Freddie Gibbs - F.A.M.E. Lyrics

[Intro x4:]
Kill, kill, kill
Murder, murder, murder

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
Fully auto, my only motto, forever thugging
Chevy on 6s, them Forgiatos ain't ever scrubbing
Watch honeys run through 100 bottles like it was nothing
We leave the club with two foreign models, her and her cousin
Niggas say that we the brand new thug life
Washing dirty money with this mic, I wish it was right
Tell a song, sipping Perignon, fuck a Bud Light
Tony said the world is yours, only if you plug right
My God, when they bury me, pray my casket be solid gold
Funeral packed with a separate section for all my hoes
Most niggas choose it and lose it quickly, but I was chose
Cook it and sell it, my mama smell it up in my clothes
Bet your favorite rapper get extorted for his paycheck
Mask on my skull, they ain't identify my face yet
We sticking suckers up, I hope they sticking to the cheddar
You pussy niggas might be rich but you ain't rich forever

[Hook: Freddie Gibbs]
And he can go hard, but I'ma go the hardest
Thugging from the start, don't get a nigga started
Came up in the realest, I know the streets starving
You know we with the business, my niggas go retarded
When we ride
When we ride on our enemies
Never hide from our enemies
'Til we ride our enemies
Fully loaded .45 on my enemies

[Verse 2: Daz Dillinger]
I go, ha-ha-hard up on you motherfuckers
Immediately cock it back and spray one of you fucking suckers
You off-brand niggas get down with the punishment
It’s D-P-G, Dogg Pound, so who you want it with
Them gangbang niggas is active, capping shit in the active
With them old-school Tommy gun extended clip
I ride around the city in expensive whips
Should've known that them gangster niggas don’t trip
Flag swinging, me and Deep nigga, yeah we gangbanging
Bringing down the ashes if you niggas flaming
Aim for your dome, head shots, slug shots
Police put me throughout, 2-1 on my mugshot
Crazy-ass niggas, yeah we insane
Put the pistol in your mouth, blow out your brain
Bail out on eight million dollar bond
Soon as I hit the streets, nigga, it’s back on

[Hook: Freddie Gibbs]

[Verse 3: Spice 1]
When I finger fuck my .45
I hit a nigga right between his eyes
Pull out the heat, make him dance, and do the dougie
Before I blow the back of his shit out, it can get ugly
Yes, y'all, I put his cherry pie on the wall
When I ride on my enemies, niggas know it’s uncut and raw
Mr. Bossalini, you can try to stand guard
But niggas like me be going Taliban hard
I spit grenades and piss bullets
Eat a bitch nigga for breakfast when I aim and pull it
Doing wonders for this bread, I Pillsbury these motherfuckers
When his doughboy die with the heat, I carry in my clutches
I’m a natural born rider, like my nigga Freddie Gibbs
Steady going hard and riding with steady clips
I been thugging from the beginning, you niggas soft as linen
I wear my black Jordans to match with my MAC-10

[Hook: Freddie Gibbs]

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Freddie Gibbs F.A.M.E. Comments
  1. Roy Thompson III


  2. Roy Thompson III

    This dnt get enough play

  3. Randy West

    Smoke 1

  4. Ηρακλής Περάκης

    Life's So Hard! 2Pac!

  5. Adam Folken

    Daz and Gibbs. Classic

  6. Pitko Pitko

    This song makes me stealing some thing of my own house

    Patrick Brown

    Pitko Pitko 😂😂😂😂

    Bill Bixby

    Damn that's cold blooded I'm about to wake my girl up and piss her off for no reason after listening to this

  7. coolyco

    Daz production is underrated.


    real street shit

  9. James Kolawole

    2019, im here

  10. Montaser Manna

    real shit

  11. Rell Yolla

    Ride on my enemies

  12. Cousin Pac

    i cant even tell any song better than this shit. Fuck yall Millennial faggot ass mdfkas hahahaha

  13. TIPSY

    Kill kill kill, murda murda murda 2pac/life´s so hard...when we ride on our enemies

  14. Ricardo Oliveira

    Stick to RAP man… Your rap songs are absolutely sick like this one… others are just plain S#&T... leave that BS Trap behind

  15. Ga Ba Na De


  16. R U N N I N - G U N N I N

    Even in the beginning of the song it hit off with a West Coast vibe, I swear I can just imagine the music video for this song.

