Freddie King - Have You Ever Loved A Woman Lyrics

Have you ever loved a woman
So much you tremble in pain?
Have you ever loved a woman
So much you tremble in pain?
All the time you know
She bears another man's name

You just love that woman
So much it's a shame and a sin
You just love that woman
So much it's a shame and a sin
Yes, you know, yes you know
She belongs to your very best friend

And yee-es!
Have you ever loved a woman
One that you know you can't leave her alone?
And yee-es!
Have you ever loved a woman (sing!)
One you know you can't leave her alone?
But there's something deep inside a-you
Won't let you wreck yo best friend's home


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Freddie King Have You Ever Loved A Woman Comments
  1. svs jo

    Nice performance. But i have the BEST one on my channel from Eric Clapton !!!

  2. Casey Houk

    Ole girl at 2:35 is looking like she wanted Freddie to play her like that 😆

  3. bers batjargal

    Im here on 02/02/2020 and i am listening to Freddie King for the first time after listening to BB king before and loving it but finding it with a Joe Rogan podcast. Ill say this man is funky and his guitar skills are just original without a doubt a King

  4. Yolang


  5. william dolezal

    Back when the music used to speak for itself

  6. micky rooney

    Less is more with Freddie...

  7. Kristina Geisendorff

    That man had the blues in his blood

  8. alaskakyle

    Rabbi ripping it up on the piano

  9. EyeAm La

    Come on Maxwell let these ppl know the whole band was excellent and a great of their time🙌🏽🙌🏽

  10. Worship His Majesty ❤️

    Even craZy Piano... Loved it man

  11. Worship His Majesty ❤️

    Man came here for the First time.. M so damn late Explore Masterpiece.. He was a legend for sure..

  12. Cory White

    This man played that guitar so hard I've not seen one comment about that wild hat at the beginning.

  13. Ken Smithy

    I've watched this video off and on for a few years now. It's that good. I never checked out the comments in till now. 2:48 am. I know it's been two years and the 111 people that disliked this video have been slapped so much their in the hospital on life support. But, they are going to get slapped first thing in the morning for the last time. Then I'm pulling the plug!!

  14. Raoul Fleckman

    That piano fella, he's blowin' my mind.......Freddy is fu**ing amazing. This music makes me want to drink wine, lucky, I have some already poured! And I live in Colorado, you know what I mean. lol

  15. 2skyland

    Somebody was about to catch hands at 1:27

  16. James Reilly

    A very emotive guitar player and singer. One of the best. A Blues legend. I read somewhere he lived on Bloody Marys morning, noon and night.


    He & Junior Kimbrough are, for me anyway, the very best in how they approach this 'form' of blues guitar....amazing

  18. Guillermo Melametz

    Además de ser un guitar máster que buena camisa

  19. Juliasblues

    Oh Freddie !

  20. Jonny Johnsen

    It is now january 18, 2020, and 480 people still dont know music from shit! Well, it's their loss.

  21. Andrew Hawkey

    The mighty Dave Maxwell on piano … just fabulous!

  22. Robert Attard


  23. J.B Knox

    Love that guitar tone!

  24. Rob Slater

    Whoa! Seen this video a bunch of times...and just noticed something. First, at 0:36, then at 1:05 to 1:16, in the black and white, large-checked shirt, sitting right in front of Freddie. Tell me that's not Roy Buchanan!

  25. Tyler Vercetti

    Woo! Anyone drop by in 2020?

  26. Norm

    sorry, but compared to Eric and others, this guy is lame.

  27. Dan Hanrahan

    piano player is out of his mind.

  28. Christian Lachèze

    The Man. Nuff said

  29. Mischtchratzer

    at 1:04, the guy sitting in the audience.. is this Roy Buchanan ??? have a closer look.. would makes sense at all........


    just realized that I did the same comment 1 year ago.. LOL

  30. Robert Hedrick

    Armadillo World Headquarters. He was the King.

  31. Ronald James

    THIS is where Stevie Ray Vaughan got his style of playing from !

    nufc forlife

    Ronald James srv was albert king all day long with a little bit of lighting hopkins and jonny winter mixed in that was his style

  32. Bryon Edwards

    Soulful music is missing these days

  33. Rene Melendez

    That crowd is dead! I see a lot of clueless listeners in the audience. Great band.....all of them!

  34. R. J. Smith

    He's so fuckin good

  35. DrinkYourKoolAid

    Oh Gaaaaad! This man makes me cum!

  36. JomoDaMusicMan




  37. DJ Giovanni Nsane

    This music has to live on through others! These are once in a lifetime artists, Freddy King, etc.

  38. collin coffey

    Piano player was off the chain

  39. Steve Solo

    "Any Texans in the House?" noticed that there wasn't a single "whoop" or "Right here man!" Not a soul wanted to give "Props" to that idiot standing on stage with that hideous piece of roadkill rubbed into his scalp!
    If it wasn't for the Great Freddy King being introduced, this guy would have been dragged around back and beaten to within an inch of his worthless little life!!!


    That "idiot" is Jim Franklin, a well known artist and friend of Freddie.

    He did the artwork for Freddie's albums.

    Steve Solo

    @mulumbiken still an idiot.

  40. Ferreira 5

    Merry Christmas! Oh yeah! And a Happy New Year for all! Thanks for share


    Freddie could have had the worst stage night ever and he still would have been better than any modern so called blue's player, JB doesn't hold a candle, These guys grew up living the songs they sing This is why the blues don't translate to modern player Don't get me wrong there are some modern player who play em and lived em But their not the Pop player nobody wants to see them,Everything is upside down One day this ship is gonna be righted and when it is i say thank God!!

