

    Only mans who can pull of hats like that

  51. Iyaman Kultura

    Ohh shit

  52. Alvaro Morales

    This is even better than the original one

  53. po lice

    Damn he is better looking than my gf. In fact better looking than most

  54. Ha Haa

    Sawyer F is a must-have gem for the music industry.

  55. Gleice Kelly

    Amooooo!!! 😍😍😍😍

  56. Gisell Correa

    Que talentooooo loco

  57. Addikt

    Person with long hair: I am a man


  58. Gusttavo Henrique

    obra de arte é essa voz

  59. DeiVid Martinez :v

    really nice

  60. Jannet Salome

    Que hermosooooo canta este hombree «3

  61. Sascha Duckstein

    mega cool ! greetings to the south states of america from germany

  62. Blackz Ali

    My girl just got pregnant

  63. Kiran Suraj

    Adam was like_is that a chick_I'm still prettier.

  64. stuart emslie

    What a voice

  65. Graham Slater


  66. batou batou

    Blake turned after hearing Kentucky born and raised 😂

  67. Israel De La Rosa

    Is that you Juanpa? HAHHAHA

  68. Thais Vreck

    I need this on spotify

  69. Puii Royte

    My fav blind audition of all times

  70. Erik Romero Frontaura

    To all Kentuuckyyyyyyyy omg I love him

  71. vladimir dosljak

    You can just see how fucking STAGED this fucking show is...

  72. Lucia Popescu

    love u man,always!

  73. The Wander Boy Jitin Raj

    He took the original song and made it better..

  74. Gencay Deniz

    My ears dude he is a perfect singer.

  75. Reniat Sandy

    Wonderful I can't stop watching this video

  76. Nizam Abqary

    Oregineĺ pirśom 1920🤣🤣


    I've watched this so many times I know when Christina's "whats" and Adam's "oh" comes in lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  78. Aziz Ahonk0504

    That hair like a JBoy ( james adam )

  79. David Valencia

    This is the 55.799 time that I see this video

  80. Benjamin

    He looks a bit like a.zverev with longer hair..

  81. Edgar Guerra


  82. Ali Jazayeri

    young Gandolf, is that you?

  83. beaver fribente

    fantastic voice sawyer great recording voice

  84. Urszula Wolska

    Omg what a voice

  85. Christian Del Barrio

    yee haw

  86. Dan King

    Ive watched this about 30 times this week. Dont see it slowing up any time soon.

    wiwi 1147

    Me too daily

  87. Aussie Bucc

    I love the blind auditions but this is the best one.

  88. Angelica Basilio

    Amei ta de 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  89. Angelica Basilio


  90. Echwayithileyo

    Best performance of the all the voice series (included other countries). Amazing

  91. wiwi 1147

    Wow Amazing

  92. iiaarraa_x

    who’s this song by???

  93. Cindy C

    Sawyer's voice is one of those that comes from somewhere else.

  94. JohnFromAcounting

    i hear him sing this and just want to hear him sing Eye of the zombie so bad.... he would be perfect !!

  95. Stanzin Andol

    I love this guy...😍 too good..

  96. parafitaify

    Sold his body and soul to the devil to sing and play guitar =D

  97. lockie

    0:11 grey t shirt guy looks like Brock Lesnar

  98. ajsilva78

    Fuck... What a fuck... UAU