Freddie Gibbs - Freddie Gordy Lyrics

Yeah, for sure nigga
We came from nothing nigga, from shit nigga
For real

Dolo and the pour
Got me tore up from the floor up
Gang signs, gang handshakes every time a nigga show up
All the real niggas know us
Back in '09 me and Lam we was looking for a way out
But ain't nobody want to show us
Riding round' selling blow, shotgun doors out his Volvo
Must have sowed a whole O up
And you stuck it out with me, I love you like a brother
If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have a record deal or nothing
I know you hate the fact that I'm so loyal to my street affiliation,
but my niggas need a pack? I'm out here thuggin'
Willie and Diego need a pack? I'm out here thuggin'
My nigga Butter hit me for a pack? I'm out here thuggin'
And now the DEA they checking on me when I'm getting on a plane,
double life it got me ducking under covers
I just want to be legit man, shit man
And every time I touch the dope I say that "this gonna' be my last flip man"
I got a shorty that's willing to sell it for me
She my lover, my homie, the devil cursed me with a pimp hand
I hope my daughter never lives this type of lifestyle
Creeping under street lights as a night child
My uncle still can't put the liquor or the pipe down
Meanwhile I'm in this kitchen whipping up the while gal
Plus I got addictions of my own, boy
The pills into laced blunts got me gone, boy
The Oxycontin & heavy syrup got me looking in the mirror saying, "Is you a dope fiend or a dope boy?"
Smoking on some shit that I can't pass to a nigga
Eyes shiny than a bitch, glass to a nigga
Down to kick in the door, .44 Mags to a nigga
Got some habits I pray that I never pass to a nigga
All about the dollar signs, fuck the sympathy
And fuck police cause' they killing you and killing me
Slanging and banging, my paper stay getting fatter so do black lives matter when you're about to kill your enemy?
I need to know it, drop that paper boy don't be heroic
You'll get a trip to see your Jesus if you're reaching for it
A real solid street nigga, never been extorted
You pussy niggas shouldn't be living, should have been aborted

It's Freddie Kane, Freddie Corleone, Freddie Gordy
Just left the studio and served a birdie for the 40
I bet my niggas kill the witness if I get reported
The shit I spit is so realistic shouldn't be recorded

Dolo and the pour
Got me tore up from the floor up
Gang signs, gang handshakes every time a nigga show up
All the real niggas know us

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Freddie Gibbs Freddie Gordy Comments
  1. Spoon Gee

    SERIOUSLY under-rated!

  2. ToneyRTurner


  3. Nicolas Quiroz


  4. P-Town Shankzilla

    2019 and it's still RIP to the mother fuckin Jacka

  5. Tim Turner

    Who still bumping this shit in 2019 my nigga legendary

  6. Lucas Sonny

    The intro says it all.

  7. brian adams

    Slanging and banging and my paper getting fatter so do black lives matter when you bout to kill ya enemy.. I need to know it i need the paper boi don’t be heroic.. #poetry

  8. James S.

    Showing respect to The Jack. Respect F.G.

  9. Kerry Folkz


  10. Donovan Brown

    Man fuck what any of you niggas gotta say Rest In Peace to the J A

  11. Adam Nelson

    Gibbs is 100% real on this track. Killed it. Slaughter.

  12. Kevin McGrath


  13. Jekarie251Mob Crawford

    That heart beat at the beginning hard af

  14. lydia woodard

    U sound Weak with No Flavor

  15. Dylan Snider

    This shit give me chills.


    the best track....provavelmente

  17. 1KEBRE

    STILL thinking Freddie is the BEST

  18. Esrar & Co.

    I’m late Freddie but I made it G

  19. Dante F

    This song hits me hard man ..Freddie ah real nigga

  20. Justin Dickerson

    "All Bout the 💵 signs so fuck yo sympathy and fuck the police cuz they killing you and killing me"💯💯

  21. Rigo H

    🏁 the marathon continues

  22. Matt Thanks

    I just pissed we couldn't hear Nipsey and him on a track

  23. Matt Thanks

    Rock solid

  24. Quentin

    "Slangin n Bangin, my paper stay gettin fatter so do black lives matter when you bout to kill yo enemy? I need to know it, drop that paper boy don't be heroic, you get a trip to see yo Jesus if you reachin for it." MAAANNNNNNN!!!!

  25. Eric Douthwright

    It's cause of shit like this that I've got Freddie in constant rotation on daily basis in my car,house, shittt everywhere.. 💯

  26. K M

    This album had some bangers.

  27. Jabbu [Jake and Bake Beats]

    Freddie Gordy for president 2020

  28. BigDH28

    God damn. Gibbs the fucking realist! Byy far my favorite rapper/artist. His shit speaks to you. The best in the game. ✊️💯

  29. Thomas Allan

    is u a dope fiend or a dope boy nigga?

  30. Live4Fly the Zerk

    We need Freddie, Earl Sweatshirt Tyler the Creator and Scarface to make a song..

  31. Paul Evans

    I feel like this about my life as well...from what he stated at the beginning of the song. I'm also born and raised in Gary. West Side High School, Ivanhoe Gardens Projects. 74 till The World Blow. Keep blowing up Gibbs. Much respect to you brother.


    That's big coming from a "G" salute

  32. Riss_ Who?

    Damn...2019 still 💣👌

  33. Cesar Gonzalez Tostado

    RIP tha Jacka

  34. Vik B

    this song loses all its credibility with freddie wearing skinny jeans. Talking about "pussy niggas" while he dresses like one.

  35. B Adams

    Freddie Gibbs was the best live performances i ever seen to this day

  36. FriZZ

    Best Rapper In The Game!!