  42. Bat Man

    Im from europe...and you americans are way more racist than wer are.


    wtf are you talking about? what does a 50 year old music video have to do with racism? Sound like you have race running through youre head all the time You mite want to take a deeper look at youre statement.

  43. Kyle Hooks

    He was so fucking good...

  44. MSO MSO

    It’s 2019 and still listening. STRONG

  45. Tom Kenstowicz

    wow !!! what tone !!!

  46. JusSteve53

    Pure expressionism.

  47. loppeged

    Introducing with an alien hat - cool!

  48. Dimas Vicente


    neil young
    o rock cantou
    chuck berry
    seu rock
    angus young
    sua guitarra
    sua flauta
    andy anderson
    sua bateria
    me inspirou
    elvis presley
    o rock dancou....

  49. papawx3

    3:12 point in the video: Wondering what it would be like to climb on top of Freddie and ride!

  50. D CK

    who is the drummer?

  51. PC Jeff

    I clicked on this video on accident and I'm so glad I did. This is tremendous.

  52. mma 1st

    Did he tune down?

  53. J D

    Mama that man made his guitar cry.

  54. Rosanne Barneveld

    Some can play the notes, very very few can replicate the tone, almost none can replicate the sonic picture, fewer still match the performance.

  55. Jacob Kelley

    I like how theres a bunch of dirty ass hippies in the front row talkin to eachother n shit and I would have been sittin there ugly crying tryng to soak in all thats Freddie King

  56. Charles Dahmital

    Makes more music while not playing than most do when playing.

  57. Ramon Sanchez

    Freddie King greatly influenced in EClapton in his beginnings here in This song Clapton knew how a Black man fells When a playing a Blues they Take him in the Blues 🎸🥁🎹

  58. idriss ice

    bassist look like jamie foxx

  59. Itsnotbrettreddell

    First time watching cuz I remember srv said he liked the three Kings and I only have heard bb // he’s real good those licks are sharp

  60. Donnie Winters

    Saw Freddie King twice in concert, got to meet and shake his hand in a hotel lobby in Austin, Tx. in early '74, Loved his music, and was impressed at the size of his hands

  61. guile

    on the verge of tears from the first note to the last. pure, raw, trembling emotion. this man is an incredible musician.

  62. Micah Thomas

    3:13 not impressed

  63. John Olmstead

    He was awesome

  64. John

    Awesome !! ....Thanks.

  65. nick mcarr

    Now THAT is givin' it!

  66. Ben Her

    Best of the KINGS

  67. DSilka Silkiie Harris

    Blues is emotional ..sadness. Turned happy...have you ever loved a much....ever loved a man so much...

  68. Mark Stefano

    That's why his name is king x

  69. Lucas Ferreira

    Charles Manson on Piano ladies and gentlemen

  70. Double A

    Man if I’d play like that I’d have to retune my guitar after every bend cause my shit fucked up
    Edit: the piano dude is killing it

  71. Robert Rowe

    look man...theres an old sayin about blues, that when you sweat, its just the blues comin out...and you aint jack unless you put wrinkles on your face when playin

  72. hilbilly bluz

    Chris Thomas King

  73. neilsthepoet

    I build my home
    Outta time.... alone

    7:48 pm

  74. Paul Kelly

    Rumour has it that, after this particular performance, Freddie had sex with everyone in the crowd. Simultaneously. That's the measure of the man.

  75. carlos esteban Gomez


  76. luis alcala

    Ladies and gentlemen... And on the piano.... None other than... JESUS Himself.... 8:02-9:50.... Lol 😂

  77. Mitch Clyman

    My God!!! Speechless. Freddie is a bulldozer.

  78. zivkovicable

    When people try & tell me that Eric Clapton is great Blues guitarist, I laugh & show them this....

  79. The Bear Republic

    The Texas Cannon Ball

  80. Earlybird Early biz

    This is sick, love it

  81. AC Michelin

    This Guys a Guitar Freak!!!...😮😮😮👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  82. Janice Oliver


  83. Javier Aragón Sánchez


  84. Kristi Walker

    God damn

  85. zach kreider

    Who was thefreaky wizard that introduced freddy

  86. Otis

    I’d kill for this mans guitar, god damn gold hard-wear cherry red es 335

  87. Edward Parker

    That FUCKING tone !!!!!

  88. Saito Joe

    I'm I in heaven? Cuz this is what I call real good music, never wake me up please

  89. xxHouseInMotionxx

    shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit freddy…. apparently I don't think I have

  90. Costa Georef

    OMG!! ✌❤😮

  91. Lisa Weaver

    111 people don;t know a damn thing about real takes to sing out a soul... so damn solid. Its why they don't last long. Why in the hell would any soul care of what others think. You'll never make it.

  92. Gnrl Mtrs

    Video feels like a whole day, savoring every milli second of the whole band

  93. Myanna's Magic

    Wooo make your head blow off! Awesome 🎸👏

  94. Martin Donohoe

    Freddie simply sweats the blues out..

  95. david smith

    My man yogi in junior high school would tell me about Freddie king exploit on guitar and tell me that Freddie was better than anyone at that time and that was in 1975,this 2019 and he was on point about this brother.

  96. Tarryl Rosier

    This is "I'm gonna get me a speeding ticket" music!