Freddie Gibbs - Paper Lyrics

[Hook x2: YB]
With a mic, bitch, and I’m nice, bitch
Six rings, yeah, I’m on that Mike shit
But I hit her two weeks ago
Sip the drink, hit the reefer smoke
Sip the drink, hit the reefer smoke
Sip the drink, hit the reefer smoke
But I hit her two weeks ago
Sip the drink, hit the reefer smoke

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
On the mic, bitch, and I’m nice, bitch
Six rings, yeah, I’m on that Mike shit
Straight thug, nigga, most of my life spent
Was on that black top working that white, bitch
Shit, it was just 500 for the zip then
Got a plug and my homeboy chipped in
I was gunning, seventeen when I bagged up
Pyrex, work yo mo'fuckin' wrist in
Turnt up to be turnt down
It’s what the kush for, let's get burnt down
I've got a muddy cup of that Texas dope
And that good smoke from that Oaktown, bitch
100 pounds of the good, what it cost?
Hit 'em with the ski mask, they get lost
I don’t trick on these hoes
But I will pay your broke bitch to back up off me
Drop them drawers, ho, fuck all that talking
House on my neck, I call that balling
True shit, it ain’t shit like a new bitch
My old hoes, I don’t call that often
Drop them drawers, ho, fuck all that talking
House on my neck, I call that balling
True shit, it ain’t shit like a new bitch
Old hoes, I don’t call that often

[Hook: YB]

[Verse 2: YB]
I hit her two weeks ago, got head in the Jeep before
Straight bob with this sloppy top, man, this bitch was a freaky ho
Sip the drink, hit the reefer smoke
Hurry up, let me beat it, though
When she ask me to eat it
I told her, take it or leave it, ho
Cause this pimping shit in my bones
Million cash on my mind, bitch
Snowflakes on that stove, dope fiends on my line, bitch
Straight hand to hand, east side, on my land I’m the man
Learned how to chef up them cookies
Gotta let 'em just dry by the fan
We keep that chopped up in plastic
Gotta find a new place to stash it
Once I ran through my pack
Hit the club, balled out like a draft pick
Keep that chopped up in plastic
Gotta find a new place to stash it
Once I ran through my pack
Hit the club, balled out like a draft pick

[Hook: YB]

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Freddie Gibbs Paper Comments
  1. Shane LaFleur

    Freddie came to my town with twista some years ago and I had VIP pass. Twista is a straight bitch he sucked and he just bitched about money saying if he didn't get paid first he wasn't goin on stage. But gibbs tore it up I'm from Indiana we've been bumping that gibbs shit from the beginning

  2. Cora Lewis

    Evil Seeds Grow Naturally

  3. blursed wh00ty


  4. Jared Meridy

    Do you have instrumental

  5. El Osetino

    there`s not a single bad freddie gibbs song

  6. Amine Ultras

    damn this dude is more awesome then much rappers

  7. Pla Awa

    shame about the time signature but at least it wasn't too difficult for Freddie.

  8. jj jameson

    buaaaa mantecaaa


    As far as lived it did it and was really bout it im 🐐 of white rappers and 95 per cent ANY RAPPER maybe more like 99percent


    1 the 🐐 EVER

  11. trip steady

    And yes. Gibbs flow is insane

  12. Mylas Selim

    This a classic

  13. Jason Kendricks

    this song is hard a coffin nails and the beat is dumb as fuck fuck

  14. Dane Carroll

    Whats this sample !???

  15. hangtime 7190


  16. Jessie Maestas

    Gibbs got that old school flow Song LIT

  17. Timothy

    Still bumpn this shit!!!! Peace & love Gibbs

  18. Sean Rose

    Freddie ripped this shit

  19. Broseppi Carnalizmo

    This foking guy mang!!

  20. Tyler powell


  21. Honest Expression Radio

    i love Gibbs

  22. xrunepartyx

    shit gives me chills and gets me thinkin, freddie gibbs is a legend

  23. Alex Sibir

    its real shit😊😊😊😊😆😆

  24. Bosnian Public Enemies

    Freddie Killa!! We're listenin' him, here, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Oo yea. :D


    Freddie keepin it real buraz, pozz iz hr

    maghreb forever

    Throw in some Mozzy i mozda se vratim u Balkan

  25. Alex Sibir

    nice shit

  26. Skyler Song

    it was 500 for a zip then? holy fuck either he was getn jipped or he wasnt messin w/ green lol


    Skyler Song
    coke nigga

    Skyler Song


    Skyler Song

    200-250 for 8ball cheapest fishscale i could have found.. cut stuff def varied

  27. Ima Loner

    shout out to walter white say my name man

  28. Zeta


  29. Austin Stout

    its really unfair to other rappers how hard this song goes..hell, for that matter, how hard Gibbs goes period...I have yet to hear a song he doesn't *destroy* when he is on it..

    Austin Stout

    +Felix van Riessen Gurung i think its cuz Freddie don't want it, i think he could have by now if that was his intention....probably better the underground way


    @Austin Stout true, i didnt think about that


    lol...he pretty much explains it in one of his songs...a nigga too gangsta for the radio

    dakota mcelroy

    +Daman33405 soo true the illest

    darion swenson

    felix jeezy tried to sign him. They did a song together and Freddie said fuck this shit I ain’t about it! I have so much respect for Freddie for this he does what he does and money won’t change that

  30. Mr. Wilson

    gangsta gibbs HO!

  31. The Roof L


  32. 710 K

    sip the drank, hit the reefer smoke.


    I found this song while looking up Freddie on Spotify, Straight flame..


    Sadly so many good songs are not on spotify

  34. Malice Thompson

    This the only dude that get on track with somebody from the 90's and wreck shit!