  17. R U N N I N - G U N N I N

    Spice still got it

  18. 123maDin321

    „when i fingerfuck my 45. i hit a nigga right between his eyes“ 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Josh Cunningham

    When they bury me i pray my casket be solid gold...Funeral packed separate section for all my hoes. !! 💯👌🔥

  20. Mike Purp

    Okay mane

  21. MrMagicdiamond

    Loud as Fuck , i tought rap was dead , but not yet baby! :D

  22. Drowzie James

    this song is fuckin legendary

  23. Wesley R

    "Put the pistol in your mouth, blow out your brains"

  24. Sean Jones

    who did this beat. Shit cold af

    cody uren

    Sean Jones CARDO

    Steve Owens

    Sean Jones CARDO did this shit. Sound like something DAT NIGGA DAZ would do but naw. CARDO get props today big baby

  25. Mike Purp

    & that should rap it up. extend ya arms and wish u can lol

  26. Mike Purp

    purple vodka please

  27. Mike Purp

    Eye had them red nikes on my if bro bought me on wit tha blue jeans and a 2X white red black jordan shirt beaming above tha rim ●《●《 moma was crying 2

  28. The Watcher

    man this shit bang so hard in the trunk

  29. Ethan Lyon

    damn still better than anything out

  30. Andrew Longoria

    Free Freddie Gibbs!!

    Prod Denii

    Andrew Longoria he's free now😉🙌🏽🙏🏽

    Ryan.R Cano

    Andrew Longoria hes been free

  31. Andrew Longoria

    Free Freddie Gibbs!!!

  32. Joe All Star

    pull out the heat make him dance and do the dougie. hahahaha spice mutha fuckin 1!!!

  33. Sauvi The Coolest

    2pac would of murdered this shyt.

  34. Derek Davis

    these the same cats 2pac ran with in Oakland back since like 93

  35. Derek Davis

    the bay fuckin with gibbs . this song fuckin rides

  36. 83kayaman

    Kill kill kill murda muda murda #OG

  37. Jobe Jacobs


  38. onrust gebouwB

    deze trackis echt koulo hard man wow
    gibbs with the O.G's spice 1 and daz !


    Pure. Uncut. DOPE.


    "Kill kill kill, murda murda murda" I see you shouting 'Pac out Gibbs! He says that at the end of If I Die 2nite

    iraklis perakis

    He says 'Kill Kill Kill Murda Murda Murda Heyyy' on 'Life's So Hard' too

    Prod Denii

    Robbie Benitez he got he's inspiration from 2pac man that's y he raps he respects pac


    Vinnie Zuniga PAC, Nas, and even Eminem used this, it's well known in hip hop come on now 😂

    Ryan.R Cano

    not just him also for bone thugs & harmony

    Ryan.R Cano

    P33PTH3SICKN3SS916 i had no idea they say that too lol

  41. Hhj Fg

    godddam this shit hard

  42. angel corona

    I got ur bak like brothas do take a swing I'm swinging second faster then the first fist or empty the whole clip splatter his skull spit lookin like o shit bounce to the bucket that's beat up had to roll wit my seat up an brake the E

  43. Black Lyfe

    this nigga should be famous then Jay Z,Jay Sean,Kendrick Lamar,J.Cole,Eminem,2Pac,Biggie Smalls,Drake,Nicki Minaji,Meek Mill and Kanye West.

    R U N N I N - G U N N I N

    Jay will be the best since the 90's, Sean alright, Kendrick too cold, J. Cole got that deep shit for you, Em been spitting but he ain't no rap god, No one can take Pac's title, No once can take Biggie title either, Drake is pretty decent, Nicki radio bruh along with Meek trash ass and Kanye was better back then around Graduation time.

