Freddie Gibbs - Soul Right Lyrics

Smooth, nigga, you know what I'm sayin'?
Too motherfuckin' smooth, bitch, yeah
Bald head, head like a baby, a baby ass, bitch, yeah
Yeah, Kane
Here to motherfuckin' remain, yeah
Uh, bitch nigga
It's still fuck police, too
Yeah, nigga, yeah

Rest in peace Terrence Crutcher, motherfuck Betty Shelby (Fuck that bitch)
I never wish death but bitch, find a hollow tip and inhale it
When Taz drove off with two kilos, I told him we should mail it
And now we gone up the river, they seen my nigga sellin'
Nigga killed the police in Dallas, that's probably fake news
While they knock 'em off with robotics, R2D2's
Everything on me icy, Snow White, it's just like I skiied through
I sit back in the trap with them rats and I watch the cheese move
Shakin all these nutso niggas off the roof, off the record
Ball without a motherfuckin' ball like I was Tommy Sheppard
Life a bachelor party, we with them strippers on O's and X's
I can't hold no grudges, my hands is too busy catching blessings, yeah

Yeah, and I been struggling my whole life, yeah
I pour it up and get my soul right

East side boy, my mama was the mail lady (Yeah)
Brother and my sister got degrees but I got the yayo, baby (Yeah)
Had to beat my case, I can't turn Irie to a jail baby
Bitch, I weigh that shit up in my crib, I think your scale shady
Pass it off and drop it like Stockton, bitch, I facilitate
Fucked some niggas off but I also done set some niggas straight
Way back when we had rows and Lincolns is all a nigga ate
And every day I fuck up a bulletproof glass chicken plate, uh
Empty stomach, broken heart, and empty pocket
Three things that occur to show you if you and your niggas solid
Know that they won't prosper but the devil still gon' form the weapon
I can't hold no grudges, my hands is too busy catching blessings, yeah (Blessings, blessings)

Yeah, and I been struggling my whole life, yeah
Yeah, I pour it up and get my soul right, yeah
'Cause I been struggling my whole life, yeah
So I broke it down and it was all white, yeah
Mama always told me it'd be alright, yeah
I still broke it down and it was all white, yeah
I pray the Lord'll get my soul right, yeah
I still pray to Lord'll get my soul right

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Freddie Gibbs Soul Right Comments
  1. Pending Poltergeist

    These juul commercials are so cringey they make me want to buy a juul and die of lung cancer. I’m cool tho

  2. Marcus Gotti


  3. Mastodon84 -

    This is mad ill. Sad it's barely over 200k views. Glad I'm (we're) one of the lucky few

  4. Lewis Sinclair

    The end of this song samples "Noises and Conversations" by The Heliocentrics who also were support act during part of Gibbs & Madlib's tour run last year.

  5. josh britton

    This fuckin album is the best album in ten years from any artist

  6. mopoligist420

    The NPR tiny desk concert version is so much better musically it just blows the original version out of water

  7. Hippy Hurdler

    Nigga killed the police in Dallas prolly fake news
    While they knock him off with a robot R2D2

  8. Jordan Course

    Definitely Soul Right. This that type of song you can wake up to. Bringing those inspirational vibes.

  9. rusoshines


  10. interceptor90ify

    Had come over after tiny desk

  11. New Guy

    Shakin all these nutzo niggas off the roof off the record.. Ball without a muhfuckin ball like I was Tommy Shepherd??!

  12. Bryant Carter

    Album of the YEAR !!!

  13. Wavy Max

    Love the way it start off.

  14. Cj Treasure

    Snubbed for best rap album of the year, Grammys are a joke. How could this not be BEST RAP ALBUM????

  15. Paisley

    The end sounds like some cartel torture music or some shit LMAO

  16. TwitchDM -


  17. [YouTube] Brainztormz Productions

    I like how there's a Pinata on the ground

  18. Alec BB

    Madlib flexing at the end lol

  19. acetheinfinite

    This instrumental is the one that made me realize, we need the bandana instrumentals more than we thought..

