Freddie Gibbs - I Seen A Man Die Lyrics

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
Ten bullets in his ass, hit the gas
Ten deep on enemy turf, me and the homies 'bout to mash
Where that glass? Glock was plastic, smoking that gas, puff with the fastest
Bitch get wilding, Gangsta Island, Gary
Smiling in my casket with my eyes wide open
I'ma make my enemy look me straight in my face before they closing
I'ma pierce right through his soul and take control of his emotions
Let it haunt you in your dreams
Bitch kill you, kiss your mama, just like Bishop did Raheem
Before I seen a nigga cry, I seen a young nigga die
Over a Georgetown Starter jacket and some new Jordan 5s
Blessed in this shit, blessed in this shit, question is, will I survive?
Laid out with a hot gun smoking, on his own blood choking, Gangsta Gibbs, bitch

[Hook x3: Freddie Gibbs and Lil' Sodi]
Before I seen a nigga cry, I seen a young nigga die
(Gotta live my life)

[Verse 2: Freddie Gibbs]
Four, five niggas smoking weed in my Cadillac
Six, seven straps with the beam, that's a matter of fact
Eight, nine geekers, make 'em fiend for a piece of crack
Got ten, eleven youngsters in my kitchen, watch me teach 'em that
You call that reaching back? You call that building up?
Fried bologna and a cracker, that was the meal for us
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I, born and die a sinner, but
Blessings over bullets, I pray the Lord deliver
Gibbs, I'm gangbanging, caine slanging

[Hook x3]

Four, five niggas smoking weed in my Cadillac
Six, seven straps with the beam, that's a matter of fact
Four, five niggas smoking weed in my Cadillac
Six, seven straps with the beam, that's a matter of fact

[Outro: Lil' Sodi]
Lil' Sodi, Gangsta Gibbs, ESGN nigga
Real niggas
Fucked with him since day one, nigga
Gangsta Gibbs
Living our life in this cold world, nigga
Take a slug, and still at this shit, nigga
You already know, Lil' Sodi
All the neighbors know, L.A
Gibbs, love you 'til the end, nigga
You my bro
You already know
Love you homie

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Freddie Gibbs I Seen A Man Die Comments
  1. Stoney M.

    2020. Sodi killed this 🎶

  2. C J

    Shout out to Gibbs, still chilled from words, and beat like an iceberg still bumpin 2020. 🔥🔥

  3. Timothy Morgan

    Birds on a wire

  4. Digital Scale

    Love, what sample is this ?

  5. chris malone

    Omg this dude is so fucking underrated fuck america weak ass rap mf on top

  6. MinerGate

    Blew 2 speakers in my car blasting this track... my sub is still fine

  7. Extol

    Feat. Lil Sodi

  8. Jobe Jacobs

    The beat is ill af!!!! 👌👌👌👌👌💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏

  9. Al Reynolds


  10. Al Reynolds


  11. Jughand


  12. Charles Weathers II

    Gangsta muthafuckn Gibbs 💪💯

  13. smh

    free gibbs

  14. Terka Kubatova

    I love this song 😍😍😍

  15. kay elite

    mafia all day gangsta gibbs baby

  16. Carlito One

    freddie do a show in s.florida im there

  17. Nick Belanger

    Gibbs and Hop PLEEEASSEEE colab

    Peter Griffin

    Nick Belanger hop ain't worthy.

  18. Englewood Frank21

    First verse was so fire my laptop combusted

  19. YEET TI TI

    could listen to them horns all day

    Zach Fetters.

    for real that sax kills it

  20. Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77

    Where can find  that  Freddie Gibbs- I  Seen A Man Die (remix) feat. Brotha Lynch Hung???

  21. wem8v3n

    5tray to 8tray m8v3n like that Farr

  22. churpme

    Pray The Lord deliver ugh blessings over bullets...yea

  23. RAW808

    "Ima pierce right through his soul take control of his emotions"

  24. RAW808


  25. mike jonez

    Gibbs is Tupac reincarnated

    Black Lyfe

    why is everyone saying that

  26. Andreas Bohinen


  27. Ricardoptpt CJ


  28. ronduenyc

    oh my this beat,it fit the ryme

    Jarrod Alexander


  29. sky

    This shit dope

  30. shawn hankieson

    man yall ripped this shit make more shit like this both of yall real shit Colorado Denver,

  31. killahk94

    Shit remind me of mc 8 but times 20 my nigga Gibbs

  32. killawhale425

    Gangsta Geeeibs, bitch, Ugh

  33. Cody Petty

    Colostomy bag by brotha lynch lol the start the same weird

  34. love Jesus say His name

    Yo I literally played this song over 50 times

    Alpha David

    At least!

  35. Soulphilly Skates Krew

    This dude is a beast, I seen him at a show in my town OKC 3 years ago along with Big K.R.I.T. & from that night I've been a fan of both of them.

  36. Kold Breeze

    This my shyt Ru! W17P W21P S/SP ¢K to that all Day!

  37. EIE3577



    man when this beat came on, SHIEEEET! Idk if that's a sample or w.e but its ill.


    @AlejoChris73092 I get goosebumps everytime man

  38. Marcus Ward

    The business!!!!!!!

  39. King Draper

    I love this. You can tell he was heavily influenced by BTNH, especially growing up in the midwest in the 90s when BTNH was the biggest thing in that region. Gangsta Gibbs !

  40. Loretta's Only

    One of my favorites from Gangsta Gibbs

  41. Warren Alston

    Gibbs is the truth

  42. 410VINO4RMTHA17

    You can hear the truth on this joint Gibbs honest on this track. Shit sound too trill.

  43. rockieg02

    Kinda like a Bone beat...

  44. Clayborn Mathis

    My nigga gibbs

  45. Reggie Dolo

    10, 11 youngstas in my kitchen watch me teach em that..

  46. Alpha David


  47. Arinze O