Freddie Gibbs - Have U Seen Her Lyrics

[Hook x4: Freddie Gibbs]
I got pounds of keisha
Dope house full of geekers
Looking for that white bitch, cocaina have you seen her?

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
I got pounds of keisha
Dope house full of geekers
Looking for that white bitch, cocaina have you seen her?
I got dope in my two-liter
Pimp C in my speaker
Cluckheads on my line, man I should take shit back to beepers
Just a young nigga 'bout my mail
Steady tryna work this yayo
Summertime, can't do jail
Money in the safe make bail
Got these pussy ass niggas might tell
Pussy ass niggas might hate
Spoonfeed niggas, no way
Bring it on down, we straight
I got beaucoup pounds of keisha
Dope house full of geekers
Heroin for your needle
All-white cocaina
I got that dope in my two-liter
Pimp C in my speaker
Cluckheads on my line, man I should take shit back to beepers

[Hook x4: Freddie Gibbs]

[Verse 2: Skrewface]
I got pounds of keisha
Keys of the coca
Voted number one D-Boy by the fiends and the smokers
Dope house full of cluckers and the feds trying to scope us
Still got to get that guap, man fuck the cops, I got that blow
Drank by the pint, what you sipping, nigga pour up
Drugs on deck, I'll never run out, what the fuck is a drought, nigga hold up
Anything you want I got more of
And I keep that thing cause ain't no love
I stay ready for the jack boys, how you want to act boy
Get your little bitch ass tore up
Anything you want I got more of
And I keep that thing cause ain't no love
I stay ready for the jack boys, how you want to act, boy
Get your little bitch ass tore up
I got a hundred rounds in my heater
Dope house full of geekers
And they lined up 'round the corner cause they know my price is cheaper

[Hook x4: Freddie Gibbs]

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Freddie Gibbs Have U Seen Her Comments
  1. Quan M

    We need more skrewface Gibbs!!!!!

  2. Ricardo Araya

    jalando y rimando

  3. Derrick Taylor

    This shit hit different.

  4. ABO BZY

    my personal trap Anthem. Keep stretchin my trap boyszz

  5. Ewen Gunn

    Excellent song

  6. Cora Lewis

    ESGN - Evil Seeds Grow Naturally

  7. the ba5oner

    let it snow

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    executive street gang network

    Dougie Fresh

    hardest lp in a hot minute

  9. That One Guy

    Have you seen her?

  10. Chewy11b

    Ha that Indiana DL choppin lines sure brings back memories

  11. Antonio Tiago

    Big shit

  12. Tyler Misuraco

    This fucking track and video man I swear gibbs been slaying

  13. TheAlmightyClipse

    In b4 a Million views.
    Been fuckin wit this gem since it dropped!

  14. Mario Oldani


  15. Sal Goldblatt

    that jersey is hard AF

  16. Lo-Fi Dreams

    Α ρε πουστόπαιδο Gibbs ,έκλεψες τον Μπίγκ Μπέλλυ...Βρώμιαρε...Λέχρα...

  17. WoR entertainment

    slept on.

  18. CK112

    This video needs a lot more views and likes in my humble opinion!!! Freddie Gibbs is one of the realist hip hop artist left in the game!! Real Talk!! Just Thinking out loud!!!

  19. Jerome Garcia

    What is pounds of keesha?


    Jerome Garcia weed

  20. Jimmie Carter

    Freddie Gibbs always delivers!!!!!

  21. Jon Charles

    Wish bone son went hard..

  22. Alex Brady

    Bro shouldve gotten a patrick kane jersey, for freddie kane

  23. Anthony Frink

    I got a hundred rounds in the heater so boy how you actin

  24. Sam Makoff

    ESGN still dope as fuck

  25. nestor gomez

    Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Polo24/7flip tapia

    Temonnn mis respetos desde chile
    Cocaina. Falopa. Mandanga. Caspa del diablo. Merengue. Los cosos.
    Y un fin de nombre tiene la buena mierda....

  27. Terence Jackson

    Was expecting a chi-lites instrumental

    Eli Rozzel

    Same honestly!!

  28. Jenny Stevens

    You know how I know these rappers are real I see the coke in there videos and I get nervous if I don't they fake

  29. Matt Capra

    All Is Well Peoples...

  30. David Lane

    Hit Skrewface went in💯

  31. Zebra Kidney

    2018 still here !!!

  32. Cousin Pac

    can it be any sicker than this?