  20. Fijiboi

    Right in the heart

  21. EZdelFresco

    Just realized I listen to this song at least once a day

  22. The Sonoran Desert Grower

    This is my 2019 JAM💯🔥 Favorite Track off this record with Crime Pays a close second. Freddie is killing these insane Madlib tracks. Was really hoping Quasi would make a guest appearance, but this album is dope AF regardless 👌🏽🔥

  23. Michael Auberry

    Just put Madlib in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame already I know they don't do that kind of stuff with hip-hop producers but he's such a genius

  24. Jeff Murphy

    It’s a shame that even tho it should be album of the year, we all know it won’t win🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  25. Matthew Adkins

    It really is the album of the year maaaaaan. Its just on a new level. Its like Mario warping in the tubes.

  26. iNdosOuL Vision

    Rest In Peace Terrence Crutcher, Mutha Fuck Betty Shelby, I Never Wish Death, But Bitch Find A Hollow Tip N Inhale It! Deeeeeeem!

  27. CashCheckOrCredit Swaggg

    This shit is fireeee deadass on repeat rn 💯💯💪💪

  28. arp 909

    “Pass it off and drop it / Like Stockton bitch I facilitate” 🙌

  29. eric robinson

    I love this song 👍

  30. Jordan Course

    The homie Gibbs is sooo underrated. My fav rappers are Curren$y and Freddie Gibbs.

  31. will p

    😢 Obrigado

  32. J Zilla

    The fuck is the lyric man

  33. SnickleFritzMcJame

    I like the nod to KRS

  34. Wreckavec

    This is the best song on the album. It should be picking up way more views..

  35. Dylan Zapf

    "Nigga killed the police in Dallas that's partly fake news, why they knock him off with robotics .R2-D2."

  36. James

    What kind of percussion/shaker does Madlib use towards the end? I need to know.😭👌

  37. Vick Demone

    gibbs shouted me out beginng kane

  38. cellgod uno

    “Ghetto Music” Gotta Love hearing that 🎼

  39. aan pakker

    wayyy 2 mfking smooothhh

  40. blacqueen 87

    I cant hold any grudges I'm too busy catching blessings! This album is so groovy! I hope Freddie gets the recognition he deserves!

  41. AFG Incite

    this is so fucken dope .............

  42. James Massie

    KRS at the beginning?

  43. Mr Ice

    Ol girl told me Freddie Gibbs makes her think too much. That was my last time seeing her

  44. Russell Smith

    This album won't get the acknowledgement of other albums, but it's definitely top 3 ive heard this year.

  45. James Kolawole

    I just listened to the album front to back for the first time... i really like it, its a very good album. A+

  46. Ash Lo

    it just gets better! #summer #2019

  47. Toronto Rap Critic

    I'll be listening to this in 2084.

  48. McKenzie Williams

    Stank Face 😣

  49. La'Roy Clark

    Gangsta Gibbs did it again. Slept on.

  50. Gerald Brown

    Bald head 🤣

  51. Aaron S

    This just hits the soul right.

  52. De'Angelo Simmons

    Can't take this off repeat 😯

  53. George92

    fuck. this beat maaaan….

  54. chris oseland

    Overrated, but it still deserves album of the year.

  55. Information Sniper

    Thank you Gibbs for this,
    I fight everyday

  56. R S

    when that last beat came in i tried to hit thumbs up again

  57. Rodrico Spade


  58. Seminole Space Force

    Production is elite, bars is lacking tho.

    Gibbs just ain't it chief.

    ismoooh a

    Thought On this album ?

  59. David Dz

    Anyone know that intro sample? :D

  60. VNS TRV


  61. Paisley

    Did he just rip a fat line in the beginning of the track? LMAO

  62. Dakota Doctor

    This one of the hardest on the album 🤷‍♂️🔥🔥

    Saint Parker

    I know usually tracks near the end get looked over

    Dakota Doctor

    @Saint Parker it's a damn shame too cause that's where alot of the best songs are 🙌😂

  63. Amal Morgan


  64. My Entire Team Sucks

    Anyone else feel the outro beat is the intro to 'Montana'?

  65. Z E

    Like this Cover better then Dre’s Compton cover. Seems more realistic

  66. Matt Dwelly

    Just broke my neck yo

  67. Ani mah

    Niiice 👌💕

  68. Donald Beasley

    It’s solid from end
    Niggas don’t make full projects no more and this is bonafide complete

    Wolfhart MC

    Check out Benny Butcher, Awar and Wolfhart.

