Freddie Gibbs - Deep Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Freddie Gibbs:]
Alright now
Baby times is hard so I'mma change my hustle to hard white now
And couple of my customers chose with they nose
That I suppose they wanna light up with the pipe now
Sellin dope straight out the ride
Speedin past the police wouldn’t advise
Got a hard pack, of that Star Trek
To make a bitch beam up to the enterprise
And you a Captain Kirk, trading ass for work
Let a bitch sniff your pack, you got burnt
Still owe me $2300 for that twerk
Finna post up at your place so don't worry
Nigga don't snitch, don't tell
Rap niggas they recite that so well
Be the same mothafucka that done ratted out his homie
He ain't even have enough no money for his own bail

Let's go
(Deep inside the ghetto)
Where I be

[Verse 2 - Freddie Gibbs:]
Fuck with a nigga
Yellin' I be fucking with them fellas
If you buying or selling you can find me
In the hood with hot goods, we got those
Nigga I just stole his rims, watch the potholes
All laws and street codes, y'all forgot those
Homie I done been on the block since a snot-nose

(Deep inside the ghetto)
Where I go

[Verse 3 - Freddie Gibbs:]
East Side, 17th Ave
Better keep a G-pass on ya G.I. to Chicago
Where the real niggas dead or locked up
Teenage pretty friends get knocked up
The young niggas out here tryna get guaped up
They ain't got no other choice they washed up
Living on the edge of addiction, STD's, and enslavement
Black blood tend to flood the street pavement
White man set the price and we pay it
All a nigga want is whips and chains
Probably cause a nigga wasn't whipped and chained
To the bottom of a boat in the middle of the ocean
Stripped of my own motherfucking name
Stripped of my whole motherfucking culture
Sold by my own to the snakes and vultures
Reality is sad, but it's true
So what can a nigga do when your own people don't support you
Fuck ass cop tryna pull me over
Trunk full of dope but I'd rather get smoked and live G

(How brave of this pig ass nigga man)

I'mma take ya
To a place where a muhfucka gotta be a thug by nature
Where it's really all about that paper
Nigga try to jump, always think you're

(Deep inside the ghetto)
Where I be

Fuck with a nigga
Yellin' I be fucking with them fellas
If you buying or selling you can find me

(Deep inside the ghetto)
Where I go

G.I. to Chicago

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Freddie Gibbs Deep Comments
  1. TwitchDM -


  2. Tay Mosley


  3. KAOS Luckett

    The Ak in the back I'm in the back room 🔥🔥

  4. Rys REIGNٌ

    0:56 Aonnò but for just a sec he looked like Pac to me

  5. Greg

    Different colour O's now

  6. a1gray1

    Whats the sample in the beginning? "im gunna tell my children children"

    Ichigo Uzumaki

    Idk exactly, but I know tha voice. That's Dolemite. U myte b able to find out on

  7. Ass Ass

    What's the sample used in the intro?

    Ichigo Uzumaki

    Not sure where from, but tha voice iz Dolemite, old school blaxploitation films

    Ass Ass

    I found It

  8. Mr Ice

    So is the baby Freddie’s? Or another niggas???????

  9. LM 17238

    got the same whip lol 1:29 cls550

  10. Stoney M.

    I saw Freddie perform this live

  11. C0LT .40

    What's the song in the beginning?

  12. David Willimas

    Lord doing his thang! Keep it going.

