Freddie Gibbs - Eastside Moonwalker Lyrics

Lifestyles of the insane
Eastside thug nigga, I'm the shit, you a shit stain
I let the boxframe switch lanes
Not a pretty nigga, but I got some game for a bitch brain
And I lay it on so thick
Charge it all to a broad, heard a pimp nigga quote this
And I'm allergic to a broke bitch
I think I need my medicine, I had to po' up 'fore I wrote this
And doing dirty keep a nigga with a deep pocket
Dope fiends and the cluckheads keep shopping
Steady praying that the yayo keep locking
Keep a strap cause the jackboys keep robbing
Got me pulling up slow
Whip another clip and put my pedal to the floor
Slamming Cadillac doors, working wood like a pro
Ass sit on nothing but that leather, whatcha know, how you living, nigga?
Lifestyles of the insane
Roll the kill, pop a pill, crack a seal, I resist pain
Niggas looking for that big stain
Dirt weed, dog food, fye kush, niggas flip 'caine
Think I lost my religion
Stepping on a pack, break 'em off in the kitchen
Chevy topped off with the chrome in the engine
Niggas gotta floss, that's the cost of this pimping, I'ma pull up slow

I'ma pull up slow
Candy paint dripping from my Cadillac door
I'ma pull up slow, I'ma pull up slow
Run up with the mask, put them hoes on the floor
I'ma pull up slow, I'mma pull up slow
Run up with the mask, put them hoes on the floor
I'ma pull up slow, I'ma pull up slow
Candy paint dripping from my Cadillac door
I'ma pull up slow

It's the muddy cup moonwalker, nightstalker
Motherfucking white chalker, might've caught ya
In the streets with your pants down
Tell 'em call the paramedics, nigga man down, ease up
If you thugging, get your Gs up
And never fake, never fraud, never fold, never freeze up
A black mask, black tee'd up
The motherfucking dope game feed us, how you living, nigga?
And rest in peace to my motherfucking homeboy
But hold your tears, he ain't die, he just a fuckboy
You might as well be a dead man in my eyes
2-2-3, sucker-free when I ride
Freddie Kane, Freddie Corleone
Selling things to the smokers in the mobile homes
A pack of backwoods, dirty styrofoam, and a pocket full of stones
And my Cadillac Brougham, I'ma pull up slow


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Freddie Gibbs Eastside Moonwalker Comments
  1. Kasaylogy

    2020 and will be there for the next decades coz this song is time-proof. The lifestyle of an insane!

  2. ADankPancake

    not a fan of these beats tbh

  3. automattic 216

    Freddie I fux whicha

  4. Richard Terry

    Still fiya in 2020 Gangsta Gibbs til the end of time!!!!!!!!!

  5. treyxyz

    DMX vibes

  6. Brandon Turner


  7. John Strong

    He's only getting better.

  8. TheIronLung

    Still fire

  9. Trelo Bailey

    Whoever clicked the dislike button obviously has poor taste in music, that much is abundantly clear❗️👌

  10. Versus

    GI stand up

  11. R-Kade98 Official

    Freddy fa liiiiife


    Freddie gibbs still to underrated then when he blow everyone gonna be on his nutz....

  13. Aubrey Breaux

    Freddie Gibbs keep doing yo thing homie and keep holding it down for Crip much love to you my G

    Errol Torrington

    Freddie is Vice Lord

  14. sushiTECK

    he didnt wear that DGK for no reason...

  15. Del Common

    still bumpin

  16. Ray Fox

    Gibbs doesn’t make bad songs. You might not vibe with it but it’s still a banger. Incredible artist

  17. Dale Philipé

    The 6lank Summer.. go figure

  18. Cora Lewis

    ESGN - Evil Seeds Grow Naturally

  19. Silky Gee

    Not a pretty nigga but I got some game for a bitch 🧠🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯and still bumping this August 2019

  20. Zeta U.I.M & A.R main page

    Still bumping in 2019

  21. michael jordan

    gematria niggah

  22. 419 Buckeye

    If only eminem had his ear for beats and music his catalog would not sound so second rate production wish Dr Dre overrated

  23. Cameron

    So underrated -- Gangsta Gibbs forever

  24. Johnnie Zaragoza

    He made it on GTA V, forgot about that.

  25. That One Guy

    We need some more Gibbs x Buck

    Drill Gang

    No we don't

  26. Kenan Ural

    Freddie bringing back that good old school rap

  27. Gary Richardson Jr.

    First time listening to freddie.he dope

  28. KiN CAMELL


  29. Jacob Wells



    Putain mais pourquoi il a pas plus de vues ce mec, cest un tueur sérieux. Le plus sous estimer des rappeurs us, il est à 147k dabonner sur you tube, cest pas normal les gars serieux mdr Non mais depuis le temps quil sort des tueries, ils vous faut quoi 2 plus 🤔🙄 Le gars devrais être au moins à 10x plus dabonnes et de vues bordel. Je le répète cest un tueur ce mec 💉💪💯

  31. Nathan Atwell

    219 till I fuckin die.... y'all think you got that juice. Come see us in Gary. We'll be the ones who decide if you get fleeced or not....