  69. Jimmie Carter

    The music is real from Gary Indiana to Chicago to West Palm Beach FL

    NIMMHATV Rap Beats

    all the way to europe! Even the Zebra's in Africa be bumpin they heads to this. REAL WORLDWIDE HIP-HOP!"

    Stay Bizzy Entertainment

    Up in Canada too bro!!

    Anthony Cononico

    Boynton Beach to Las Vegas. Spreading the word about this dude no matter where I go

  70. frank daniel

    this not only aoty, shit gave me gta san andreas vibes as well

  71. stale memes

    time to listen to this album a billion-gazillion-million more times lol

  72. Skinny J

    Fuck Betty Shelby

  73. Travis Smith

    This bad 2

  74. Michael Masters

    Why they knock him off with robotics, R2D2's

    Oliver Burke

    My personal visual of that ain't nice! #Thefuture #A.I.

  75. Alfredo Gonzalez

    This album is sick. Much lv and respect from Hollywood c.a. OG pnut...

  76. Chris P

    This that soul music

  77. Kevin bond

    Damn this shit go hard...

  78. Christian Hernandez

    Instant classic

  79. JMJ -K

    such a great track! a truly iconic album

  80. henri painte

    AOTY nominee for sure. Classic, only time will tell. This younger generation will prolly realise they slept on albums like this and artist like Gibbs.


    Not mainstream enough bud sorry😔gonna lose the nomination stage sadly

  81. umer malik

    Song of the year imo

  82. Chaz G

    Head like a baby ass, bitch

  83. Smo Mar

    Oh shit that Javelin sample 🔥🔥🔥

  84. Neverstar-X

    Yo dose anyone know where that intro beat is from??
    The sample of that intro is fire 🔥 that should have been the beat.

  85. Jared Williams

    What a ending...

  86. King Fresh

    I’m happy with this album like when Raekwon drop cuban linx🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  87. Different Way

    go listen to his old shit

  88. Domo Jones

    Ball without a ball like Tommy Shepard

    Elliot Martinez

    The funniest scene from Above the Rim!

  89. Nicholas Valverde

    That closing beat is soo damn sinister. How sick would it be if the intro to Montana began with that same beat picking back up.

    cloud y

    what is montana ?

    Nicholas Valverde

    @cloud y Montana is going to be the 3rd album in the Madlib and Freddie Gibbs Piñata trilogy. He also said it may be the final album that he ever makes. It's probably a few albums away though.

  90. Malik The Villian

    Album of the year

  91. Vikrant Thakur

    What's the sample here, man?


    Vikrant Thakur End Outro: The Heliocentrics - Noises and Conversations & Greshon Kingsley - Rebirth. We still need to find the intro sample.

    Vikrant Thakur

    @Blonded Thanks buddy! Could you also tell me whether this beautiful instrumental is also sampled from something?


    Vikrant Thakur He samples a soul horns sample throughout the song but we still don’t know what sample its called 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Vikrant Thakur

    @Blonded Alright man! Thanks for all the information. 😊👍

  92. KiN CAMELL

    No Joke.

    Ps Much Appreciations.

  93. isaiah simpson

    The end of this beat is setting them up for the next one I get that vibe.. Who knows what madgibb will do next

    Michael Jordan

    That last 30 seconds made me think of Madlib in a dark room in Montana working on the new album..... sounds EVIL

    Mats Sundsfjord

    @Michael Jordan Well, the MadGibbs-project was rumored as a trilogy from the jump, with the third project titled Montana, so...

  94. Patrice Sankara

    That Zebra has a bent leg bruh. It needs some leg braces

  95. ‘‘

    Perfect way to finish the album. I got this track top 5 on the album. Least amount of views wtf?

    Jacob Ingalls

    probably least amount just because its the last song

    James Roy

    The album has 3 bonus tracks that are on a single for this album. One of them is the title track bandana.

    Shawn Golmes

    folks just ain't got to it yet still got 1 or 2 on repeat lol

  96. David Houston

    Salute to cha mane. Freddie still active 🔥