  13. Alex Acosta

    Dude with dreads look like jaylon smith no cap

  14. Stoney M.

    Always wanted a part 2 . he performed this live as a long time fan it was dope

  15. Johnathan Ostermein

    Half a thang of heron in the bathroom
    Keep an ak and the backup in the backroom
    Cook a meal clean and she suck me like a vacuum
    Took a vacation to the county, I'll be back soon
    Sent a couple zero's, money on my j-pay
    Payin off the c-o's, smoking on the gateway
    Word around the block when I was locked she gave my thang away
    Bout to have a baby with a nigga, thats what they say (they say)
    Well please say it ain't so
    Took off the glove, say it's love when it ain't though
    Her classmate was coming over, that was strange though
    Apparently the homework ain't all he came for
    Maybe yous a stank ho, maybe that's a bit mean
    Maybe you grew up and I'm still living like I'm sixteen
    Like a child running wild in these sick streets
    Man I put that bitch up on her feet, she cut a nigga deep
    That's why I treat these hoes the way I treat em
    That's deeper than a motherfucker baby, know what I'm sayin
    Smack it up and flip it, then I rub it down
    Zip it up, and then I ship it to another town
    Smokin hella weed while me and Willie bust a couple pounds
    She used to like that type of shit, now we don't fuck around
    Girl you used to say them other niggas wasn't hood enough
    Got your hood degree, now niggas from the hood ain't good enough
    Bitch you wasn't trippin when that old school was pullin up
    You was short on ends at your college, you would put em up (put em up)
    Well bitch I'm out here puttin on
    I hope you feel the pain I'm feelin when you hear this song
    Don't want a nigga that's gonna slang shit up in your home
    But you ran off and got engaged, man that shit was wrong
    All to a nigga that dont got nothin that I ain't got
    Only difference is he trying to be a fuckin astronaut
    Saw this pussy nigga when I walked up in the barber shop
    Green as a leaf, lookin sweet, that cut a nigga deep
    So these the type of niggas you fuckin with now baby?
    Square ass motherfucker, you used to love a thug nigga
    I loved her and she loved him, so I never touched him
    She's got his baby in the oven, so it's mother fuck him
    Ain't trippin cuz you got a nigga, I just think you rushin
    But leavin him to be with me ain't part of our discussion
    Plus I'm on the road now, different color hoes now
    Layed back on the dope, I'm getting dollars off my shows now
    Bitches wanna tie me down, but I ain't in that mode now
    Five years later, why you calling up my phone now? (phone now)
    Well bitch, how you get the number?
    Like every other month I'm switching up that motherfucker
    Back on the bus I used to finger fuck her singing Usher
    Down on my luck and then she upped and left me for a sucker
    I reminisce on all the crazy shit we did
    You and me forever, shit we say when we was kids
    She say I'm havin problems and I pray that he forgive
    When he find out the baby ain't his, that cut a nigga deep
    What the fuck?
    What you trying to say baby?
    The baby ain't his?
    Who's is it?

    Ichigo Uzumaki

    I appreciate U, bruh!! 🤘🏾Ryte on!!

  16. Trey VanDerEnt

    Man Freddie Gibbs is the Truth nothing but respect ✊🏽

  17. Thato Mathibe

    "She said I'm having problems and I pray that he forgive when he find out the baby ain't his. That Cut a nigga Deep." That shit cold AF!

  18. Simon P

    Anyone got an ID on the intro?

    Felipe Gonzalez

    Breaking Bad by Freddie Gibbs

    Simon P

    @Felipe Gonzalez you, my man, are an angel

  19. Silvester _

    Everytimes he sais uhhh with the bass then coming in. Tssss, vibin for real.

  20. Deff CuTz

    bitch!!! shit is fire!!

  21. Vin Nayar

    This is my first time listening to freddie gibbs. He looks like don cheadle and tupac did the fusion dance

  22. Ichigo Uzumaki

    Take it from a ho ass nigha. I waz faithful once & all she did waz make me wish I never changed. Theze batches nowdayz b wack AF

  23. Austin Edwards


  24. Hokulani Nalani

    The only good thing about my ex was that he showed me this song lol

  25. Gregory Glass

    The kid's never is the good dude is always is the azz hole

  26. D Mndz

    I love this song. And tony soprano too.

  27. Chris Phan

    "I reminisce on all the crazy shit we did
    You and me forever shit we say when we was kids"

    Fuck that hit me hard...

  28. A1 Jones

    Wait so in the end he took her back ? With kid that wasn't his?

  29. D!lly Beamen


  30. Ceeje Jackson

    I heard this on shameless I was happy like I made the song 😂

  31. Jewelz SantanA

    This shit cold af

  32. Street Struck


  33. Edward Verver

    I need those exact words in the first 30 sec!!!

  34. shaun alex The Artist

    Freddie Gibbs the goat

  35. Beat Broda

    Name the frist song? Pls

  36. Troy Coney

    This jawn fire fav song off album

  37. forever SHAMPOO

    Just sittn around baggin dope and cleaning guns all day 🤔

    A1 Jones

    Street life

  38. Jarrett Benno

    Somebody please help me the first 20 seconds of this song are from another song, Shazam is fucking retarded so I need help from you guys to tell me what the fuck that melody is from it’s too fire 🔥

  39. lite daya7

    Damn I feel bad for dreads dude not Gibbs in this situation.

