Freddie Gibbs - One Eighty Seven Lyrics

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
Yeah, these are the tales that I tell so well
I hit this new chick named Michelle in my 6-8 Chevelle
And yo, last week it was Michelle, but this week it's Monique
Who had the best, yo, I can't tell, both them hoes was some freaks
That bitch one-eighty-seven, that shit one-eighty-seven
Put me to sleep, got that killer pussy, go call the reverend
Push up the coast, watch her pussy pop in my 9-11
I'm standing tall, got me busting off like a loaded weapon

[Hook: Freddie Gibbs]
That bitch one-eighty-seven
That bitch one-eighty-seven
That bitch one-eighty-seven
Got that killer pussy, call the reverend

[Verse 2: Freddie Gibbs]
That bitch one-eighty-seven, fucked in my '87
Hotbox my Chevy, we posted up for the smoking section
Won't take your chick out to dinner but I eat that bitch for breakfast
Hit her with that dick in the morning, leave all my bitches stressing
Fuck all these acting-ass bitches, ratchet-ass bitches
Sign my name in bloody murder, bitch, I autograph bitches
Know some niggas 'round my way that might spend all the cash with ya
Hope I treat you for a day then drop you with your last nigga
But don't be scared to bust it open for me
Bring that shit back in slow motion for me
Dropping bucket naked for this money
Got all my bitches checking for the money

[Hook: Freddie Gibbs]

[Verse 3: Freddie Gibbs]
These are the tales that I tell so well
I hit this bitch in A-T-L, she was from Riverdale
She fucked with ballers, I could tell from her hair to her nails
Can't say goodbye, that pussy fye like it was dope on a scale

[Hook: Freddie Gibbs]

[Verse 4: Problem]
Watching you swing around the pole'y
While I be taking these shots like Kobe
Just ordered a bottle of cham
Please come ringing around the rosey
Don't bring her around the homies
She thicker than stogies
I eat her like hoagies
Knowing ain't good for me like snitching the police
But I just keep calling that bitch
Pop a band, let it fall in that bitch
Take her home, get dome
Zip then rip there and leave it all in that bitch
I get mad when niggas calling that bitch
Almost had a nigga caught in a twist
Done near lost my girlfriend for that whirlwind start falling and slip
Better back up though
I can't fight, she gon' get it back up though
Killer with the head, call it cutthroat
Bust a nigga head, is it love, no
She come real quick when I fuck slow
Fuck slow, fuck slow, fuck slow
Still licks my butt slow
It's daddy's little slut though

[Hook: Freddie Gibbs]

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Freddie Gibbs One Eighty Seven Comments
  1. DJ Howell

    nod to Too Short

  2. michelle terekia

    Fucking sexy voicemy god

  3. Dominik Zera

    Why is Freddie so underrated with this mind blowing flow?

  4. A-Grade Hydroponics

    Still revvin uhhhh

  5. j42 drive

    That buzz at the beginning gives me flashbacks to the jail doors being buzzed open. I would be dead asleep and I would still wake up for that. Crazy what music could make you remember

  6. Dee Wright

    Kill her wit the head, call it cut throat....Problem went in!!!!!!!

  7. Kara Shanley

    That bitch 187 #Miss187

  8. Cora Lewis

    ESGN - Evil Seeds Grow Naturally

  9. Cohen Herrera


  10. Ghostface Killa

    These are the tails that I tell so well. 🐐

  11. Lily Zavala

    Call the reverend is what i said first time i heard Freddie spit.

  12. hypnotime666

    My bitch 287 big bitch

  13. Aleckni Rodriguez

    1 EIGHHTTY 7

  14. Shlomo Shekelstein

    Masculine, Alpha music in a society where men are becoming weak and sissified! Freddy Gibbs for life!

    Great song, asses and masculine alpha lifestyle!

  15. Jim Hopper

    Problem underrated af

  16. Chiedozie Umeano


  17. Fuckyou18 Fuckyou187

    Gangsta gibbs is sick AF son!!

  18. Urban Tactical Shooters

    You and beanie Segal on a few tracks will shut the industry down, that new shit cuzz got on YouTube is pure fire. Beans is the only nigga that can give you a challenge on this GANGSTA SHIT

  19. Robbie Pichhadze

    freddie, ive been to your show at tel aviv israel, really enjoyed your set, also a rapper, check me out, reuben pichhadze @ soundcloud

  20. Amrit Basi

    California Penal Code section 187, subdivision (a) defines murder as "the unlawful killing of a human being, or a fetus, with malice aforethought."