  44. Anthony Archibald

    Coped this shit when it first came out. Ain't realize how hard this shit went back then, but I sure do now....

  45. Jay Kareb

    wish the rest of the world knew his greatness

    BR MF

    Very few know him in my homeland indeed, luckily I showed his music to my friends so we are rocking his cds whenever we can.

  46. cromare 90

    I wanna hear more from this killa trio.. I dont like today's rap but luckily I found Freddie G, you are saving me Freddie.

    Derrick Coleman

    listen to T ROCK IF YOU like this kind of rap

  47. getownedson69

    love to anyone keeping pacs soul alive.. together were strong... he planted seeds in our heads its time to let our thoughts grow into actions

  48. FunkyGiorgio

    The best in the world, my absolutly favourite mcee....thanks to exist <3

  49. HTX_VaNdAl713

    Gangsta Gibbs DA shit!

  50. sam soum

    Sa c du son poto

  51. MOSCOW


  52. meth tical

    Dis shit go hard as fuk

  53. Twrecks92

    Cooooollld shit

  54. Phi Tran

    cardo killed this shit OMG

    King Beezle 410

    Yeah he did


    @Phi Tran This song kills my cardio

  55. Gtown Goon

    Pure Gangsta Music

  56. Don Gadson

    Freddie obviously had the best verse.

    Keenan Holland

    Don Gadson bruh they all went in

    Bill Bixby

    @Keenan Holland "crazy ass niggas yeah we insanes" Daz with the double entranda

  57. Paul L

    This song slaps

  58. Paco Ramirez

    Freddie Gibbs outdid himself on this one!! #ESGN

  59. Carlos Sturgus

    spice 1 best verse

  60. wavy steal

    this and banned i play all day lonnnngggg boiiiii

  61. bigqman123

    this beat goes hard

  62. illathanyours

    This beat is insane. This sound is flawless! Couple of those beats on ESGN reeeeeally stand out to me, this being 1 of them.

  63. HuN Nic

    Gibbs hit from any angle and he come with whoever the fuck he wanna come with shiit w Daz and Spice1 in 2013?Its a Fucking wrap with this dude mang real talk.

  64. beastrider09

    gibbs killing tha rap game right now

  65. Tyease Collins

    Big Thanks Been Happening In G.I EASTSIDER Color Doors.

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    'When my finger fuck my 45 , i hit a nigga right between his eyes' ...... bumping in the wip hard

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    Spice1 gangster

  69. The Truth Forum - YJ

    F.A.M.E." (featuring Daz Dillinger & Spice 1) Prod. By: Cardo

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    so raww

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    dazz dilli

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    This the type shit I be expected from @FreddieGibbs! Nothing less!

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    I can't tell what goes harder
    this joint or BFK
    either way this shit is cold as fuck

  75. willsqrill moneyman

    Hot support yo local tryna make it

  76. Divine Minde

    This beat tho!?!?.... CRAZY!! S/O to @FreddieGibbs tho #ESGN

  77. Lam ine

    man it took me a week to see gibbs on the pic

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    HARD AS FUCK!! Real nigga shit

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    hardest shit out right now.

  80. Milo Booker

    gibbs keep putin out hot shit fasho!

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    fuck yea gangsta gibbs, daz dillinger, and spice mutha fukkkin 1

  82. eson capizzi


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    when we rideeee on our enimiessssss ahaha sound like pac right derr

  85. Ilyas Ozbal

    Gibbs been my favourite artist for a minute. Thought he might go pop with this album but he keeps it gully. Don

  86. miztafoe1foelife

    Gibbs Went In... And His Selection Of Featured Artists Made The Track Dangerous..
    Good Work... Never Doubted Gibbs Foe 1 Minute... 'Salute'

  87. bluntsmokedropshard

    still the dopest

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