    Freddie gibbs... the boss of gary

  32. Uberstuff132

    This should've been in GTA V

  33. Mr Lowe


  34. Alexander Alexandre

    Ima pull up slow

  35. Elton Mathiasz

    shoot us young

  36. Trevar Sledge

    2019 still one of my favorites

  37. Mak Age Music

    Do you know when you hear a song and you think ok nice, then after more than a minute your head is nodding, then you hear the track again and now im listening for the 6th time in a row. That beat, that vibe, that flow, so magical and dope! Listening to this track and going through the streets of Gary in Google Maps now lol. Its fits so well

  38. Lamonte Smith

    🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 gangsta gibbs

  39. Артур Хисаметдинов


  40. David Tabib

    Gibbs is a real 💯 in a world of bullshit rap

  41. Eli Mufasa

    Who still listening to this in 2019. My boi slept on🤦🏾‍♂️😩

    emmanuel hernandez

    Unfortunately he's "Too true" for these rappers nowadays. Freddie Gibbs would blow em' out of the water if they played his bad ass music on the radio.

  42. begglesworth21

    Hardest freddie song

  43. King Cocaine Cash

    Its mighty lord

  44. Eddie Falcon

    Still Fire in 2019!!! Hardest rapper right now.

  45. Amine Ultras

    king is back

  46. YaboiRhodey

    Why is this not at 10 mill yet ive been listening to this since it came out yall sleepin still its a shame this man deserves more recognition

  47. Joe Nama

    Y'all talk louder then yo bfs next to u.

  48. breezy 64

    ima pull up slow

  49. Karina

    "rest in peace to my motherfuckin' homeboy
    But hold ya tears, he ain't die, he just a fuckboy
    You might as well be a dead man in my eyes"

  50. Andy Pinchbeck

    2019... still bangs

  51. IAMWHOIAM777

    Finally someone from the CRIB reppin for the real G's!

  52. Henrico Gonçalves

    Bumpin this today like ain't nothing ! shit is dope !

  53. pthedutchie

    im a puddle of snow *imagines freddie doin snow angels*

  54. Amine Ultras

    WSHH.COM 😎

  55. Luis Vazquez

    Smokin more than I'm selling I got clientele still break even I ont smoke n tell on a reup price

  56. Jacob Gonzalez

    Who's bumping this track in 2019?

    Karlos Andrews


    Chief Onahoe

    Ill be bumpin this till im 90 stop clout chasin off a recycled cornball comment.

    xxxg0t3mxxx stream

    bumpin freddie from 2012 till i d.i.e!

    Jay h

    Its 2020 and I'm still knockin this shit . You know how hard this slap in my Lexus?? 🤷🏻‍♂️😈

  57. godscreationomega77


  58. Nova the blackstar

    Still bumping in 2019

  59. Selene Lopez

    Gangsta Gibbs 2019!

  60. Jacobi Panama

    Wooooooh shit ! need this with my morning coffee everyday

  61. Marz R


  62. Rag Man

    Cold flow with the lyrics

  63. UGK M0ni

    I remember years ago when I was waitin on this album too drop 💥"ESGN".... I was playing the fuck outta that "B.F.K" & "COLD DAY IN HELL"
    -Nashville, TN

  64. joe lee

    I'm not real fat from Lousville baby just a few hours an I'm assuming since u from Indiana then u do shows from. time in the Louisville Kentucky area so do hope to catch ya mine one day if not keep up the good work Commerade much love N Respect outta KY ✊✊✊🐺🐺🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕👊✌👊✌👊✌👊✌👊✌👊✌👊✌👻👻👻👻👻💯💯💯💯💯🎹🎶🎵🎼⚡🗣🎤🎤🎤🎤👊✌👊✌👊✌👊✌👻👻

  65. Itachi Uchiha

    Finally this video got over 1 million views

  66. Martin Te Aonui

    Still a midnight hotbox track in the carpark

  67. Bronco Kidd

    STILL🔊🔊🔊 IN 2018

  68. GangstaJookkeri

    This is new to me

  69. Suq Madic

    This nigga is another 2Pac. Gangsta Gibbs is legend

  70. Reza Twahyr

    Big up from Holland.. you know whats up..

  71. Cody Shafer

    I let the box frame switch lanes

  72. sharron Leeth

    I'm liking this kat

  73. Jose Hernandez

    Freddie Gibbs taking the game to another level.loving his flow. 🔥🔥🔥

  74. Philip Hurtado

    This beat crazy!!

  75. Casper Janholt

    Gibb’s 2nd verse... can’t deal. Can’t. 🔥🔥

  76. Christian Barrett

    One of his best songs.

  77. seed roks

    I've done a lot of cocaine yo this song

  78. Valentino Sassorossi

    H town sounding beat. This is crack

  79. jim bo

    2018 anybody

  80. hotshot Brown

    How this only have 1.1 million views smdh!!

  81. Dawn United

    His videos remind me of well created movies

  82. Ocean Richardson

    That o skool flavor tho 👌👌👌👌👌👌🙌🙌🙌


    this video should have way over 200 mil views

  84. Ronald Evans111

    How still listen to this in 2018

  85. mieke battle

    someone said this will never get old its 2018 I listen to this and watch the video everyday like its new this is my anthem for the rest of my life Gibbs is King.

  86. Owen Wilson

    Gibbs looks like a mix of dmx and tupac lmao

  87. Alonso Acevedo

    .223 suckafree when I ride

  88. DJcollabs

    Freddie Gibbs X Shing02 samurai champloo

  89. Silky Gee

    Dope song still bumping this in 2018

  90. Patryk J



    keep it up freddie,much love, indiana raised and born baby


    this song should have way more then 100 million views

  93. Janice McNutt

    He is so fine

  94. Ancient Kid


  95. Violet Nop

    i like the song but that girl looks like prince after transitioning

  96. Dusek Levay

    Old dooogs rules !!!!!

  97. mrseanpride

    What car he jump in ?