Fredericks, Sawyer - Have You Ever Seen The Rain Lyrics

Someone told me long ago
There's a calm before the storm
I know, it's been coming for sometime

When it's over, so the say
It'll rain a sunny day
I know, shinning down like water

I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?
I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?
Coming down on a sunny day

Yesterday and days before
Sun is cold and rain is hard
I know, been that way for all my time

Til forever on it goes
Through the circle fast and slow
I know, it can't stop, I wonder

I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?
And I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?
Coming down on a sunny day
Coming down on a sunny day

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Fredericks, Sawyer Have You Ever Seen The Rain Comments
  1. Lucy -Kovaříková-

    btw i envy her ass xd

  2. Pixi Myn


    Zenith J

    He was only 15, she was 17 at the time. I don't know if she is pursuing a career in music, but he is a singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer. He's an independent artist with his own band now and is working on his 3rd LP since winning The Voice. There's a song he says he wrote while on the show because of the culture shock of going from his family's farm to the artifice of Hollywood and TV:

  3. ZxAura

    December 2019, in the house. Still getting goose bumps from this killer duet.

  4. Deltaworks23

    I don't know what to do with my hands.

  5. santiago chaves Lee

    I always though he was a girl!

    Hannah Pechanec

    You're going to hell.

  6. Da Orestes

    This version is so perfect!

  7. Peter van der Zee

    i think this is arguable the best duet i've ever heared. it just boggles my mind that this vid has no more views.

  8. Fritz Grind

    Damn she‘s hot

  9. Duzin Faria

    Maior dueto de todos os tempos do The Voice.


    Saudações Brasileiras.

  10. Carol Braun

    Absolutely love this video. Never get tired of listening to it.

  11. Kamil Skotnicki

    Absolutely brilliant!!!!

  12. Jordyn Blakemore

    1:48-1:55 big time goosebumps 😱🤯😮

  13. soca randy

    They were great together and would make a great couple!

  14. nick panther

    This is how to KILL a top song.

  15. Kambo Arkha

    2019 and I still can't get over this performance.......
    Must have watched it a thousands by now... Watching since 2015...

  16. Wabb1e

    This is one of my favorite battles

  17. claire story

    Noelle looks like Blake Lively

  18. Crystal Bay

    Such a beautiful duet of this song<3

  19. Puchwi Trakha

    Wow amazing

  20. ιтѕ_ѕтσяму

    1:48 ❤️

  21. Francis Camelo


  22. Helen Ruiz

    Perfect harmony! And yes, both have really pretty hair !
    Yes, to 0- ego !

  23. Helen Ruiz

    Perfect harmony! And yes, both have really pretty hair !

  24. Berklee Larsen

    I honestly DO NOT like his voice I love her’s though it just is like an angels voice in my opinion

  25. Lindsay Hall

    There voices r amazing together!

  26. Regina Phalenge

    Sawyer is a male fairy!!

  27. Isuru Rajapaksha

    Sawyer sounds like john denver❤️

  28. Nuno Soares

    Noelle. Equally as awesome as Sawyer. By the way Noelle. If you read this send me an hello if you can :-)

  29. vikhozo kweho

    Anyone still watching in 2019

  30. Dak Jahat

    The dude voice sounds annoying to me 🤔

    Alvin Tse

    Dak Jahat Unfortunately America disagrees with you, as he won the season.

  31. Mike McKay

    She’s generic. He’s unique.

  32. Jasmin Flower

    They make such an awesome duet. Amazingly beautiful.

  33. Nono L

    I ship them omg!😍😍😍

  34. Vanessa Janik

    One of the best performances on this show. Nothing fancy.. just so authentic.

  35. debmac2

    By far one of the BEST duets ever on the voice!!

  36. Tyler Yatco

    So glad he won. She honestly just sounded the same the entire song. Just my opinion 🤷🏻‍♂️ big Sawyer fan

  37. Desireé S

    Why does he remind me of a male version of Stevie nicks though

  38. David Edwards

    Does she not know how to say rain? Lol

  39. The Kaiser

    Eh not a fan of either one XD

  40. Fakawma 14

    July 11 2019???

  41. Next Digital Chelly jourey Naga

    Incredible song well sang ...2019

  42. Comentários Sinceros

    É de arrepiar!!!!!!!!!!

  43. very smart person

    He has the better voice

  44. Shartune199

    Cant they just do a collab battle to see who was better like for real I wanted both of them to win

  45. Moondog Lightning

    Nice harmonies.

  46. Trinity Frank

    Seems more like a duet than a battle

  47. MsTereret

    beautiful version of sawyer Frederick and Noelle bybee!!!!!

    Zenith J

    It was a nice moment, but Sawyer has so much more to offer than cover songs. He writes all of his own music and is a wonderful guitarist too. Check out this song from his album, Hide Your Ghost:

  48. JudgeDread 305

    Cute couple

  49. Ires Ros

    Se unieron dos ángeles, esta version me encantó y eso que crecí con la música de Creedence . (John Fogerty).

  50. Eileen Rubio

    "To be a good as you are and have zero ego takes a lot." Wow ~~

  51. I Deun / Lj


  52. Tristian John

    Why is noelle bybee so beautiful?

  53. transformeriiti

    @1:48 she knew at this moment the battle is gone.

  54. K. P.

    They are a good combination

  55. Charles Jones

    Two voices sound beautiful together hear some more vh1 where are they now ?