  21. MidwestMike 219

    2018 and the 219 still relevant.... 187

  22. Matthew Mitchell

    I love haters too 😆

  23. The Dylans' Burbage


  24. Tavin Staggs

    This shit sounds so good in my car. #banger

  25. Silverback219


  26. Corinthiano 7

    Liberdade* Um brinde pra nois . Aumenta u som. GM DF BR


    This is a certified banger. 💯

  28. Ali Bomaye

    Gang stuff nigga

  29. Pablo J. J. G.

    Vengo por GymSroka jajaja

  30. jonny2js

    2nd dude is wack as fuck

  31. samson aagaard

    The video is weird

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  33. Matthew Tyler

    Raw Shit

  34. Matthew Tyler

    What up doe Midwestern shit

  35. Patric Currie

    Dope until i heard Problem's annoying ass voice

  36. Fleezus Christ

    I need this instrumental

  37. Daniel Carani


  38. Daniel Carani


  39. ryan wilson

    GIBBS underrated and underappreciated

  40. Fila Phil

    Gray to new Orleans

  41. Juliana Santiago

    gangsta gibbs pushes me like im his stripper

  42. Dan

    imfdb? pistol looks like a usp match

  43. steve zava

    How the fuck does Freddie not blow up? But clowns making circus music blow...

  44. Ali Fida

    I jus wanna rub some lotion on Michelle, skin seems mad soft still LOOOOOOL

  45. Юра Джаггет


  46. Fuckk Face

    this  week its  Monique

  47. Boobzy

    i dont understand why freddie G's listeners don't spam his songs on social media... then complain Fred doesn't gets what he deserves...

  48. Allison Carter

    Damn my nigga

  49. Joe Zilla

    this dude rhymed hoagies and police......

  50. Алексей Решетов

    Respect From Siberia!

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    Gangsta Gibbs. 💯🔥🔥🔥

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    YOO who the fuck is the Blasian?..plz tell me the bitch on PH

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  54. John Baptist

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    tupac lookin ass nigaa

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    Freemason confirmed

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    Q sáen! de Freddi Gibbs!!! ...Saludos desde Chile!

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    look at 187 streetgang in German thats Gangster rap

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    I might have watched that 2Pac movie if they put Gangsta Gibbs as Pac. Big maybe though.... That shit look ass. Real dudes ain't watching that skewed shit...

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    Dope!!! Gangsta Gibbs fo real

  61. Oliver Bjarneson

    Remember that time when lil Wayne said he was the new 2pac... yeh fuck that guy Freddie is where it's at

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    Yo i swear Gibbs reminds me of 2pac

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    Dope sh!t

  64. DeAndre Jackson

    they could of gave him the 2 pac movie? like if u agree

    AJ Fans’ Tears Are Delicious

    He’s also a Gemini just like Tupac

    J R

    MAnnnn i been saying this

  65. greg stone

    G.I my city F.G be putting it in for the city major 1Love 1thug

  66. John Doe

    Damn that Problem dude actually bodied it

  67. PJP

    Bumpin this loud everyday on my way to work! Freddie best in the game right now. Peace from Warsaw Poland.

  68. William Wilson

    this shit slaps 🔥🔥🔥

  69. Sean P

    gibbs go hard

  70. Brittany Holben

    I dont get it???

    Brittany Holben

    still don't get it........

  71. Nathaniel Yanez

    lived on hill next to iga store in the 90s in Glen park he gets much love my way in in Florida know still jamming him

  72. jantje Huism


  73. CośTamĆwicze

    Pamiętam jak sie jarałem w 2014 :)

  74. Damagedone56

    ESGN was best tape of that year

  75. dead_again

    video is shit
    music is gibbs as usual

  76. Favela Industry

    Do your thang freddie!!!
    Fuck haters! You the one of the best alive bro

  77. Jacob Smith

    Is it just Me or did tupac reincarnate to Freddie Gibbs?

    Mistah Chimbéu

    Jacob Smith I get that feeling too

    Anti Lavv

    Yee men me too haha

  78. William Wilson

    straight fire

  79. Dane McCullough

    So much sweg I can feel it in Kansas City

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    click on this ' 3:25 ' an look @ how Problem is dancing. than laugh your ass off. bet you u will. I WANT MY LIKE!((:

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    i fucking listened to ESGN like clockwork

    BigBrother InLife

    RockstarNinja69 true indeed must be in whip


    I could listen to Paper all day

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    I saw the video though, blue rain drops


    水晶甲基苯丙胺和葡萄酒Shuǐjīng jiǎ jī běnbǐng'àn hé pútáojiǔ

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    gringuera pesada

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    why does Freddie Gibbs look like Tupac and Don Cheadle I had a baby

    Chris Rees

    crying laughing here, watch they don't go casting spells on you :''). Freddie is the truth!

    John Spulick

    Michelle h yah fr was just thinking that plus yg. Wouldn't doubt it, just like in this song "I autograph bitches" can only imagine all the women Pac got with for being Pac...even if she linked up with someone, bet she still probs smashed just to tell all her close friends or to try n have a meal ticket baby..


    Lol sooo true

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    anyone can tell me about this song?

    Oscar Garcia

    Got that killa pussy

    L87- Gamer

    call a reverent

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    he's prolly out now, just another trick trying to get money from him, a year later lol.

  92. GVN Productions

    Does the "whaaaat" sound like schoolboy q? Is it him, or problem doing that? Just curious no hate


    nah its problem, he does it in like all of his songs

    Dirtbag TheBear

    Its the other way around. Freddie been doing it way before Q