  40. Fence


  41. Wilbert Bascom

    Shits insane man this album is one of the best

  42. COUNT

    whats the song at the intro???????????????????????????????

    nevermind i found it
    the inclinations - i’m gonna make love last this time

    SouL Rider

    Thanks bro

  43. Edell Arman

    I'm here cuz KD mentioned you

  44. jenifer blain

    Noooooooooo...the man took da BITCH BACK?!? 🤦‍♂️🤣

    Airreese Avery

    Yeah I know cuz of the baby fuck dat

  45. Sosa Montana


  46. Dominique Leavell

    No way is mf doom better than this man. Im sorry

  47. killahk94

    they scared of freddie maine fr nun but real life shit

  48. emotionalboy2003

    baby ain't his? whos is it

  49. DaBlaccSea Productions

    Niggas still don't get the hidden layers to this song lol

  50. LameWays Artistry

    She cut a nigga deep....

  51. simon larsson

    What's the sample in the beginning though???

  52. Camerin Moore

    Dropping straight fire on yo head

  53. Joe Pesci

    Sighting in that .22 rifle on the wall 10 feet away lmaoooo

  54. Good man

    what is the track at the end ??

  55. Randy Becerra

    freddie best rapper alive

  56. Drewbeats Charlie

    I don't even mess with Gibbs, but this album isn't taking no for an answer. Damb ! Madliborater did it again.

  57. 3D_ _TV

    This whole song describes the tv show The Last OG

    jani 12k


  58. Burn_pancakes

    So whose baby is it ?

  59. Raymond Harvey

    No one on here ever got a shave at a barber before?

  60. Akdi Muchtar

    Damn, this beat is fantastic.

  61. qwertykevin1

    Wait how long was dude in county? That kid is like 3 years old?

  62. Jippy's Best Friend

    Am I the only one who thought that one guy was Snoop Dogg?

  63. AntiHerbert

    our gens tupac

  64. ANA

    Only difference is he trynna be a fucking astronaut lol that line funny

  65. Big Dee

    damn what happened to you know i dont love you bitch yeah i love you too, did freddie forgot how they do it

  66. Marinada

    "Only difference is he tryna be a fuckin' astronaut" :D Serbia loves Gibbs!

  67. Valdimir Mironov

    Рузкие эсть?

  68. Issa Al-Zubayr


  69. zeph ranginui

    on the bus i usta finger fker singing usher haha

  70. zeph ranginui

    bitches wanna tie me down but i aint on that mode now

  71. Danny Pena

    Cut a brotha deep.smg.

    One love.

  72. dunno2

    is that Ak's son?

  73. gatecrash x

    The beat brings tears to my eyes

    Mattia Quarta

    That is the power of boom bap.. Boom bap will never die, cause of the feelings It can sprout in all of us.. Cause boom bap has something that other hip hop doesn't have... Boom bap has soul <3

  74. TCharlieA

    Who's still listening to this in 2047?

  75. Tay Mosley


  76. Thijsenterprise

    In celebration of the long-awaited album Bandana by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, I made a remix of this song, you maybe dig it:

  77. illProductions

    is that violin on the instrumental?

  78. Chief GB

    Madlib gotta be top five

  79. Karina

    "i hope you feel the pain im feelin when you hear this song"

  80. Baz O

    dayum Freddie Gibbs on his Lovers ish- salute Deep tune

  81. MR. SMALLS

    Gangsta gibb is this gen 2pac just not overrated

  82. luis lopez

    cuz he was passing by the barber shop seen him but didn't want to cross a line because it was like she wants him fk it

  83. MicroGang FPV

    Just saw this. Stand up vid. Salute!!!!

  84. lateh philipano

    Who's here in 2019 one of my fav of gibbs

  85. A. Rashad

    Gangstas get their heart broken too

  86. Gabriel Andrade

    dat intro tho

  87. Shumar Bell
    Palmolive Cover

  88. EYON

    Never gets old!

  89. Andre Caldwell

    This hard but Practice got that. Just my opinion...

  90. Tony MOB

    Today was the first time listening to this track . Had to stop what I was doing and listen to it ten times 🔥.


    Deadass. When the music grabs me like this, I know it's a hit.

    Metal Fingaz

    The beat plus the lyrics fam, lucky for u they got a hot out the oven album out now to g, Bandana look it up

    Jack Zambrano

    Same shit