  37. Rodney Wyatt

    Freddie Gibbs is pretty dope!!!

  38. Solidus Kush

    I wanna hear Gibbs do a song with starlito be dope as l

  39. Marlon Costa

    How much I've accomplished hearing this one.. geez.. if only Freddie would know

  40. Mugen Le Nomade

    Lil song for your ears :

  41. Matt Martorana

    Been listening too ya gibb since 2004.....underrated rapper forreal he left jeezy shiiiiiiii and made his own label true player......

  42. Brandon Hawkins

    Who is this man?!? 💯

  43. Mak Age Music

    I know Freddie Gibbs for some years now and i have to say i havent heard such a good Artist in a while! Almost every track i hear from him is outstanding or has a classic potential. Flow, voice, lyrics, delivery, atmosphere. All on point. And last but not least the beats!

  44. Andre Grey

    I never, ever, do this comment shit! But YOU Gangsta Gibbs, I support 100% and can speak for the solid ones... Bruh , the hate just took Nipsey Hussle, Please hold us down. I know its gotta be hard as fuck to move wit all these gimmicks. your fan base is the real true hip-hop that had standards

  45. UGK M0ni

    Timeless track for real...
    -Nashville, Tn

  46. Eric Johnson

    It’s a marathon not a sprint! RIP Nipsey Hussle

  47. K B

    Still hits hard in 2019.

  48. Дмитрий Собко

    Почему же так пиздато

  49. Smoke Cat Hair and Toenails

    Yall hear the intro but you need to be actively listening.
    1 life, no redos, make it count.
    Strive to be richer,
    but not with material shit.

  50. DoughnationCreative

    Goat talk

  51. maghreb forever

    Without Gibbs the entirety of rappers would be in the simp game he really might be the best in the west

  52. Matt Martorana

    still beating this track thru 2420

  53. 419 Buckeye

    Love this intro

  54. Supreme Kojo

    youtube at its finests

  55. Heather Y

    He loves The Bay and it shows.

  56. Phaedra Peters

    He's better then Pac
    never thought I'd say that .

    Rudy Straight

    2pac was a gay ballerina. dont believe me? look it up. he was a gay man pushing that violent rap agenda the elitist want on the masses

  57. Phaedra Peters

    Am I a dope fiend or a dope boy .😎

  58. Luciano Drama Mayorga

    Gives me goosebumps too real

  59. Tokhi

    "Plus I got addictions of my own boy. The pills and the laced blunts had me gone boy. The oxycontin and heavy syrup got me looking in the mirror saying iIS YOU A DOPE FIEND OR A DOPE BOY. smoking on some shit that I cant pass to a nigga."
    That line right there touched my soul man because it reminds me of all the times I stared in the mirror wondering the same thing. Fucking powerful song man

  60. Benjamin Kenney

    Freddie Gibbs is the best Rapper and you feel the realnez everytime he touchs the Mic.

  61. Brian Gillespie

    This man one of the realest, how can you not fw this

  62. Mike Murder

    Who the hell disliked this song lol? Mumble rap fans or Eminem dick riders?

  63. That nigga bush from around the corner

    Freddie Gibbs is an 80s baby. I'm 40 years old and this is how mfs laid down bars if you wanna get a feel on how it was in my generation. They made sense! I have not once been disappointed and truthfully this guy should have like a billion views. Goes to show you how disconnected todays generation is from real rhymes.

  64. Alekzander

    Im gonna go yo your show....... You and Kanye are my favourite rappers

  65. Leoshia Waire

    Freddie n Mozzy hardest out period Trae tha truth sign em

  66. See Money

    This niggaz a BEAST!!! 219 all day

  67. Skinny J

    Rest in peace to the jack

  68. mastrdzastr

    Just left the studio served a murda threw the .40 💨

    Reggie Reg

    mastrdzastr Just left the studio and served a birdie 🕊 for the 40


    @Reggie Reg i like my way

  69. Jimi

    Fuck komplett vi bestämmer över våra fångar. Skit i alla länder det är ett som gäller vi alla har samma hudfärg jävla fittor fatt

  70. A.I.M. RADIO

    M.I.P. Jacka

  71. Jose D


  72. Kristoffer Kvalheim

    That outro is so damn good! Somebody needs to make a full track of the outro please!!

  73. Billy The kid

    Love the real intro

  74. nicholson bechab

    R.i.p Tha Jack Artist

  75. Ahmed Moalin


  76. MATH_GOD


  77. Fuckyou18 Fuckyou187

    This shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 fuck a kendrick or j cole

  78. Landon Oilphant

    This might be his hardest song !!

  79. sparkh2clan

    gibs oh yes men! salutes from hip hop life gangster Brasil rules

  80. Brandon Wayne

    219 love still here rocking with gibbs

  81. Master C


  82. 私は_VAL MAKOTO

    I hate that he's too real for the game

  83. Derek Patterson

    Does this nigga have any bad songs.

  84. Anthony

    This man the fuckin truth his Instagram stories lit as hell too lmao holla

  85. Sed Mack

    Shot this in the Bay. Some scenes in east oakland. 94&Mac aka 94th and Jack. RIP JACKA!!

  86. Richie B

    2018 Gangsta Gibbs intro talking real shyt

  87. Harry Shiznik164

    The lyrics are dope af🔥🔥🔥🔥

  88. rosegoldbb

    Gotta be better for my lil one
    But the bag is tempting

  89. rosegoldbb

    I can relate everything we do always catch back up

  90. Maleek Fishbones

    need a maxo kream and freddie gibbs collab and a deniro farrar collab too

  91. Eddie condé


  92. D!lly Beamen


  93. Ace Leone215