    Zenith J

    Don't know about Noelle, but Sawyer is always touring with his band (is playing in Aruba right now) has written 2 albums, produced the latest, Hide Your Ghost, himself. Check out music videos on youtube for Should've Known Better, Hide Your Ghost, Gasoline, and Turning the Shoulder.

  56. erin breske

    I maintain the opinion that this is one of the best battles that the Voice has ever had

  57. Do it

    have you guys seen white chicks? that woman reminds me alot of one of them. hahahahaha

  58. Nina Lancaster

    Their voices together......perfection !!!!!

  59. Tobin Hays

    1. One of my all time favorite songs
    2. Performed exceptionally
    3. They should be a duet. Their voices perfectly compliment the other.
    4. I have absolutely no idea how I stumbled on this video. I don't watch the show, never heard of these two. Love it.

    Zenith J

    You should hear of Sawyer. He was 15 at the time of this performance, at age 16 was the youngest winner of The Voice US and remains the youngest male winner. He's now an independent artist writing and producing albums (Hide Your Ghost), and constantly touring the US and Canada with his own band.

  60. b carb

    Best performance on the Voice as of yet.

  61. David Witkus

    boy, talk about butchering one of the gr8 songs of all time

  62. Joan Glend Gamelo

    It's 2019, anyone still watching this?

    Duzin Faria

    From Brazil

    Pixi Myn


    beutel leemaier

    I do. They are so beautiful.

    Cheryl Simpson

    I could listen to these 2 awesome singers, sing all day together. They did a wonderful job singing this song together👩🏼‍🎤💖👨🏼‍🎤 They're magical together ❤️😍💗.

  63. Chinzorig Baasankhukh

    2 beatiful guys, amazing voice. u 2 should marry, at least make love for me😁


    Someone told me long ago 
    There's a calm before the storm, 
    I know; 
    It's been comin' for some time. 
    When it's over, so they say, 
    It'll rain a sunny day, 
    I know; 
    Shinin' down like water. 

    I want to know, have you ever seen the rain? 
    I want to know, have you ever seen the rain 
    Comin' down on a sunny day? 

    Yesterday, and days before, 
    Sun is cold and rain is hard, 
    I know; 
    Been that way for all my time. 
    'Til forever, on it goes 
    Through the circle, fast and slow, 
    I know; 
    It can't stop, I wonder.

  65. Wade 10

    Honestly I think the girl sounds better in this performance

  66. Kevin Anderson

    Anyone else think this was beautiful

  67. Bayu Nugraha

    Bogoh ka sora si Teteh

  68. Devastator

    The way he looks at's like she was hypnotized into throwing it. Not like she had to for him to win!

    Astrology Happenings

    Sawyer was the only one there that was not in it for the win! Singers look at each other for timing purposes! He held back in this song!

  69. almei dinha

    Amazing ❤

  70. Jayson Johnson

    I saw the concert and it was AMAZING love u sower

  71. Charlie

    This performance is one of the most beautiful of all time. As a musician, I know that you must make something very special and different to make people react the way these judges did. And their comments make these two special performers even more magic and seeing this clip over and over makes me love them all that much more. Thank you ..... and keep sharing this video on YouTube. It belongs to the ages......

  72. Rohan Pathak

    I am here to find out which key they are singing in? anyone?

  73. Bronwyn Lee

    Her voice in its sweet soft tones match complimentary to his melodic tones, they do not miss a beat. Wow! it is rare.

  74. Ben Jerry

    Like super WOW!!

  75. Sawyer S

    I love sawyer so much, lol my name is sawyer too ❤️

  76. lanius lanius


  77. boomerang379

    They butchered this song.

  78. Yusuf Nawaz

    2019 still get me

  79. Joe Stan

    Pure magic

  80. Andreas Stevermueer

    Was für ein langweiliger Scheiß ist das denn ?

  81. Duda Baby Luxo


  82. Luke Nukem

    They sing it a little bit too slow. But damn.. their voices are really great, I have to like this video!

  83. Pola Asipeli

    Best duet ever who's with me?

  84. Lois Nichols

    Love, Love, Love This!

  85. Ngamshing vlog

    Sawyer 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻....damn good

    Zenith J

    That was a sweet collaboration, not a competition. Still, Sawyer's voice is outstanding and so is his songwriting and guitar. You should see what he's up to now.

  86. Jode Pelala

    Nmms que mal

  87. Cole McGlinch

    2019 👀

  88. Emma Sharpee

    0:58 😍😍

  89. C F

    Sawyer is not that good

    Zenith J

    "Not that good" must be why he was scouted by The Voice to audition, why 4 coaches turned for him, sight unseen, why he had the most i-tunes downloads and was the youngest show winner at that time; why he was able to solo write and produce an album by age 18, and 3 songs he wrote were selected to be featured on TV shows (Longmire, The Ranch, Code Black). It's why he sells out iconic venues around the US and Canada, and why he's a showcased artist at Folk Alliance International. I get that his voice may not be to your taste and you may like more technically trained singers or other styles, which is not the same as "not that good."

  90. Lenny A.

    Hope they do an album

    Zenith J

    It seems that Noelle has taken a different path, singing for the LDS church. Last year Sawyer released an album he wrote and produced, Hide Your Ghost.

  91. caveymoley

    This was not a fair fight...
    Still loved her effort and grace though

  92. Meghanne Schrieber

    Best duet ever barred💘💘💘

  93. Yvonne Werb

    wonderful - 2 incredible voices

  94. madmitch105

    Wow they seem to have some real chemistry together

  95. Real 1908

    nice battle and she is een snoepje