  33. DM AutoTV

    Freddie is a real one but the other one is straght studio G.. acting hard and sh!t

  34. delonzo83


  35. Chase Goodman

    When the fuck did the ruskies start bumping our trap music???? Least there soaking up some game I guess..

  36. terrorize

    Drugs xd

  37. Joseph Smith

    This song hard ashl but the background vcs make u think a mf right there next ta u rappn



  39. 710 K


  40. kush man 420 7

    i got pounds of kesha

  41. Megistanas Apo Alana


  42. Mrs Gibson 2 You

    loving all your song's from when I first heard of you (pull up, [email protected] the place is going to close everybody made it home here we sit man you are brilliant

  43. Mrs Gibson 2 You

    Yo Freddie U have love here in Warren Michigan I'm a Fashion Designer I have the perfect outfit for you

  44. 47 47

    Plz naver rap on a trap beat plz your better then that mumble shit

  45. purplepacks

    1:40-1:44 shakin up folks all day babyyyy

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    he is literally looking for someone that could sell coca to him and this song is the message

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    Fucked up screwface and Gibbs not cool no more smh

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    Pounds of Keisha nigga

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    who ate my cake ????

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    Gibbs fire

  54. Thanasis Moderat

    αυτη τη ΚΑΤΑΚΛΕΨΙΑ στο υφος,στυλ,μπιτ,χουκ απο το παιδακι που εξυμνειται ονοματι μπελαφον εαν συνεβαινε μεταξυ αμερικανων η οποιοδηποτε αλλου στο ξενο χωρο του χιπ χοπ θα θεωρουταν ξεφτιλας....ενω στην ελλαδα ειναι μαγκας και εξυπνος...γι αυτο δεν θα παμε ποτε μπροστα. Καληνυχτα σας (με τον γενικο ορο)

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    Song is gangmember

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    freddie gibbs gia dimarxo

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    ppl really needa start recognizing Freddie, he keeps it all real.. #Realshit

  63. Saint

    Wtf the Greek version of this song has more views than the original

    Matt Bradley

    kyriacow wtf


    kyriacow what is the greek version called

  64. Aggelos Konstantatos

    st aftia klarina

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    Damn I miss bumping this on my 2 10s around town this is one of the hardest knocking ones on the cd

  66. Chaf Athens

    2.722.568 προβολές ΜΠΑΜΠΑΛΙΝΑ

    Ellie S

    μας αποστομωσες τωρα

  67. Black Ram

    First of all. Dear black men, stop showing us fat ass sluts that her butts are actually fat and ungly. Secondly, ΘΕΛΩ ΣΤΑ ΑΥΤΑ ΚΛΑΡΙΝΑΑΑΑΑΑ

    Liquid Sunshine

    You must be a faggot if you are bothered by the ass in this video

    Black Ram

    you didnt get the point kid

    Liquid Sunshine

    What the fuck are you doing here? And what the fucks your point? Typical douche bag frat?

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    Adolf Hitler

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    Dat Boi

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    Greek version is a fail version of this!!

    Cousin Pac

    greek yogurt on your forehead is fail

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    didn't know Freddie had si many international fans. But fuggit Vegas in this bitch.

  76. VooDoo Wiz

    pretty fiya tho how the whole world is on hip hop now and it aint even much 40 years old.. 1973 bronx NY dj kool herc nigga
    #new orleans louisiana

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    Matt Bradley

    Colin Aldridge ya (gibbs voice)

  79. Matt Bradley

    I never thought id see a rapper realer than jeezy till i seent freddie gibbs

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    Για άλλη μια φορά τα ελληνικά comments αποδεικνύουν ότι είστε όλοι για το πούτσο

  82. Patrick Roll

    all you greek people saying the greek version is better is really fuckin dumb

    thanos 123456789

    they are doing it for fun dude.the original is always better

    Harry Ayce

    Patrick Roll we all respect Gibbs.. its just for fun

  83. 丂廾工刀工巨闩冊工


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    me cocaina & busina dn gamhse kaneis axrhste



    akapolko lko

    gamw ton kolpo t patera s

    Shiv Palpatine ma ninja

    Kala re malaka katalabaino na krazeis tous dikous mas tous rappers ithopoious alla distixos o freddie megalose etsi

    akapolko lko

    to exei dikasei o mpely afton ton narkwmanh file m

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    Alex Xou

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    American guy, here. Howdy partner. *tips hat*


    We don't mind you, actually.


    We greeks are welcoming you xd

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    No bullshit

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    looks like some greek guys remade this track and got 4 mill views lol

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