  35. Bill Watsob

    i like diss shit

  36. Victor Maninger

    Gibbs is COLD as hell.

  37. trafikz Iwc


  38. Malia Abrego

    Fire 🔥 I remeber seeing him at a tech concert a couple years back, listened to his shit ever since.

  39. Tragic lb

    still bumpin this in 2015 what's goood


    +Tragic lb 2016

    Kurtis McNamee

    Tragic lb 2018 slime

  40. Matt Smith

    Freddie Gibbs first round draft in the rap game.

    tak nie

    Matt Smith Always


    Matt Smith first round pick

  41. Matt

    bootleg kev is the fucking man

  42. Guero Trejo

    G as fuck.

  43. juan presas

    Freddie Gibbs is untouchable on the mic...cant nobody fade this foo. Gangsta gibbs bitch..


    Hell yeah




    +juan presas fuck yeah juan

    T’s Life

    Well said !
    Gibbs is a fukn animal !

    Political Addict!


  44. Butt rock todd

    you're god damn right


    Gangsta Gibbs bitch!!!

  46. Micheal Scofield

    FREDDIE GIBBS @ Sky Club in Frankfurt (GERMANY) Thursday 18.09.2014! ! Doors open 8pm! BE THERE! !


    Love reading the comments on gibbs videos and not seeing one negative comment!!! #ESGN  


    maybe he be deleting them

    Kacper Poseł

    @GOLVS Maybe, but 4k likes and 90 dislikes though

  48. Steven Zamudio

    fuck this shit got me on a good as vibe! yo peace 2 F.Gibbs this shit sum str8 fire right here!!

  49. Steven Adams

    First time I've heard dude was on Sean Price's Mic Tyson Album.  Been a fan ever since.  

  50. Cory

    i will pay your broke bitch to back up off me

  51. Te4RHyP3

    Hey Freddie and Lifted

    thank you guys for all the shit you guys do, it's fucking empowering 

  52. DopeME!!

    This men its a fucking beast real rap nigga

  53. DaK1nG323 akaHOLLYWATTS

    (((( On Repeat ))))

    Slapping this heavy while grinding in these Cali street's.
    Keep it coming . . .

    Love it!!!!!!!!

  54. Cory

    this song bumps the hardest in my car. i didnt realize it at first but it bumps even harder than eastside moonwalker, one eighty seven, and bfk. the production is fuckin hypnotic.

    John Doe

    Play lay it down. Or anything off his new mixtape freddie. All bangers

  55. Russell Snyder

    Herd this one on Bootleg Kev's Empire Business, dopeness. Got the trunk knocking this one down here on the MS coast. Respect

  56. Derrick Gilbert

    Gotta get a concert in the D

  57. Brian Woolschlager

    this beat is fire!

  58. Jamario Perry

    Man this album slept on too hard. And its still banging without jeezy help


    Fuck jeezy

  59. Marq Doc

    Got damn right

  60. TRUNK$

    6 rings yea im on my mike shit

  61. Kobe Berg

    Fred is a rap God.

  62. Ryan Vilmont

    Lol Heisnburg in gary indiana

  63. Monk Killedababy

    Saying this beat is not top notch just shows you have no love for the south, ignoramus



  65. DXTXMX

    "Now say my name" -Heisenberg

  66. DreDaDon__

    Heisenberg....You're Gotdamn right

  67. Eric

    lol so fuckin dumb. ikr ikr. dam i feel bad nao. ;(

  68. Jamario Perry

    Gibbs just keep doing the damn thang

  69. SeekerOfTruths

    Heisenberg in this bitch!!!

  70. BigDH28

    GOD DAMN! GOOSEBUMPS! This aint the first of his songs to do it neither! Gibbs the TRUTH!

  71. Eric

    And you're an Elliot

  72. yuh

    how is he lame for supporting freddie g? you a lame for being a typical hater. get off the his nuts, if you were a true freddie g fan you'd stop the hating by now. fake ass


    when you come back to a song and see your comment from 4 years ago LOL

  73. Anthony Bursey

    100 $HIT GO

  74. Elliot Simpson

    You're an idiot

  75. AuspiceOfficial

    I thought it was from Malcolm in the Middle lol

  76. El Mariachi


  77. Patrick Manthey

    he got a west cost boosie feel to him


    Hell nahhh... boosie could never

  78. john smith

    That's not true. The beat is arguably the most important part. Not only did it inspire Gibbs' lyrics to be some of his best verses, but it creates the vibe for the song, too. If the beat is ass, it doesn't matter how good the lyrics are, no one's going to listen because they won't feel the song.Saying that the beat is not that important is wrong. It's a fact, not a matter of opinion.

  79. komokaziboschetti

    Beats are only a small part of the music, to be honest.

  80. blinkatreyu


  81. blinkatreyu

    Using that Heisenberg sample made the song 10x better than it already was! :)

  82. Avel Ramires

    Lol breaking bad

  83. Seven _27

    Heisenberg Lol that's a great show I can't wait for next episode.

  84. john smith

    To be honest, I haven't fucked with Freddie till this year. I've heard his his shit before and was never really impressed. After I heard the stuff he did with Madlib though, I can't stop listening to him. I wish he would do more stuff like his Madlib collab though. These beats are not top notch.

  85. S Elliott

    Anybody know anything bou this YB dude? a couple rappers done sampled this dude and has the same producer. I found a mixtape but im not sure if its the same dude

  86. jay stacksalot

    BOUGHT a hater 2 week ago sip the drank hit the reefer smoke.

  87. HaviiK

    thats breaking bad in the beginnin i just realized

  88. 213BacteriA

    ^this nigga lame... swag cat fo sho... Gibbs goes way back and dope..

  89. wisconsinboi262

    this is not trap music....this is that "Midwest all in your mouth" shit.