Freddie Gibbs - Dope In My Styrofoam Lyrics

Say, bitch don't get too comfortable
Say, bitch don't get too comfortable
Bitch, don't get too comfortable
Never let a bitch get too comfortable
Bitch don't get too comfortable

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
It's mister ho-breaker, dope slanger, dope drinker
Straight hopped up out the coupe, high off that juice, I'm no stranger to this
Getting lit, getting blowed, [?] dipped in gold
Bulls just beat the Lakers in Staples Center [?]
'Bout to go too deep, I ain't fucked her in like two weeks, feel like two months
And ripping pineapple fanta, fired up two blunts
And this cloud of kush I blow set off the smoke alarm
Fuck it, hash nuggets, Gangsta Gibbs, what you smoking on?
Amber wax and anthrax, bitch I keep a Xan pack
Drop one down in my styrofoam, too high, nowhere to land at
Amber wax and anthrax, bitch I stuff them grams fat
Kick dope down on the floor, and that dope check I'm about to cash that

[Hook x2: Freddie Gibbs]
Said I'm just rolling with the homies, dope in my styrofoam, man
Said I'm just smoking with the homies, roll up another song, man

[Verse 2: G-Wiz]
Just scooped my blood bitch in a blue brougham
Leather feel so soft, these hoes like riding with no shoes on
Pineapple and purple the potion, I'm on that candy sip
All I do is player shit, 100% Versace, bitch
One more nigga on the run with the yellow
Ho fine as fuck, from De Janeiro, but she play with her nose though
And I ain't mad at her, because I stay with my medicine
Self-inflicted sticky weed and codeine in my beverage
Pour up on that ice, hit the lights, on some moody shit
Bitches, dope, and dollars on some Tarantino movie shit
Other people's pussy, still keep a whole lot of it
Gold pack in my wallet, with about a seventh of dope in my pocket
Getting blowed

[Hook x2: Freddie Gibbs]

[Verse 3: G.I. Fleezy]
Like when you feeling good, cause bitch I feel so right
Like moving out my body, purple paint and fanta got me tight
I introduce you to my life, come take a look inside
Bitch, wipe your feet and wipe me down, bitch we don't play around
I'm [?]
How you stay focused and function, bitch we gon' blaze a pound
So when the last time you heard that, yeah we really made for this
So go and send the word back
Right about now, time to tally up a staple
Got them ready, willing, able
Molly-popping, make 'em get down on the floor with the business
And they live for the getting it
Player, out here with it, and that's me
The real player with a G

[Hook x2: Freddie Gibbs]

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Freddie Gibbs Dope In My Styrofoam Comments
  1. SNO DOG

    This hard

  2. Jordan Wright

    You'll never find the fake fans here , who still bumping this gangsta shii in 2019?🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Noah Smith

    How is this only having 125k views!?!? 🤦🏻‍♂️ That's sad #classicShyt

  4. Montellis Watson

    Timeless classic

  5. smh

    friday shit

  6. Amine Ultras


  7. smh

    classic forever freddie gibbs top 5 rapper all time fuck how you feel

  8. jake macpherson

    I will listen to Fred for the rest of my life 🎶💯

  9. Cory Donaldson

    As far as the current rappers go..... To my opinion Freddie g is the best

  10. 2wonkenobi

    so fire

  11. Magnus Aasdalen

    Love it, that Tyrone Davis slash Gangsta-esque mix, risque!

  12. Hxllz Cxrtxz

    this sample is deadly on any song

  13. 2jzandy s

    Mc eiht

  14. robifrombm

    tru' song

  15. Trap Lord

    Tyrone Davis, MC Eiht, Redman, and Gibbs all murdered this beat. 

    brandon hollingsworth

    @Bailey McC That is that old redman beat right??? slowed down...Da Bump??

    Trap Lord

    @brandon hollingsworth Yup. Da Bump and Tonight's Da Night. 

    James Crawford

    @Trap Lord and loyle carner. Check out Loyle Carner - Sea Shells he's from UK, London

    Wanton Don

    so did Uncle Murda. uncle murda - I'm so high


    what's redman version called?

  16. Andy Suver

    Cardo on the beat.

  17. DeAndre Jackson

    this that Tyrone Davis sample! 

    Gage Drews-Newman

    DeAndre Jackson “Are yooouuuu... Innnn theeeee mooooooddd????” 👌👌👌

  18. MD3 DA SNIPA

    Nawl mf s its orginally Tyrone Davis - In The Mood ...

  19. MistaD MjuiceA

    Love jammin this w a cup of mud. Bitch don't get to comfortable haha

  20. Freddie Calderon

    had lett out sum bars of my own thats how hood it is

  21. a48034

    This sample G as hell

  22. elcurly117

    Al-d welcome 2 tha jungle

  23. Avarus Spurius

    MC Eiht - All for the Money

  24. Benji

    ahh fa sho :))) the best to get baked but i was checkin other songs of this nigga and they too deep,,, this is funky i like it ;)

  25. Reggie Dolo

    Just go download all the mixtapes.


    And pay for them too! You cheap bastards

  26. TheBraxone

    misseducation of freddie gibbs mixtape , cold day in hell mixtape, bfk album look him up on

  27. IRollLikeAParaplegic

    He's from Gary, Indiana, and his best album, by far, is "Live From Gary, Indiana". You can listen to the entire thing for free on his Bandcamp.

  28. Chronic Blunts27

    And I literally just found out about him, so dose anyone know his best song or album?

    Tee Gotti

    Everything he’s got DOPE as fuckk💯💯


    What that guy said!

  29. Chronic Blunts27


  30. Chronic Blunts27

    I'm getting baked to thus, btw anyone know where Freddy's from?


    Gary Indiana

  31. Oneplayer90

    denmark! smoke Up

  32. max sedberry

    im so high- uncle murda